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May 20, 2011

Harperland day 17 ~ Harper Wants Direct Control Over CSIS?

 In Canada, (1867-2011) the prime minister was the Chair of only one Parliamentary Committee. Stephen Harper plans to change that. He has decided to set up a new Committee, right here in Harperland, of which he will be the Chairman. This guy moves fast. In fact there was even a bit of Confusion surrounding his willingness to hand over power to a coalition even if the governor general gave the go ahead. This was on (day -1 ~ Harperland) back on the eve of the election on May 1st, 2011. Day zero, or election day was no better as Harper openly broke the rules by going on the radio and actually campaigning while the Polls were actually Open!. 

The first 100 days may very well be the most troubling in Canada's long history, or Harperland's short history, if you follow me. And I sure hope you do!

Always the optimist, Jack bravely musters his troops!
Combine that with his new-found and ill-gotten total control of the Senate (day 15) and his new 39% majority (day 1), the end of Sheila Frazer's tenure as Auditor General, (day 29) just before the Throne Speech, his appointment of a new very and likely more conservative House Speaker, (day 33), his upcoming opportunities for replacement of three of the nine current Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Harperland, his dismantling of the Human rights Commissions, (a long time goal, already in progress) his planned new powers over the Internet, and his (so called hidden) Agenda will be complete.  At that point, it may already be too late.   It is ^NOT like there is any way that I can see that  Jack Layton can stop him!
'The way he micro-manages things, he's going to micro-manage that, so we’re going to have Cabinet ministers involved in things they shouldn't be involved in." ~ So says NDP MP Joe Comartin on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's addition of a Cabinet Committee on National Security.
So, where does this leave us? Are there other options?

Will the International Criminal Court suddenly ask us to extradite Harper in connection with the treatment of Afghan Detainees? Probably not! Is lightning likely to strike him as he lights up the barbecue at 24 Sussex? Not very likely, really. Will 12,000,000 Canadians sign a petition asking he be removed from power? Even a ''Conservative' estimate (and those tend to be unreliable 19 times out of Twenty) would make more than 8,000,000 signatures unlikely. Will the "In and Out" scandal "Rise Up" and take him out in the "Mother of all Administrative Disputes"?  Again, not a good bet. Will he suddenly realise that he is a danger to democracy and change his mind? Or realise that he will ^NOT be among the number, come judgement day? I am ^Not convinced.

As fruitless as any of these avenues are likely to be, just listing them is a helpful exercise, as any among us who hold any hope for any of these astronomical improbabilities, has already realised the necessity of stopping his headlong descent into infamy. He can not be allowed to implicate us in that infamy, nor can we stand by and be judged complicit in this affront to all things Canadian.

We are many.  We are smart. We are brave. We have information. We have voices. We have each other.

What we do not have is Mainstream Media that can be counted on. What we do not have is Corporate support. What we do not have is a magic spell, potion or wand. But most of all, what we do ^NOT have is Four more years.

An Afterthought: I just opted in at OpenParliament.ca to get news whenever my ( ughh!) Newly elected Conservative MP opens his mouth in Parliament. Straight to my email! In a Majority there really is Nowhere to hide. It has been quite a while since there were protests in my riding, but that may change with a New Con in Town.

Keep Your Eyes Wide.
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  1. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    Still whining...don't worry apl..Goguen will do just fine...how could he do any worse than Murph the smurf....and wow you have a long 4 years ahead of you...

  2. Very intelligent statement Mr. "I am too chicken shit to give you my name"

    Typical Conservative supporter. No information, No facts, no comment on the subject at hand, no idea what the Reformers stand for.

    Robert Goguen will be of little use to anyone in Moncton. He is just another Con minion. No facts, no information and no idea what Harper stands for. He even ducked a couple of opportunities during the campaign to answer questions. He has already been muzzled. He will be useless.

    But I agree, dear anonymous, it will be four long years.

  3. AnonymousMay 22, 2011

    love it!


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