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August 23, 2013

Prorogued! ~ 2013! ~ A story in Progress!

High and Dry in Harperland
What ever Happened to Courage?
Are we voting for cowards?

Stay tuned: Coming Shortly

Stephen Harper ~ How I misspent my Summer Vacation!

June 10, 2013

Harper Knows His Base ~ And So Do We

I have been writing on the internet as the Twain Shall Meet for about seven years now. For the first two years I was only on the discussion boards at MSM web pages, and commenting on News articles.

And I have gleaned a fact or two about the conservative base. I don't claim to have ever made any of them less conservative. It seems that that has never been an option. Though I have had countless interactions with the far Right, I don't believe we can change them. Intransigent as they are we can still defeat them and their right wing ideologies, we simply have got to out number them, not on the discussion sites, but at the polls on election day.

When dealing with the far right I have tried to offer links to information that sheds light on the subject and hand. They don't read them.

This was a comment from a CPC supporter on CBC.ca ~ The article was discussing whether harper would prorogue Paliament to hide from the Senate ?PMO scandal.

at 6:04 PM ET
Of course they'll recess early. The union-loving NDP think all people need the summer off and the Liberals need a break too to stew about electing the Papineau Pony to run their ship into the ground.

Sometimes I ask questions
of them that require them doing research. They generally do not do that research and the questions go unanswered.

at 8:01 PM ET
everyone here thumbs ProudAB down but, he is, of course, right. Harper has to take the hit but it is the front line civil servant that has dropped the ball along with their less than satisfactory managers that as yet have not instilled the importance of securing their computers and flash drives.
As well, you all hate Harper so much and I find it odd yop don't realize that the civil servants do as well. They do not cooperate with the government of the day if they don't like them and they slow down productivity, lost things or misplace them etc. Meanwhile, because they can't be fired without an act of Parliament short of them committing murder, their managers' hands are tied.

Sometimes I notice them trying to turn the channel.
Now, who does that remind you of, eh?

May 26, 2013

Stephen Harper Up to His Armpits

On Friday May the 24th Justin Trudeau said; 

"The Prime Minister is in it, up to his armpits." 

But, he did not say what exactly he was in, up to his armpits. 
Personally I thought he meant Kent. 

Guess who I caught messin' round out behind the barn?
Luckily ~ I had my Camera.

Stephen Harper
Both Incremental and Excremental

Less than ten seconds after I heard the news that Nigel Wright, chief of staff at the Prime Minister's Office had sent Senator Mike Duffy a cheque for $90,172.oo to cover his fraudulent expense claims for housing in Ottawa, I was on the phone to a political friend. We both knew that this would have Harper up to his armpits in what we like to call 'Kent', although you may know it better as Shit!

I had long thought Stephen Harper was stupid and I had long since known that Mike Duffy was none too bright, but I actually thought that Nigel Wright was cut from a different kind of cloth. Thanks, Nigel for proving me wrong.

There really is no point in retelling this story in all it's strange and wonderfully glorious details.
Much has been written about it in the last two weeks
but please let me tell you a few details that may have escaped you.

I promise to Try to keep it interesting.

You probably know already the strange story of how the unlikely Mike Duffy was made a Senator, but let me give you recollection of it. It was because of the interview which was conducted by Steve Murphy the News Anchor at CTV Halifax. He (Murphy) interviewed Stephan Dion, the Liberal leader at the time, shortly before the 2008 federal election.

Murphy who was in my opinion always an insufferable Conservative boor  asked Stephan Dion an impossible and hypothetical question which was worded in such a way as to be confusing to a man whose first language was markedly Francais Canadien. The question was not only hypothetical but it was in several tenses, past and present and terribly confusing.

Here is that Question:
 "If you were prime minister now, what would you have done about the economy and this crisis that Mr. Harper has not done?"
Anyway, Dion stumbled and asked Steve to repeat the question which Murphy did. But instead of making it clearer he made it, if anything more confusing. After several attempts including several times out to see if he could get a sensible question out of the insufferable Murphy, Stephan finally got the general gist of the very odd question and gave what he thought was a sufficient answer.

Now, I saw it live, so to speak, and CTV Halifax played the edited version without the outtakes. But since this was the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada during a Federal election campaign they sent the whole thing off to to the CTV National Bureau and it fell into the 'oh so unethical' hands of Mike Duffy and he did some creative editing and played it all,  false starts including out-takes, time outs and all. This editing included scathing criticism which (and which I cannot now find) he added after the fact as a narrative which made Stephan Dion look ridiculous in the extreme. It was only an hour later that it was on CTV Halifax Nightly News and it of course was the version Duffy edited.

Long story made short. As a result of this strange interview and Mike Duffy's lack of integrity Dion was done like Dinner. And this in spite of the fact that he had a plan to bring the Kyoto accord up to speed, through a well thought carbon tax and the fact that he saw the 2008  recession coming a mile off, unlike Jim Flaherty who was later completely blindsided by it.

The Dion Debacle - The Day After

CBC: CTV broke ethics code in Dion interview:  Standards Council................."

"The arbiter of ethics on the airwaves ruled Wednesday that CTV violated industry codes when it included three false starts in a broadcast of an election interview with then Liberal leader St├ęphane Dion.
The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council found CTV Atlantic's 6 p.m. newscast was "discourteous and inconsiderate" when it ran the awkward false starts after the anchor promised Dion they wouldn't be broadcast.
It also found the question that was put to Dion "confusing."

After Mike Duffy had been made a Senator I put a statement which I knew wasn't true, intentionally in a blog article saying that Steve Murphy once attacked the Dalai Lama, just to see if it got a reaction. It did and I soon received an email from Murphy, which quickly turned into this conversation.

Note: The Ad Campaign, I refer to in this email was a series of Ads depicting Steve Murphy at the Halifax Harbour, standing next to a "Tall Ship" and going on about his unending love and respect for Canada. It was launched within a week of the Dion (Mugging) interview and I was convinced at the time as I still am, that it was a direct response to the bad press this incident inspired aimed at Murphy's incompetence and lack of professionalism and integrity. 

He didn't add that the question was even slightly odd?

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2013-05-25 - The Chronicle Herald Editorial Cartoon

This is a Tweet I sent out to after Harper finally spoke after seven days to his caucus only and after having invited the press corps, took no questions from them before flying off to Peru to talk trade.

This week in Pictures @ The Twain Shall Meet

Let's See This Again, eh?

May 03, 2013

Power and Propaganda ~ How Justin's Experience Serves Canada Better than Stephen Harper's

Look what I found in Aisle Six!
 Can Play at the Darker Arts!

Share it!

This dark CPC attack ad seems to have disappeared? I'll repost it when I find a copy.

Contypically  Comments are disabled for this video.

 Comments are disabled for this video.

But that didn't STOP Michelle Rempel Con MP from making a fool of herself. in response to this campaign of lies and wrongly attributed quotes and statements place purposely placed out of context. I seem to be having a hard time to get information on her statement though. Send it along if if you have it and I'll add it!

A Progressive friend of mine received this email!
 It was totally unsolicited and equally unwelcome!
I withheld her name.

The Plot Thickens: Jenni Byrne was the CPC National Campaign Manager in 2011. Funny she did say that, isn't it?  In all probability there are a lot of questions about Election Fraud and Robocalls that Jenni  will be asked to answer, the very moment the Harper Government is no longer in Power.
She writes this only to help save her Neo Con Skin.
Electing Justin Trudeau
is to first step to shedding light On th
 Night Mare 

I Channel Justin and Steve 
getting to the bottom of things,
 while trying to be Polite to Harper. 
Power and Propaganda ~ Trudeau and Harper Seen Clearly!
by: Kim_Leaman
Directors Cut!

I Failed.      So What?

April 17, 2013

Labrador ~ Here's Your Chance to Vote Peter Penash-Away

Penashue thought that "The Coast was Clear!"
So he stole this riding!

This time the 'Coast' must be clear
that they Won't be
aken for Granted!

As I was perusing Peter Penashue's Facebook Page,I noticed something that fits right in with the Opposition's narrative on the now disgraced (former) MP and (former) Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs history of service. The Page contains hundreds of photographs  posted in 2011, hundreds. The odd part is that he stopped posting them on April, 30th, 2011 just two days short of the last federal election. What's so odd about that, you ask?

Well! Take a Closer Look
at Peter's Photo Stream and on that very page you will see that there were only two photographs posted in 2012, and both of them were PMO approved photo-ops of spending announcements with plenty of human props. And that is not hundreds is it now. And moving on to 2013, the first photo graphs were , not posted till January 28th, 2013. And this my friends, was that he was informed that he was under investigation by election Canada, and that the investigative had concluded that he grossly exceeded the spending limits for the 2011 campaign.  Election Canada gave him a deadline to explain the roughly $48,000.oo that he had no right to spend. This was several weeks before he resigned as a Minister and MP and left the  caucus of the Conservative Party of Canada.

And this is Quite Amusing ~ Don't you think! 

It has been deleted from his Facebook Page!

Carefully compare the two links
to see that they are identical
Then you click on it!


Not Surprisingly the Document to which it links has been Deleted! Reg Bowers has been! 

Listen to Reg Bowers | Unedited

Reg Bowers, the "inexperienced volunteer" former Conservative minister Peter Penashue blamed for "ineligible donations" made to his 2011 federal election campaign, says he "unintentionally" accepted at least one corporate donation, which is illegal under Canadian law.

Again, Not Surprisingly 
a link that lead to this Document appeared 
on his Facebook page on March 15th 2013

That fine print at the bottom says:
Authorized by the Official Agent. Lol!

Wow!  It's still there on Facebook 
click to comment!His Original 2011 Campaign Video  
I'd better see if I can copy it
 before it goes the away.

Rex Murphy isn't all that Impressed!

Peter is back on the Campaign Trail and I think he is in way over his head!

As Labrador by-election gets going,
Liberals start with big lead

by David Akin

There are other recent Blogs on ttSm  that deal with Peter Penashue
Just go on down the page or
  use  the search Function
Near the top  and To the Right.

April 01, 2013

Power And Propaganda ~ Harper Introduces "Robo-Me"!

It's an all too real "Pinky and Brain" thing!

One of these Men is a Robot!

April 01 is my Anniversary of sorts,
and I still need your help! 

A short Personal Plea
 in my own Voice.

I'll be back!
Hope you are the same!

March 28, 2013

Power and Propaganda ~ Harper and Penashue ~ Stand by your man!

The Ex-Minister of Inter Governmental Affairs has a hard time to keep his story straight these days. No wonder he is reluctant   to speak truthfully about it. He actually over spent by a huge amount during the 2011 general election and thereby had to resign in disgrace. And Not only is he no longer a Minister in Stephen Harper's Conservative Government, Peter Penashue (pronounced "Panache away", is no longer a member of parliament. 

Althought he didn't say at the time, he had resigned just ahead of a deadline set by Elections Canada to come clean or resign. Did he come clean? No, blamed it all on a what he called an an oversight by an"inexperienced volunteer". The volunteer turned out not be volunteering at all and was in fact well paid as Penashue's Campaign Manager, and it turns out much more experienced than Peter Penashue. see 

" "I haven't done anything wrong"
In an interview with a Labrador radio station, Penashue said he was waiting for Elections Canada to finish its report into the campaign spending, which he said he expects soon."What I saw, I wasn't pleased. So I thought that the best and appropriate thing to do was to resign," he said."I'm not comfortable with those illegitimate contributions and ... I don't think Labradorians feel comfortable with it either so I think it's proper that I resign and have the people of Labrador decide as to who they would like to have them represented in Ottawa."I haven't done anything wrong because I didn't have any knowledge to it," he added. "

The Odd Part or rather some the odd parts are that he announced that he was going to run in a By-election even as he resigned? And he starting campaigning before he ever resigned. He announced the by-election before the prime minister said the would need one. And the Scape Goat was attacked by the party thugs in out out of the House of commons and it they insisted that he was indeed a volunteer and inexperienced and had made a honest mistake. He was very incompetent they said. 

Turns out the intended scape-goat had already been rewarded by the Conservative Party with a plum job. In spite of his perceived incompetence he was appointed as, well, you better read it. 
The federal government has filled a vacant seat on the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB), offering the spot to the campaign manager for Peter Penashue, the province’s sole Conservative MP.
Reginald Bowers of Happy Valley-Goose Bay helped lead the Penashue camp to a 231-vote victory in the 2011 election, preventing a complete Conservative shutout of Newfoundland and Labrador. Bowers has now been named to the body responsible for regulating the province’s offshore oil and gas industry.
(ttSm adds: That the vote was actually a 76 vote "victory". And that '231' is just the PMO's numbers at the time, just spin) The CNLOPB appointment was made by federal Minister of Natural Resources, Joe Oliver.
“Mr. Bowers brings decades of experience in business and economic development,” Oliver stated in a federal government news release Friday. “He will be an asset to the board as it continues to fulfill its mandate.”
Its mandate includes: safety, environmental protection, resource management and industrial benefits. It is responsible or licensing oil and gas developments.
The federal Department of Natural Resources provided no further information on Bowers’ background within its announcement on his appointment. The Telegram requested further information. We have since received the following:
“(Bowers) is an economic development officer with extensive experience in regional economic development. His business experience and educational background have allowed him the opportunity to be heavily involved in consultation processes and gain in-depth knowledge of many government programs and policies. He is active in the community, having participated in numerous local groups and serving on local boards. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the Memorial University of Newfoundland.”
Bowers saw fit to resign shortly after this story broke, But I think you get the picture!

Now with the show! 

Harper protects the disgraced Minister and MP from Labrador. 

According to Jamie Watts
who crunches the numbers
to see who is talking about political stories,
The Propaganda
Just May Be Working!

More reading

Peter Penashue | openparliament.ca

Peter Penashue: The minister we never knew

I'll be back!

March 15, 2013

~ The Charm Offensive ~ Harper's Credibility Lost in Space!

Perhaps that is why intelligent Canadians find it so Offensive!
Although, almost all Canadians would agree that Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is the real McCoy... Hadfield assumed command of the ISS on Wednesday, making him the first Canadian to command the station that orbits more than 300 km above the earth. Hadfield, who arrived at the station in December, has been wowing his Twitter followers with his photos from space and taking questions from school kids across the country about life in space.
 Pardon the interruption   This! Just In:

As I was writing this, CBCNN is on, as always! I just over heard this and need  to add it! I seems that Canadian figures skaters Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford just won a medal at the world figure skating championships and of course CBCNN is now covering it and when the started the interview, told the reporter that she had "just now" received a Tweet from the PM.   How "exciting", she said!

The Fact that the PMO is watching you and the CBC, so they can send you a Tweet in real time with this much control over the timing that the Prime Minister, (who by way, didn't write this Tweet!) is able to be seen to do that right across Canada is actually frightening.

How Exciting! The Prime Minister of Canada's Twitter Account is Nothing but a BOT!

"LONDON, Ont. — Canadians Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford captured a bronze medal in pairs Friday at the world figure skating championships in a result that had onlookers shaking their heads.
Duhamel, from Lively, ON, and Radford, from Balmertown, ON registered 204.56 points to improve upon their fifth-place finish in last year’s world championships...."
Anyway, Harper was
^NOT even there. But he still was able to succeed in insinuating himself into the story.  The massive manpower and budget of the PMO provides with a huge amount of power to get Harper's more his fair share of the glory of any Canadian in the spotlight! 
CBC Coverage
I'll start again!
Although, almost all Canadians would agree that Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is the real McCoy... Harper is another matter.

Harper's Charm Offensive is relentless. The well funded campaign runs 24/7 and it has been doing so for years now.
Do you Remember 

All of the Props He Used? 
The now infamous Blue Sweater Vest? The kitty? Yo Yo Ma? The Vancouver Olympics? Nickleback? The Chinese Pandas? Randy Bachman? The Amritsar Temple? The fainting student?
Brian Adams? Justin Bieber? Taylor Swift? Haiti? Libya? The Queen's Jubilee Medals? Omar Khadr? The child in today's picture?

I don't expect that you remember all of them. But many of you will, and many of you will have an longer list.

That Brings Us to the Silliness that is #pmhadfield

How could this man who Muzzles thousands of Scientists
^NOT expect this to Backfire?

Additional reading: A Friend on Facebook writes This!

March 13, 2013

Stopping Harper ~ More than Just a Hobby!

Stopping Stephen Harper and the horse that he rode in on, has never been more important than it is right now as we approach this second anniversary of his ill-gotten majority. 

We've Only got Two Options 
Wake Up 
Stop Sleeping.

Are You  Politically Illiterate?

'll Bet you're ^NOT,  judging strictly by the fact that you are reading this, but the sad fact remains ~ that many of your neighbours and mine are fast asleep, politically speaking. 

Maybe we should talk to them. "That's a lovely garden you've got there!" And you could add, all casual like: "Did you know that Stephen Harper Sucks?" ...... NO? "Oh, yeah, It was on TV!" "Spring is early and Stephen Harper Sucks, ..... it's been in all the papers" ................., It's been all the talk at Tim's."

Just kidding. You'll know what to say. They're your neighbours.

 So, if you are not asleep then wake your neighbours. The Americans  remember Paul Revere and  the horse he rode in on, for a good  reason ~ His neighbours were sleeping! He woke the horse!

This Free Six hour Documentary should Keep you Busy for a while!


BLOGGING PROGRESS ~ I'll Be back .... ttSm

March 11, 2013

~ Madness Reigns in Harper Land ~ Is it Contagious?

One Can Only Hope That It Is!
And You Thought You Were Mad?

If it were only this easy? If you could just show a funny graphic of your pick for public enemy number one on here and everyone would say: "Oh! Now that I think about it, he is mad with a capital "M". Why didn't I see it before? It all seems obvious now. How can I help stop this Madness". How can I help "Unseat the Cheat"?

But, neither is it so very hard!  Progress is being made toward this goal of getting Canadians to wake up to the fact that their Canada is being extracted by the worst Prime Minister ever. He is stealing Democracy right out from under us. The evidence is there for those who bother to look! It as simple as learning to do research.

Almost two years into this madness, "The Harper Government" (#THG on Twitter) is under siege from all sides. Why?  ~ Because people are educating themselves, and the more you know about Harper "Clearly" the madder you become. And they have started to ask questions. Not that they will get straight answers from King Steve. They must seek the answers 'elsewhere'. And social media is capable of being that "elsewhere".

Every day this government gives us another reason to
                                                                                                 Oh look! This just in:

A Liberal Motion was debated behind closed doors at the public accounts committee, but did not survive the THG-dominated vote.

Closed door?  The motion would have ordered the Finance Department to give MPs copies of long-term financial analysis prepared between 2010 and the present........? Gawd that's over two years of vital financial information withheld from parliamentarians. That's over two year of bad legislation, and Omnibus Bills ~ (metaphorically) ~ large vats of dirty bathwater with baby still in it.

That's well over 2 years of voting on hidden agendas in the form of Omnibus Budgets bills of playing games of "picking a pig in a poke".  Of course Harper quashed it. He had no choice. The numbers are much worse than reported. The point of the Liberal motion was to make counter-transparency a thing of the past. That wouldn't do. Not in Harper Land.

Wasn't Transparency and Accountability the basis of the Harper government's first ever, election campaign? Now, Harper doesn't even pretend to care about that aspect of good governance, No, not these days. They have dropped all pretence of Governmental Transparency. 

Accountability is a about to take a hit too!

Kevin Page is about to get unceremoniously axed. His original mandate was to report directly to Parliament and be given real numbers to get at the truth of the matter. He did his job to well to suit Harper and his infamous Action Plan. And Now Flaherty is openly and absurdly attacking him.

Film at eleven!

Economic Action Plan, my ass. Those 100's of millions of dollars in advertising that we paid for, every year. How many years now? (That's a research project for you)  The real Plan was to subliminally reprogram everyone by weight of endless and mind numbing repetition into believing that there really is a plan. And you can't even prove the obvious truth if they hold back the numbers. ~  Nice!

The advertising Is the plan. Numbing the population and at the same time becoming the Corporate Media's biggest advertisers. Nice! 

The right is always saying "common sense".  As if they could count on common sense to see us through the twentieth century.  Stop playing games Mr. Prime Minister and show us the money.

Food for thought: Carney is gone but at least we still will have Carnage! Flaherty will get us nowhere! And I'll be back.