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March 11, 2013

~ Madness Reigns in Harper Land ~ Is it Contagious?

One Can Only Hope That It Is!
And You Thought You Were Mad?

If it were only this easy? If you could just show a funny graphic of your pick for public enemy number one on here and everyone would say: "Oh! Now that I think about it, he is mad with a capital "M". Why didn't I see it before? It all seems obvious now. How can I help stop this Madness". How can I help "Unseat the Cheat"?

But, neither is it so very hard!  Progress is being made toward this goal of getting Canadians to wake up to the fact that their Canada is being extracted by the worst Prime Minister ever. He is stealing Democracy right out from under us. The evidence is there for those who bother to look! It as simple as learning to do research.

Almost two years into this madness, "The Harper Government" (#THG on Twitter) is under siege from all sides. Why?  ~ Because people are educating themselves, and the more you know about Harper "Clearly" the madder you become. And they have started to ask questions. Not that they will get straight answers from King Steve. They must seek the answers 'elsewhere'. And social media is capable of being that "elsewhere".

Every day this government gives us another reason to
                                                                                                 Oh look! This just in:

A Liberal Motion was debated behind closed doors at the public accounts committee, but did not survive the THG-dominated vote.

Closed door?  The motion would have ordered the Finance Department to give MPs copies of long-term financial analysis prepared between 2010 and the present........? Gawd that's over two years of vital financial information withheld from parliamentarians. That's over two year of bad legislation, and Omnibus Bills ~ (metaphorically) ~ large vats of dirty bathwater with baby still in it.

That's well over 2 years of voting on hidden agendas in the form of Omnibus Budgets bills of playing games of "picking a pig in a poke".  Of course Harper quashed it. He had no choice. The numbers are much worse than reported. The point of the Liberal motion was to make counter-transparency a thing of the past. That wouldn't do. Not in Harper Land.

Wasn't Transparency and Accountability the basis of the Harper government's first ever, election campaign? Now, Harper doesn't even pretend to care about that aspect of good governance, No, not these days. They have dropped all pretence of Governmental Transparency. 

Accountability is a about to take a hit too!

Kevin Page is about to get unceremoniously axed. His original mandate was to report directly to Parliament and be given real numbers to get at the truth of the matter. He did his job to well to suit Harper and his infamous Action Plan. And Now Flaherty is openly and absurdly attacking him.

Film at eleven!

Economic Action Plan, my ass. Those 100's of millions of dollars in advertising that we paid for, every year. How many years now? (That's a research project for you)  The real Plan was to subliminally reprogram everyone by weight of endless and mind numbing repetition into believing that there really is a plan. And you can't even prove the obvious truth if they hold back the numbers. ~  Nice!

The advertising Is the plan. Numbing the population and at the same time becoming the Corporate Media's biggest advertisers. Nice! 

The right is always saying "common sense".  As if they could count on common sense to see us through the twentieth century.  Stop playing games Mr. Prime Minister and show us the money.

Food for thought: Carney is gone but at least we still will have Carnage! Flaherty will get us nowhere! And I'll be back. 


  1. Kathleen AirdrieMarch 12, 2013

    Well said again, Kim. The photo is brilliant!

    Kathleen Airdrie

    1. Kathleen, Thanks.

      The graphic was a lot of fun for sure. I figured: ~ 'the more a man looks like David Letterman ,..? ... well just let's say that it was fun.

  2. Pretty much anything Harper says he is going to do, - he'll do the opposite. And that goes especially for 'accountability'. How can anyone be so dishonest? It's almost like he takes some special satisfaction in going against everything he ever said he stood for... pro-rep, (yes, he supported it, Google it) accountability, preserving OAP, everything.

    You should do a blog on the muzzling of scientists - in particular Kristi Miller - and how now she is allowed to do an in-depth study, and even talk about it. I don't know what they have up their sleeves on this one, but even if by some miracle it is allowed to actually bring out the truth... how can anyone explain the history of enforced silence - muzzling?


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