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December 31, 2011

2011 in Pictures ~ A Year to Remember ~ A Year to Forget

This is ^NOT a complete overview as that is not practical at this hour on New Year's Eve. But here are a few randomized moments to remember and many to forget. Check back later to see more. if you would like to make suggestions as to things that need to be included, let me know in the Comments. 


A Very Odd Election Result

Another Very Odd Election Result

A Secret Document ~ Details to Follow?

A Failed Crash Course in Couth


SUNTV Proves it is Addle Minded

Charles Adler is one Numb Chuck

Not Only is SUNTV Greasy

And Unethically Oily 

But Actually Wins Awards For It


Fate Takes a Bite Out of Apple

Fate Takes a Bite Out of Canada

But Leaves Us a Legacy

I Found This on Google Earth, Lol!
And Yes, that is 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.

Apparently it was all part of the Plan! 
Even if it is Blocking Out the Sun.

Happy Next Year!

To be continued ...........

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  1. This blog had a glitch overnight and a comment that was posted here disappeared in the process. I will replace it here. I copied this from the original email notification of the Comment!
    The honesty in the facts presented here just moments ago brought me to tears. Tears for what appears to me to be the descimation of a country under the leadership of Harper and his Cons. In this coming year, 2012 I hope to see Canadian's "Rise Up" in a movement with far greater numbers than counted in the Occupy Movement of 2011!
    "Dont let anyone tell you that it can not be done" ~(Jack Layton)

    Originally Posted by Karen Limacher to The Twain Shall Meet at December 31, 2011


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