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March 13, 2013

Stopping Harper ~ More than Just a Hobby!

Stopping Stephen Harper and the horse that he rode in on, has never been more important than it is right now as we approach this second anniversary of his ill-gotten majority. 

We've Only got Two Options 
Wake Up 
Stop Sleeping.

Are You  Politically Illiterate?

'll Bet you're ^NOT,  judging strictly by the fact that you are reading this, but the sad fact remains ~ that many of your neighbours and mine are fast asleep, politically speaking. 

Maybe we should talk to them. "That's a lovely garden you've got there!" And you could add, all casual like: "Did you know that Stephen Harper Sucks?" ...... NO? "Oh, yeah, It was on TV!" "Spring is early and Stephen Harper Sucks, ..... it's been in all the papers" ................., It's been all the talk at Tim's."

Just kidding. You'll know what to say. They're your neighbours.

 So, if you are not asleep then wake your neighbours. The Americans  remember Paul Revere and  the horse he rode in on, for a good  reason ~ His neighbours were sleeping! He woke the horse!

This Free Six hour Documentary should Keep you Busy for a while!


BLOGGING PROGRESS ~ I'll Be back .... ttSm


  1. Need more cowbell - that'll wake 'em up!

    1. Oh, there are plenty of Bells! And whistles too. The blog is entirely searchable. (The search function is near the right hand side of the page)

      Suggestion: Search for 'Fraud', or if you have got a few hours on your hands, 'Contempt'! Or even Vic Toews!


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