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May 30, 2011

A Beautiful Gesture ~ Nothing is Ever that Simple in Harperland

Yesterday, our Prime Minister made history (sort of) and became "One of the first", (according to CBC) whatever that means, leaders to visit Kalavryta, Greece which was the site of an horrendous war crime.  That in itself was an honourable gesture. It should have been left at that. There is no need to treat every photo opportunity as an avenue to sway public opinion at home, especially when that kind of 'for domestic consumption' only spin is so irrelevant to the gesture.  
The prime minister’s visit to Greece included some sombre moments on Sunday. Stephen Harper visited the town of Kalavryta, significant for its role in resisting the Ottoman Empire and later, German occupation during the Second World War. It is also the place where the grandfather of Dimitri Soudas, Harper’s director of communications, was executed by the Nazis along with nearly 700 other men and boys in 1943.

“It’s hard to believe Prime Minister Harper visited a town where, as a young boy each summer, I would visit my grandmother who would tell me all about what happened during the massacre of 1943,” Soudas said on the telephone from Athens. “Despite what happened she still managed to raise her three daughters, including my mother, without ever remarrying. She spent the next 64 years of her life wearing black.”

This is exactly the way that Harper would like this story to be remembered.  A young man visiting his home town and grieving a grandfather never met. I agree it is a sad story with an overriding message of compassion and humanity. It was a huge gesture, but was it done by a man who represents all that is good and compassionate about this country? I am ^NOT buying that last bit of it!

It was in actuality however, from Harper's point of view, much more a chance to generate some sympathy for Dimitri Soudas than a story of war crimes, and the pain of having to grapple with it. I really hate to say this, (Harper 's followers will scream that I supported German atrocities during WWII or some other such stupidity, as they often do) but anyone who knows the story of Dimitri Soudas, knows what I am talking about here. Soudas has been in hot water for a long while now over several very important issues, but like the will ^NOTS they are, these guys stick together.

First of all he was scheduled to speak before a House Committee in 2010, but was replaced at the last minute by John Baird, now the Minister of Foreign affairs, who went to the Committee to protect Soudas, more that to clarify his position. Soudas was subpoenaed at the time but was nowhere to be found. David Akin eventually tweeted that they were both on the same airplane, somewhere over China, if my memory serves me well. (apologies to Akin, if it does not) At any rate Baird was disrupting the committee back here in Canada, which was it's name pre Harperland.

"The days where you can call in 25-year-olds before this committee, to beat up staff who can’t defend themselves, are over,” Mr. Baird told the ethics committee."

Secondly, Soudas is in 'deep' for a little story (2007) that lay virtually dormant until it surfaced in January which was again pretty much suppressed (in 2007 and in February/March of this year) and only re-emerged just before the election was called. It had to do with the Montreal Port Authority  and their need for a new top man. It is alleged that Soudas tried to influence that decision.

But, as per usual, they circled the wagons, and before long a couple of Federal Ministers had stepped in, and then the Prime Minister chimed in, and when further allegations and evidence was introduced, Soudas was forced to deny it in person. It only seems fair to add that not everyone believed him, but of course nothing has come of it, at least not yet! These guys are Good, and like I said, in the very worst of ways.

Before you accuse me of being an insensitive jerk, I need to remind you that I have been following the career of Stephen Harper for well over a dozen years and I have become used to being desensitised by his incredible contempt for; me, you, Parliament,  the hard earned money of Canadian Taxpayer, House Committee members, the press, the truth, etc. etc. etc.

I try to be fair with them. I really do. I try to think well of them. I really do. I try to give them the benefit of  the doubt.

Well, actually that last one ended in 2006 with the Income Trust. It was the first hard lesson that I was forced to learn and the first time that Harper showed actual contempt for Canada. Keep it mind that it happened right after he teamed up with the NDP to get his first minority government. You remember them?  "The New Government" as Harper called them then. That was before "The Harper Government" and before "Harperland". It should have been a sign to us all then that he could not be trusted. It was after-all his very first opportunity to do damage. I was surprised mostly by just how quickly and unapologetically it happened.

My biggest and most persistent surprise has been how long it has taken this country to stop him. Have we lost our respect for respect? Do we now condone contempt? Five years later and we are still rewarding this most ingenuous man. Why?

So, with all due respect for the people of Greece, the entire Free world and anyone like myself who knows how long it takes to heal old wounds and injustices, I must still ask that you excuse me if I have been desensitised. No photo opportunity ever goes untapped, whether that purpose is hidden or not. I do my best to remain in possession of my humanity under a regime that does it's best to fake having maintained theirs. I do all right considering.

To read about and see the proof of Harper's record of contempt, see other posts in this Blog.  

An Afterthought: On many many occasions, Dimitri Soudas has reached Evan Solomon during the show power and politics on his Blackberry and given real time spin, while the guest being interviewed, usually a political opponent, waits as Evan shamelessly presents that still warm spin, to everyone in Canada.

To add to that insult, when Dimitri is on he tends to be alone, with no one to interrupt. Such power in the hands of a man who needs so much defending. Evan is often helpful to the powerful. It must be nice.

When was the last time you or anyone you know had even reasonable access to the press?

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May 23, 2011

Canada is a Corporation? ~ A Warning to All Harperlanders

     (1)  Join the Good Fight 
 Harperlanders Beware  
These videos MUST be seen to be believed. Sadly, we do ^NOT have such a Rat Trap as the one shown to the Right.     >>======>

The beasts we need to catch are much bigger than these local rodents. Oh, don't get me wrong, they are as complicit as any other government in this story, but it goes way higher than mere governments. And even worse, there is nothing in this story or any other about the New World Order that offers any concrete solutions.

I must add also that I am not generally know as a conspiracy theorist, and for that reason, it is nice to see so much real evidence in this reality-checking video.  It is interesting to note  that Wikipedia not only has a section on this Bigger Story it also has )conspired, lol, to label it at least,  by adding (Conspiracy theory) after the term 'New World Order'. Lol!

This really is, in spite of any preconceptions an important video, IMO, as it shyou may have,ows a more local part of the puzzle and focus's mainly on North America and should be alarming to all Canadians who are not fast asleep, confident that the Government of Harperland can be trusted to defend our interests. I have no such faith.

It's nice to know that we have such a Strong Stable Government is it ^NOT?  Would you still think so if your Water was on Fire? This is also important and says a lot about our Government's inability to remember that we are living beings.

I will be updating this post from time to time. For now I will let you consider these videos.

  Contact Canadians Against the Perimeter Agreement  and  Please SIGN THEIR PETITION


May 22, 2011

Living in Harperland with Ezra Levant ~ NeoCons Defunding Democracy

Ezra Levant thinks or at least says that since James Moore, CPC MP and Harperland Minister in charge over at the Harperland Heritage Department sponsors what he considers to be really bad punk bands, that the CBC should therefore be defunded? A very round-about and subliminal message from a man who claims to defend Free speech, don'tcha think?

But of course, being Ezra, a Rovian and a somewhat stressed-out Straussian at heart, he (pretends?) to assail Harper and bad punk music and turns it all, oddly enough, into a twisted plea to shut down our public broadcaster.

It brilliantly weaves into the mix, the doubtful role of cultural funding in Harperland the presumption of his being an expert in things musical, gets in a lick or two at a government that he is known to support, (for balance?) and attacks the only public media in the country. A CBC which needs, in my opinion a lot less Government meddling.  The media IMO needs to be separate from both religion and state. We need the Canadian Broadcasting Company to be more independent and under much less mean spirited Right winged political pressure.

The Harper government has a four year 40% mandate, but the CBC has in the mind of Canadians, a much longer 65% mandate. It really is our last line of defence. It needs to be there and be independent and unintimidated when the Next Election, or even the next Harper vs. Harperland or vise versa court case comes up. And they will come up. But will they come up before he softens the judiciary? Let's hope.

Harper has been implicated in some very serious stuff, at some point the courts are bound to somehow deny a final appeal eventually. A lot of Canadians are not aware of just how much of Harper's future is now in the hands of the courts. We need independent media, and free social media so that those of us who get this stuff, are able to share it. I say share it freely.

He makes no mention of the role of such fine institutions as the SUN though. Besides it is an entirely private enterprise which just happens to have a new competing (AS IF) news service of it's own. It is a bargain at half the price and generally well worth the ?? 25 cents ?? that a hard-copy is going for on weekdays here in Harperland.
" Stephen Harper says he needs to find $4 billion to cut to meet his campaign platform.
Where should he start? Transfers to hospitals and schools? Equipment for our soldiers in danger?
No. He should privatize the CBC and let Living With Lions busk for a living.
It’s not even a question of taste or art. It’s about whether something that calls itself a Conservative government can continue to fund a state broadcaster and have bigoted punk bands on the public dime."
I really wanted to comment there but the defender of Free speech himself writes a SUN blog that does ^NOT allow comments. It is sad really! Come on SUN open it up!

I await a reply. If you are an Ezra fan let him and the editors over there know that we are waiting over here.

Love the logic Ezra. Living with lions sucks (that much is true enough but just for kicks let me add that they received a Whopping one one hundred thousandth of the cost of the G20) so let's Scrap the CBC. And the way you worked the word 'bigoted' in there was awesome. You are such a pro.

At least you got the part about the band being bad right.  But that is ^NOT your call. Nor is it mine.

"Living with Lions"

Canada's Neo-Cons ~ Defunding Democracy, one Public Broadcaster at a time.

Ezra says he has Flavourful Opinions. You'll have to decide exactly what flavour that is. I couldn't possibly comment.

For information on the effort to support and Defend, instead of attacking and De-funding the CBC, contact:

FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting ~ an independent watchdog for Canadian programming which is not affiliated with any broadcaster or political party.

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May 20, 2011

Harperland day 17 ~ Harper Wants Direct Control Over CSIS?

 In Canada, (1867-2011) the prime minister was the Chair of only one Parliamentary Committee. Stephen Harper plans to change that. He has decided to set up a new Committee, right here in Harperland, of which he will be the Chairman. This guy moves fast. In fact there was even a bit of Confusion surrounding his willingness to hand over power to a coalition even if the governor general gave the go ahead. This was on (day -1 ~ Harperland) back on the eve of the election on May 1st, 2011. Day zero, or election day was no better as Harper openly broke the rules by going on the radio and actually campaigning while the Polls were actually Open!. 

The first 100 days may very well be the most troubling in Canada's long history, or Harperland's short history, if you follow me. And I sure hope you do!

Always the optimist, Jack bravely musters his troops!
Combine that with his new-found and ill-gotten total control of the Senate (day 15) and his new 39% majority (day 1), the end of Sheila Frazer's tenure as Auditor General, (day 29) just before the Throne Speech, his appointment of a new very and likely more conservative House Speaker, (day 33), his upcoming opportunities for replacement of three of the nine current Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Harperland, his dismantling of the Human rights Commissions, (a long time goal, already in progress) his planned new powers over the Internet, and his (so called hidden) Agenda will be complete.  At that point, it may already be too late.   It is ^NOT like there is any way that I can see that  Jack Layton can stop him!
'The way he micro-manages things, he's going to micro-manage that, so we’re going to have Cabinet ministers involved in things they shouldn't be involved in." ~ So says NDP MP Joe Comartin on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's addition of a Cabinet Committee on National Security.
So, where does this leave us? Are there other options?

Will the International Criminal Court suddenly ask us to extradite Harper in connection with the treatment of Afghan Detainees? Probably not! Is lightning likely to strike him as he lights up the barbecue at 24 Sussex? Not very likely, really. Will 12,000,000 Canadians sign a petition asking he be removed from power? Even a ''Conservative' estimate (and those tend to be unreliable 19 times out of Twenty) would make more than 8,000,000 signatures unlikely. Will the "In and Out" scandal "Rise Up" and take him out in the "Mother of all Administrative Disputes"?  Again, not a good bet. Will he suddenly realise that he is a danger to democracy and change his mind? Or realise that he will ^NOT be among the number, come judgement day? I am ^Not convinced.

As fruitless as any of these avenues are likely to be, just listing them is a helpful exercise, as any among us who hold any hope for any of these astronomical improbabilities, has already realised the necessity of stopping his headlong descent into infamy. He can not be allowed to implicate us in that infamy, nor can we stand by and be judged complicit in this affront to all things Canadian.

We are many.  We are smart. We are brave. We have information. We have voices. We have each other.

What we do not have is Mainstream Media that can be counted on. What we do not have is Corporate support. What we do not have is a magic spell, potion or wand. But most of all, what we do ^NOT have is Four more years.

An Afterthought: I just opted in at OpenParliament.ca to get news whenever my ( ughh!) Newly elected Conservative MP opens his mouth in Parliament. Straight to my email! In a Majority there really is Nowhere to hide. It has been quite a while since there were protests in my riding, but that may change with a New Con in Town.

Keep Your Eyes Wide.
(or any other that interests you)
If you have; insights, observations or other options, please leave a comment. Anonymous comments may or may not get published.

May 19, 2011

Meet the First Harperland Cabinet ~ A Simple Photo Opportunity?

Mark My Words Folks, the next four years are ^NOT going to be good years for this country. Not on your life. Late last year, back in Canada, when it was announced that the name of the government was being changed, I was against formally calling 'The Government of Canada', "The Harper Government" and made myself heard on the subject But this new twist, this strange new twist, has me thinking that I would be very much in favour of renaming this Great Country, so long known as the Dominion of Canada, to the more appropriate "Harperland". Welcome fellow Harperlanders (it's OK you'll get used to it) to the first few days of a Harper Majority. Hold onto your hats, hide the silverware, and remember:         Take ^Notes.

No, I haven't completely lost it, ( just yet) but I want it to be easy to keep this four and a half years separate from the first one hundred thirty four years of Canada's proud history, at least in people minds. I want everyone to know that this is ^NOT the Canada of Diefenbaker. This is not the Canada of; Pearson, Trudeau, Clark, Campbell, Mulroney, Chretien, Stanfield, Martin and this is not the Canada of the "Minority Harper Government".  No, this is a brand new entity. This is ^NOT Canada as I recognize it.

Neither am I suggesting that we forget the lessons learned during the Minority Harper Government, as it is obvious that these lessons were never really learned. The information is still there though, and even the over zealous Stephen Harper will ^NOT be able to hide it. He will however, double, re-double and again re-double his grip on Harperland and most of that in the next 100 days. I will be doing my best to chronical at least some of this huge undertaking.

The New Harperland cabinet was announced today, may 18, 2011, although a lot of it, was released last night, as harper was bursting at the seams like the suitcoat he bought last fall is now bursting at the seams, to get the Good News out there. (see the previous blog post, just below)

                         ~ The first Harperland Ubercabinet ~
        ~ A Photo-Opportunistic Adventure in Pomp & Metaphor ~ 

I have just got to admit that I see pure metaphor in the image behind this group of Harperland's Founders.  In this beautiful bewitching painting (see below for details) the local people are gathering, coming from all directions, from far and wide, their mouths agape, their innocent faces turned upward, on an up hill climb, staring awestruck at the huge figure of a big blue Bird, who is itself being seemingly adored by another closer, darker group. Am I reading too much into it? I sure hope so.

If you are new to this, start with this smaller group:

        So, Keep busy, Stay awake, Take notes, Hide the silverware. I'll be back!

But, Before I go, I want to reassure you that although I have no real faith in Harper or anyone in his cabinet, I am aware that there are still real heros in the world. And that brings me back full circle to the Painting behind the man behind the curtain!
(thanks to Karen C for the reminder)

This painting was done by a man who never set foot in Harper land. He spent his entire life as a Canadian and he was a beautiful Canadian. He was an amazing painter.

please have a look.

Seriously, I'll be back. thanks.

May 18, 2011

Ugly Rumour Says: John Baird ~ Minister of Foreign Affairs ~ What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Canada Will be Very Serious about Foreign Affairs!
So, how is this Playing out half a day before the real announcement and the swearing in of Harperland's first Cabinet? It hit the MSM just before midnight and after they have stopped thinking for the Night. That gives us the morning at least to prepare for it.

Harper never could keep a Secret, unless it was something we really needed to know. Then you couldn't pry it out of him, and of course this is ^NOT something I nedd to or wanted to hear. You see, I have John Baird and his; bluster, nerve and annoyingly corny acting-style front and center in my mind whenever I consider the act of contempt. He was afterall, front and center and was the real face of the Contempt of Parliament. He is not alone there though, as you know already if you are a regular reader. And let's not forget all the good stuff he did as the Minister of the Environment. As if! He was pathetic in Environment.

You read my headline, now what is the Mainstream Media saying. What are their headlines? You may notice that there is Not much editorializing in their headlines, except for the obviously sarcastic use of the word 'stable' by the Globe and Mail.?

The Globe and Mail says:  ~"Baird Vaults into Foreign Affairs in New, 'Stable' Harper Cabinet"~

CTV.ca says: ~ "John Baird to be New Foreign Affairs Minister" ~

CBC.ca says ~ "Baird to Get Foreign Affairs Shuffle" ~


Personally, John has always reminded me of this Guy!  And I definitely don't mean the Fox!

Baird is definitely the Duck! Big, loud and everything just rolls of his back. Kinda like his Boss. He will make the High seas an interesting if not a much more dangerous place. There will be much flotsam in his wake.This is going to be interesting, to say the least.

He will need to be replaced as House Leader though and that leaves us to speculate on who exactly can replace the pitbull that is John. But no eed to worry at all.  I'll bet that it won't take them long to teach a new Dog the Old tricks. They do have a book and it includes a script for the job of Barker of the House. These guys are pros, lol!

Now Let's all think about the ramifications of having this 'bull in a china shop' in charge of Canada's reputation in the world, as we choke down a glass or two of "Baby Duck" in John's honour. Afterall, opening  a bottle of the good stuff would be a bit over the top. The nice thing is you won't even need that corkscrew either. Baby Duck is not a  particularly sophisticated wine. In this case though, it fits like a glove.

This is going, to be interesting. I suspect, for starters, that he will find the International press has ^NOT got that "bought and paid for" attitude that they so strangely seem to have here in Canada.  

We still have a few hours before the swearing in, so I am going to go practice my swearing. I have a feeling that I am going to need those words more often than ever. And I though Cannon was worth watching.  Stick around. Take some notes. This will be a real dog's breakfast. Mark my words!

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May 14, 2011

Bill C-51 Is Insidious Mr. Harper ~ Personally, I Can't Wait!

The Internet is ^NOT Always a Safe Place.

Enter the Harper Government. They say that they have a plan to make it safer. They say that they have a plan to rid it of misinformation. They say that they have a plan to help catch criminals using it. They say that they have a plan that will make the information found on the web more reliable.

They say a Lot of things!
The Harper Government's answer to all of these problems is Bill C-51. It will make three changes to the existing Legislation.

1) It will make using an online 'Alias' while spreading what ever they decide to be 'misinformation' illegal.

2) It will make it mandatory for all Internet providers to supply real time information about the identity of it's clients to the Government without judicial oversight. It will also require that all Internet providers disclose their technical surveillance capabilities within six months of the law taking effect. (It is promised within the first 100 days of the throne speech in late May or early June, 2011) Follow-up reports are also required when providers acquire new technical capabilities.

3) It will establish new powers for the police. These include new transmission data warrants that would grant real-time access to all the information generated during the creation, transmission or reception of a communication including the type, direction, time, duration, origin, destination and termination of the communication.

Law enforcement could then obtain a preservation order to require providers to preserve subscriber information, including specific communication information, for 90 days. Finally, having obtained and preserved the data, production orders can be used to require the disclosure of specified communications or transmission data.

Welcome to "Harperland"
So, what are the implications of this Insidious legislation?
I really hate to speculate. But it is obvious that the Harper "Majority" Government is ^NOT going to apologize for trying to cancel dissent, and that in his own words, Harper is rapidly losing his moral authority to govern.

I am convinced that this will have to be challenged  at the level of the Supreme Court of Canada. I am also convinced that that will have to happen before Harper replaces enough of the nine members to have all of his anti-democratic and in some cases illegal activities to be rubber stamped and accepted as "just the way it is in Harperland". I am sure also that many of us want Harperland to still be recognizable as the Canada we know and love.

Personally, I am confident that I will not be affected by this particular legislation, as I have been using the Alias "The Twain Shall Meet" for over 4 years, and I have never hidden my identity from anyone. In fact, I have long objected to CBC.ca's policy of keeping me and all others as anonymous as is possible. They will NOT publish personal information, or anything that tends to identify even those who want to be known, at least not in the comments. They do reluctantly allow a poster to use their own name, and very recently to connect through facebook. Sadly after 4 years that would require a change from the moniker that I have come to be identifyable by.

A quick google, however of "The Twain Shall Meet" will instantly connect to my blog, my profile page on CBC.ca, and with very little effort allow you or anyone else to get my personal information through Facebook, the Fan page for this blog on Facebook or to view my videos on Youtube or through Xtranormal.

The new wording of this intended legislation goes beyond anonymity and makes it illegal to spread misinformation on the web or in fact by any method. Only a juvenile mind like that of Harper could write such unworkable laws. Who is the ultimate arbitrator of the veracity of all of the Billions of pieces of information on the net and who in their right mind thinks that it is possible to sort it all out?

For instance, I have long maintained that Harper is a "Problem Child" and have clearly, on some occasions, qualified that statement as my opinion. I have often maintained that Mr.Harper is a "Bully" and a man consumed by a "Cult of Self". I have never spared the epithets that in my opinion describe this most inappropriate and ridiculous man.

Personally I can Not wait to see the veracity and accuracy of those statements argued in Court. I suspect that a quick reading of Bill C-51 should provide all the evidence that is required to prove them.

I would also like to ask the "Right Aweful Stephen Joseph Harper" if he realises that the "Astroturfers" he has been paying to, in his mind, "Correct" 'online misinformation', each of whom are paid to spread his (Harper's) opinions and not their own, and to use (each of them) some dozens of fake identities, and if he has any idea how this law will consider them? I suspect that he believes that he is above this law, as he considers himself above all other laws, whether Electoral, Criminal or International in nature.

In many respects, this law may just be much more dangerous to the Harper "Majority" Government, than it will be to the average law abiding Canadian dissident. See you in Court, Mr. Harper.

You may have millions of dollars in Taxpayer's cash and like always, will ^NOT hesitate to waste it on hundreds of lawyers, but in my opinion, they will all risk having a fool for a client.

May 10, 2011

Harper to Replace Auditor General ~ Another Piece of the Puzzle?

Sheila Frazer's ten year tenure as auditor General is drawing to a close. Appointed in 2001, she has been a well respected and respectable presence. She raised the initial concerns that led to the Gomry Inquiry and has always been seen as a non-partisan and balancing force in her position.  Her job will end on May 30th, 2011.

Harper's majority in the House will give him a free hand to fill the position with a person of his own choosing. Although the end of her term is but three weeks away, not a hint of who that person may be has reached these ears. You will excuse me if I am made nervous by the prospects.
She has already finished writing her final report, which includes chapters on the contentious issue of how the Conservative government spent tax-payer money on the G8 and G20 summits in Ontario last June. It includes, according to leaks, a scathing analysis of the Spending in Tony Clement's riding (known to have been in excess of 50 million dollars) and the origin of those funds.

"The report was supposed to be tabled in Parliament in April but was delayed by the election and won't be released until the Commons is in session in June — after Fraser's departure."

That of course is ^NOT exactly true, as it was really stopped in it's tracks before the Contempt charges were laid. It was a result of NDP MP Christopherson's vote in the committee. This is skirted entirely in the article quoted above, even though Christopherson's opinion on other matters was widely quoted.

“Liberals Want Canadians to See the Auditor General’s Report – but Mr. Layton’s stunt of calling for a meeting with the Auditor General took some nerve after his party blocked the report’s release before Parliament was dissolved,” said Mr. Volpe, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee in the last Parliament.

“If Jack Layton and David Christopherson had their way, voters would never know that the Conservatives spent nearly $50 million on G8 projects with no controls and without Parliament’s approval – and they missed their chance to expose this waste, abuse and contempt before the election by siding with the Conservatives to bury this report.

Two days before the election was called, Mr. Christopherson – the only NDP member of the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee – sided with the Conservatives to kill a Liberal motion introduced by Liberal MP Jean-Claude D’Amours calling for the Auditor General’s G8 and G20 reports to be made public in the event of the dissolution of Parliament – even if there was an election.

As we launch, or rather plummet headlong into this new Harper Majority, keep your eyes open, and let them know that you are not someone to be counted among the somnambulatory majority of Canadians who helped allow this situation to get this far. You should be easily identifyable as part of this group if you woke up Tuesday last and were feeling even a bit satisfied with the election result.

I Worry that Our Prime Minister has ^NOT exactly made a habit of making decisions that could be seen as non-partisan, open and transparent nor has he gained my trust in the Five long years since these appointments have been his to make.

He has appointed a record number of Senators, to a Senate that he promised to make an elected body. He has dabbled in any and all positions that he could turn to his advantage. How much of Canada will remain free from his control? hard to say, but this appointment may very well set the tone.

So, remember Mike Duffy. Remember Bill Elliot. Remember Christianne Ouimet who managed Over 200 files with no results. Remember all of the Contempt, and remember that it is now very likely that none of it will ever be dealt with. Remember the 2006 election, the Prorogations, the still Secret Afghan detainee Documents, the Guergis affair and the Countless other Deep Democratic Concerns.

Remember that Harper is ^NOT Teflon.
Remember that He is Proactive and Preemptive.
Somnambulate at Your Own Peril.

p.s. Remember CRUSH?

toll-free 1-800-463-6868.

May 08, 2011

Democracy has a New Enemy ~ The Harper Majority

As the polls were about to open in Newfoundland and Labrador, on May the second, I posted one last, "Good Luck Canada" to my Facebook friends on CRUSH. If you are unaware, that stands for "Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper", a Facebook group dedicated to the defeat of the Harper Government in the General Election then only moments away from fruition. I quickly added: "See ya when the polls close."

The reason for timing it thusly was a simple one. CRUSH was about to go into hibernation and would stay there during the hours in which any Polls in Canada were open for business. It is the law of the Land!CRUSH it seems, was registered as a third party by Elections Canada, as it was conducting advertising in Print and other media, and was required to maintain what could be metaphorically called "Radio silence" during that time frame. We all agreed to this as we all, all 7350 or so of us agreed that that is a very necessary  incovenience to protect Democracy.

It was a noble response by a noble group of Canadians dedicated to researching and documenting the record of the then Minority Harper Government. These are bright people. They are people from all walks of life who simply did not approve of the long long list of items that make up Stephen Harper's five year record of anomalous activities.

To get a better sense of this record you can read some of the posts on this blog, or get involved with other Canadians as we had done at CRUSH. Just leave your preconceptions at the door, pull up a keyboard and delve into the truth of the Harper regime. It is entirely up to you if you wish to maintain that the "In and Out Scheme" was just an "Administrative Dispute" with Elections Canada, as Stephen Harper and his  defenders contend. besides all the evidence says otherwise. You'll figure it out.

Or, at least you would have. Over the last few days, Starting on March 3rd Some hundreds of Politically awakened Facebook groups have gone down, and Not just here in Canada.  Dissident groups are being deleted. CRUSH was one of them. Check it out! Not one of the dozens of links that this blog contains

Has that Information disappeared or is facebook sitting on it? Or as I am hearing some speculate, is it in the hands of right winged governments the world over? I don't know that, but the truth will come out. It always does.

Sadly, Not everyone plays by the rules. The CBC is, at our and others' insistance, being  investigated for having breached that Blackout. Also the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada was actually on the Radio during the voting and apparently was campaigning for all his little blue sweater vest was worth.  
I was telling a friend that I was going to go it alone, and they asked what that meant. I told them:
"I meant go it alone Ms. M....., only in the sense that when you get taken out in large numbers, as in having a group like CRUSH down, the only thing that can be done is to blog it!

I want to take my time and get it right, but I started a new Facebook "Fan" Page for " The Twain Shall Meet " It's my blog! We need to become more resourceful. We need to have 5000 friends in Common. That way we cannot be separated.

I suggest that each of us spend the next few months making personal connections and re-connecting with group members that are no longer accessible. We cannot let this get to us. As long as we are reasonably discreet and speaking the Truth, No one can legally shut us up!

The day that Harper starts harrassing people who just happen to have a better understanding of democracy than he does, is the day that we start getting Canada back!"
So, the game continues. Harper thinks he has fooled us. He has fooled many of us. He has not fooled all of us! He is still Contempuous, he is still Canada's Biggest Problem. Just do the research.

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