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March 08, 2012

Republican Interference? ~ The View from the Front Porch Looking North ~ This is Not just Voter Engagement

Has Harper Crossed the Line?

Julius Caesar Crossed the Rubicon 
on January 10th, 49 B.C.
which turned out to be One river too far.
So, why do modern men still cross lines
that Precipitate their Own Undoing?
Why is Noone talking about the Conservative's Relationship with Front Porch Strategies? 

To me, their tell-tale shared backward looking Ideology and all that they both promote sheds light on the very heart of the Robocon Scandals that include not only Tele Town Halls as well as  Robocalls, but a whole litany of other unreported activities. 
Front Porch Who? ~ Who Are They? 
There is lots of evidence to be gleaned from some of Front Porch Strategies own gloating rhetoric and many incidences of both unilateral and mutual congratulation and mindless glad-handing. These are obviously not just business relationships and just as obviously are rooted in the same dark Right wing Ideology that Most Canadians would not tolerate if it was revealed to them.

There is much more than an exchange of services happening here. There is much in this relationship that speaks of  a growing connection between the Harper Conservatives and the  Right, American Conservative Movement. A look at some of the Issues that Front Porch Strategies promotes shows a very close relationship to the American Religious Right and the big money of the Republicans and shows their passionate interest in dredging up a lot of issues that Canadians have long since felt were already settled. Many of them are issues that even Harper claims are already settled. According to Harper for instance there is no reason or plans to resurect the abortion debate. 

Here are just a few screen shots taken from the very public facebook Page of Front Porch Strategies. Just a few pictures to whet your appetite.
What is the Heartbeat Bill? ~ This from the Companies official Public Facebook page:

So what other issues do they promote? Well they are seemingly in lock-step with the Harper government's views on Israel vs. Palestine and openly lobby on Facebook for more support for Israel, and less consideration for Palestinians and are clearly promoting a very unbalanced approach. 

So? Who Do They Do Work For?

I am having a hard time to decide which clip of Newt Gingrich best typifies his incredibly dangerous and dismal Ideology. Should I raise his racist rants? Should I talk about his stupid take on taxes, his attacks on Muslims, or his outrageous treatment of both of his ex-wives? There are just so many clips, and so little time. Of course all of those topics are open game in america.  And again I want to ask you to ask yourself if you think that any company that so actively and passionately promotes nothing but Right wing Ideologues is not very likely to have more than just a business relationship with those who share that Right Wing Ideology?

At any rate I picked this clip because it shows how very practical he can be. This was just moments after his having lost the Republican Primary on 
Jan. 31st, 2012 in Florida: (Unofficial 100 percent) Mitt Romney 46.42 percent (775,014), Newt Gingrich 31.9 percent (533,117), Rick Santorum 13.3 percent (222,799), Ron Paul 7 percent (117,104), other 1.3 percent (21,613). ).

Beware the loser that will promise you the Moon! 

Wondering Why the Christian Alliance seems so familiar?
Harper looking None too Happy
to be photographed
outside of Alliance Church
"About two decades ago, Harper shifted away from the mainline Protestant denominations of his father and began finding a home in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, which has about 2.5 million members and 14,000 congregations worldwide. One fifth of its members live in North America, with Alberta a Canadian hotbed.

Since Harper moved in 2003 to Ottawa, he has been attending the capital city's Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, called East Gate, under the guidance of Pastor Bill Buitenwerf.

On the outside, RockPointe Church looks like a bunker. On the inside, it's a cavernous auditorium with no crosses, altar or pulpit. Instead it has a "stage" on which its many pastors champion conservative moral values while strolling like casual talk-show hosts, remarking on how "cool" things are, exclaiming "Right on!" and referring to adherents as "You guys."

Trask believes the more than 2,000 evangelical Protestants in his thriving church, as well as most of the 2.5 million evangelicals across the country, are enthusiastic supporters of his old friend, the prime minister.
 "Read more:

And Who Do They Work for North of the Border?
Knocking on Doors? Seriously? Via Tele-Town-Halls? 
Matt (below) is the CEO of FPS
Yeah they will bring us into the Twenty first Century all right.
Complete with Republican Dirty Tricks
Dean Del Mastro? That Rings a Bell eh?
View this entire FPS Rant on another ttSm page

And yet Another Contradiction by Front Porch Strategies who have Categorically Denied that they even Make
A link to the FPS Video
So, do you still think that the Harper Government has no idea what went on with all the calls that they paid for during the election? 
They seem pretty damned well organized to me, even taking the time to thank the company that was kind enough to bring American attitudes and issues right to their door. Are you comfortable with front Porch Strategies importing their Pro-life and Anti-Palestine campaign here?

They do as you may remember, also promote Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum. 

    What Could Be Less Canadian Than That? 

I just wanted to add one final worry about this American Right wing spin machine. They have been saying for a week that they do NOT do Robocalls and only did Tele-Town-Halls on behalf of the Conservatives. As you have just seen that clearly is the case. Oddly they still deny having such capabilities, but they need to be careful what they say on publicly on Facebook.

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  1. Another good job of digging deep for the truth Kim!
    Not sure why the msm hasn't really picked up on this .. have seen a couple of small bits, but not much. What can we do about this?

    I'll copy the link and post where I can ... and will try to find some appropriate articles to (maybe) enlighten some of the sheeples of Canada!

    Again, Good Job!! You'd make a hell of an investigative reporter!!

  2. Good work Kim! Thank you for your tireless effort in revealing the truth.

  3. Excellent post. There is a very radical element to this government, and I believe it starts at the top. Anything for Power. We need to ask ourselves why Harper displays such a strong but craven sense of insecurity. It is time for the matriarchy to Rise Up and slap this gov't down.

  4. Brilliant, Kim!

    And that Heartbeat Bill - is Woodsworth's private member's bill about investigating when the heart beat begins, paving the way for a personhood bill?

  5. "Hey Stevie...have yer agent CALL ME"

    ...lol Oh -you are Soooo done like dinner. BTW I have some 'marshland' in Florida - CALL ME -let's talk.

  6. Thanks all for the comments (so far) and for the Buzz that has swirled around this Blog for three days straight. It really is, in my mind, the smoking gun of the RoboCon issue. It speaks of a Government hell-bent on selling us down the river.

    And remember: "In Harper Land, where there is Smoke, there are Mirrors!"

  7. Kim
    Have you reported this (Front Porch) to Elections Canada?

    Read section 331 of Elections Act - Matt & PJ should not have been door knocking or doing calls GOTV...

  8. Twain, you are a creepy Leftist freak!

  9. Anonymous. You are too kind!

  10. Isn't there a law about other countries not being allowed to influence the outcome of an election? Perhaps another area to explore along this vein.

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