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April 01, 2013

Power And Propaganda ~ Harper Introduces "Robo-Me"!

It's an all too real "Pinky and Brain" thing!

One of these Men is a Robot!

April 01 is my Anniversary of sorts,
and I still need your help! 

A short Personal Plea
 in my own Voice.

I'll be back!
Hope you are the same!


  1. Love it Kim,
    You have captured the essence of the stinking corruption in this Crime Minister's agenda.
    Thanks for all you do Kim, keeping Canadians informed and educated.

  2. Well, J evans, capturing the stinking corruption of the stinkingly corrupt Crime Minister's agenda is what I love to do. Do you think others are reading it? I wouldn't want to rob anybody of any sleep. Besides, they won't needs guys like me, once they wake up. You sleep in Harper Land at your own peril. Lol!

    Oh, I'm glad you appreciate it.

    And you know, that I appreciate you!

  3. AnonymousMay 10, 2013

    Is that your real voice? It must be tough for a Harper hater like you to lose your voice. Oh Well! You won't be missed.


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