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December 26, 2011

DIARY of a CLEPTOCRAT ~ Harper Land as a 'B' Movie

So, what is a Cleptocrat? (often spelled Kleptocrat)

Loosely defined, he or she is a member of a political organization (Party) that as a matter of policy, attempts to gain and keep power in an effort to rob the economy and extract capital and democracy from the realm.

Such organizations almost always run deficits, because the extraction is relentless and takes precedence over good governance.

The success of Cleptocracies always depends on them having very close connections to those people and corporations (often their backers) who also stand to profit from these policies.

They almost always leave the country deeply in debt, turning it back to others to try and fix. And when, because it is so broken, it does not get fixed, they attempt to blame their successors to regain power and start another cycle. This should sound familiar to most of those who pay attention to such things. The current administration of Harper Land is in my opinion just such an organization.

Here is a Wikipedia document on the subject, and a Blog by CAITI  (THe CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF INCOME TRUST INVESTORS) that strongly suggests not only that Stephen Harper is in fact, a Cleptocrat, but that the Main Steam Media (MSM) is complicit in it also by allowing it and by actually helping to cover it up. If you are Not familiar with the Income Trust Scandal, it was harper's first major instance of what amounts, according to CAITI and many others as theft.

So, is our "Great Leader" a Cleptocrat, or is this all just a very bad 'B' Movie?

The 30th of December, 2011 is the 2nd Anniversary of the cowardly "Recalibration" Proroguation. That was the Second time that he ran away and hid from Canadians to avoid losing his hard earned power (and by 'hard earned' I infer that Crime is a messy business) over us. It was met with a strong response on line and it represents, in my opinion, the very 'Genesis' of the on-line political movement now in progress and thriving in Harper Land.

Some of us are celebrating that awakening on that anniversary. Please check back here to get the details as they are made public! I will post a link ASAP! Or join C.R.U.S.H. today to get those details there.

1 comment:

  1. Kim - 'hard-earned' power?? Or ' traded-for' power??

    IMO, the second is far more descriptive! Power to help his big corp buddies make even more $$ on the back of our country! Power to sell out our country, resources, and democracy to the highest bidders


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