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December 14, 2011

Harper's Hideous Helper ~ Harange Hides Horrific Hatred

This Just In:
Egotistic ~ Zionist ~ Racist ~ Annoying
Loser Endlessly Vindicates Anal Nutbar Tyrant

Now who on earth could that be? And what gives this nasty little man the right and the nerve to call others bigots?  Seriously? 

Listen very carefully to this amazing man spin his (what I see as racist) web of idiomatic and ideological language. He must use the word 'Indian' a dozen times, but I did not and will not be counting. He is so behind in his thinking that he makes the very same mistake attributed to Christopher Columbus over 500 years ago.

He does not seem to know where India is on a map of the world, but he knows who does not deserve to own a big-screen TV.
What would someone stuck indoors for four months at a time, in a shack surrounded by frozen air and round-the-clock darkness, with eleven or so others, huddled together for warmth, need with entertainment?

His attitude sucks. His politics suck. The fact that he has a voice and so many do not,  also sucks.

His thing, he claims, is free speech. I do not believe that for a minute. His thing is money. His thing is Zionism. His thing is Conservatism.  His thing is free publicity. His thing is litigation. His thing is embarrassing.

But it may still be time for SUNTV to stop paying him. I wonder if he would be willing to speak for free? Given the value of his opinions, that would seem a fair market price.


  1. I have already seen this and couldn't watch it again...I didn't need my blood boiling for a second time today. He's making me angry just thinking about him...what a piece of slimy shit! Did you see the video of him when he snuck into Occupy Toronto in the middle of the night... I just wanted to hit him...repeatedly! CD Rhodes

  2. Wow... Is he trying to channel Glenn Beck?


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