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June 10, 2013

Harper Knows His Base ~ And So Do We

I have been writing on the internet as the Twain Shall Meet for about seven years now. For the first two years I was only on the discussion boards at MSM web pages, and commenting on News articles.

And I have gleaned a fact or two about the conservative base. I don't claim to have ever made any of them less conservative. It seems that that has never been an option. Though I have had countless interactions with the far Right, I don't believe we can change them. Intransigent as they are we can still defeat them and their right wing ideologies, we simply have got to out number them, not on the discussion sites, but at the polls on election day.

When dealing with the far right I have tried to offer links to information that sheds light on the subject and hand. They don't read them.

This was a comment from a CPC supporter on CBC.ca ~ The article was discussing whether harper would prorogue Paliament to hide from the Senate ?PMO scandal.

at 6:04 PM ET
Of course they'll recess early. The union-loving NDP think all people need the summer off and the Liberals need a break too to stew about electing the Papineau Pony to run their ship into the ground.

Sometimes I ask questions
of them that require them doing research. They generally do not do that research and the questions go unanswered.

at 8:01 PM ET
everyone here thumbs ProudAB down but, he is, of course, right. Harper has to take the hit but it is the front line civil servant that has dropped the ball along with their less than satisfactory managers that as yet have not instilled the importance of securing their computers and flash drives.
As well, you all hate Harper so much and I find it odd yop don't realize that the civil servants do as well. They do not cooperate with the government of the day if they don't like them and they slow down productivity, lost things or misplace them etc. Meanwhile, because they can't be fired without an act of Parliament short of them committing murder, their managers' hands are tied.

Sometimes I notice them trying to turn the channel.
Now, who does that remind you of, eh?

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