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December 28, 2011

Stephen Harper Prorogues Parliament to Save his Hide~ Two Years later ~ A CANADIAN Re-Awakening

I want to Remind all of you that the 2nd anniversary of the proroguation to avoid the Afghan Detainee Question is this Friday, the 30th of December. That cowardly event represented Our Government's disdain for us and triggered one of the largest mass awakenings of Canadians on line to date. We were able to mobilize nearly a quarter of a million Canadians in the week that followed and the media was amazed at the response.

Many Facebook groups have been formed by those first on the scene and one of the most interesting and effective of them is this one: Canadians Against Stephen Harper, which can be found at:


Internet politics 
is Relatively new to Facebook, but a growing phenomena to be sure. It was given a huge boost on this date in 2009. Our Government or at least the only one in it who gets to say anything thought no one would even notice it, not during the week between Christmas and New Years anyway. He was wrong. He usually is.

Commemorate this Anniversary with us and shed some light on the need to get together in groups like this one, who's numbers yet increase and whose founding members were moved to activism, two years ago, by this very act of contempt. I believe it was a veritable Genesis, which will make Friday, as it turns out a re-Genisis.

Seriously, if  'reborn' is a word, so is 'Re-Genesis' .... Lol!

I use the word "Dare' because it takes courage to send wake-up calls to those who may prefer to sleep their life away in a dream-state that includes the delusion of a good and caring Government busily working to create a better Canada. . 

A MOMENT of Silence followed by a lifetime of speaking Up! ~ I have been able to narrow it down to the Exact Moment when Canadian Liberty died. 
- Dec 30, 2009 at exactly 13:25:11 EST 2009 (the exact time of the email / press release from the Prime Minister's Office).  

" That is How Liberty Dies! 

With Thunderous Applause!"

He Still Believes This!
To join the event you can go here and you will not need a personal invitation although you now have one anyway. http://www.facebook.com/events/214427278640502/

Please share this blog, and the event information with all of your friends.

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