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December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas (CRUSHMAS) Stephen Harper ~ A Sincere Wish From a Concerned Canadian

 I Searched High and Low for the Perfect Holiday Card for Our "Dear Leader" 
It finally occurred to me that he might like something a little more personal and from the heart, 
so I weighed my very intense feelings for him and came up with this. 
It really manages to encapsulate my sentiments exactly.

Twas the Night Before Crushmas and all over my Wall 
I'm thinking up ways to help "Dear Leader" Fall.
He Pisses me off in more ways than one,
And pulling his strings is always great Fun.

So I'll do what I do and I'll do it with Joy.
Before it's all over He'll be my new toy.
I'll not be so careful as good kids would be,
I'll take him and shake him and break him with Glee.

So please come and join me as I get my kicks.
Cause that's how I deal with odd ignorant pricks
Who think they're above us in so many ways.
We'll heel them and cow them and number their days.

We'll gather our voices  we'll do it no doubt.
Together we'll raise such a clatter and shout
"Be gone you old Weirdos ~ Be gone you old Fools
Your Party is Over ~ Now We make the Rules!"

And when the old Bugger finally fades out of sight 
We'll know that we've done it and won the good fight!

To all a great Crushmas ~ To all a Good Night!
                        ~ Kim Leaman ~ The Twain Shall meet ~ Dec 24, 2011

by joining us at C.R.U.S.H. 

After you join us, you can find the story behind this Crushmas Blog Here!

And It would not be a Holiday Greeting 
if it did not get delivered
 to the PM and the PMO, Lol!

Holiday Message from the PMO

And to all  a Good Night!


  1. Awesome poem - shared your link

  2. Hi Kim - Good job! I copied/pasted your card and poem to my page before I realized it was all here! DUH is me! lol

    Keep up the good work - i always look fwd to reading your blog!
    Question: do you think crush is 'anti-ndp'? Someone commented to that effect and I said I hadn't noticed. Your opinion??

  3. Enjoyed along with a silly little grin!!! :)


  4. Cheena, thanks, it was a hoot. I find it a bit scary publishing anything that even hints at being poetry. I have had some success with it, but there is so much really bad poetry on the Web that people are somewhat preconditioned to ignore it, Lol! I am glad that you liked it. I suspect that you also get the message written, as it were, in the darkness surrounding the man in the photo. Lol!

    As to the other thing, re; the NDP, I am letting them have some quiet time while they pick a new Leader. We all owe them some space and time. At this point they also need to do some serious healing. Losing Jack was not something that will not leave some sadness. And although I have some real concerns about their actions since 2006, I will be picking up that discussion when it is no longer 'too soon'. Hang around, xoxoxox

    Hope today was a good one. At this end, it looks like a couple of hundred people have tuned in here so far, so that is Christmas present enough! again, thanks!

    Now back to Crushmas. Actually, I am about to switch to New Years mode, lol!


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