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December 12, 2011

CBC Sold to American Wrestling Promoter!

SUNTV secret Executive VP
(in charge of hidden agendas and troublemaking)
Stephen Harper

Delusional Canadian Mud-Wrestler, Ezra 'Mad Dog' LeRant
Challenges CBC's Ernie Coombs 
better known to millions of Canadians as "Mr. Dressup"
to a "Fight to the Finish"
at a fund raiser for a 'think tank' in Calgary, last week.
 Mr. Coombs died in 2001

Mr. LeRant called him some names,
threw a chair which hit nothing,
taped himself to the wall of the main lobby,
and at the time of this publication was still
 loudly demanding to be paid for his time.

And he says he is an advocate of free speech?

p.s. My money is still on "Mr. dressup".


  1. You do know that Ezra sues everything in sight, eh?

    Sam I Am

  2. So, I'll stay out of sight! As If!

    I have nothing left to sue for. HarperLand is in the throes of a deep downturn.

    According to the Salvation Army, they have had a 40% increase in emergency funding requests as compared to last year. So, when you see one of their kettles, think of me, Lol!


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