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May 22, 2011

Living in Harperland with Ezra Levant ~ NeoCons Defunding Democracy

Ezra Levant thinks or at least says that since James Moore, CPC MP and Harperland Minister in charge over at the Harperland Heritage Department sponsors what he considers to be really bad punk bands, that the CBC should therefore be defunded? A very round-about and subliminal message from a man who claims to defend Free speech, don'tcha think?

But of course, being Ezra, a Rovian and a somewhat stressed-out Straussian at heart, he (pretends?) to assail Harper and bad punk music and turns it all, oddly enough, into a twisted plea to shut down our public broadcaster.

It brilliantly weaves into the mix, the doubtful role of cultural funding in Harperland the presumption of his being an expert in things musical, gets in a lick or two at a government that he is known to support, (for balance?) and attacks the only public media in the country. A CBC which needs, in my opinion a lot less Government meddling.  The media IMO needs to be separate from both religion and state. We need the Canadian Broadcasting Company to be more independent and under much less mean spirited Right winged political pressure.

The Harper government has a four year 40% mandate, but the CBC has in the mind of Canadians, a much longer 65% mandate. It really is our last line of defence. It needs to be there and be independent and unintimidated when the Next Election, or even the next Harper vs. Harperland or vise versa court case comes up. And they will come up. But will they come up before he softens the judiciary? Let's hope.

Harper has been implicated in some very serious stuff, at some point the courts are bound to somehow deny a final appeal eventually. A lot of Canadians are not aware of just how much of Harper's future is now in the hands of the courts. We need independent media, and free social media so that those of us who get this stuff, are able to share it. I say share it freely.

He makes no mention of the role of such fine institutions as the SUN though. Besides it is an entirely private enterprise which just happens to have a new competing (AS IF) news service of it's own. It is a bargain at half the price and generally well worth the ?? 25 cents ?? that a hard-copy is going for on weekdays here in Harperland.
" Stephen Harper says he needs to find $4 billion to cut to meet his campaign platform.
Where should he start? Transfers to hospitals and schools? Equipment for our soldiers in danger?
No. He should privatize the CBC and let Living With Lions busk for a living.
It’s not even a question of taste or art. It’s about whether something that calls itself a Conservative government can continue to fund a state broadcaster and have bigoted punk bands on the public dime."
I really wanted to comment there but the defender of Free speech himself writes a SUN blog that does ^NOT allow comments. It is sad really! Come on SUN open it up!

I await a reply. If you are an Ezra fan let him and the editors over there know that we are waiting over here.

Love the logic Ezra. Living with lions sucks (that much is true enough but just for kicks let me add that they received a Whopping one one hundred thousandth of the cost of the G20) so let's Scrap the CBC. And the way you worked the word 'bigoted' in there was awesome. You are such a pro.

At least you got the part about the band being bad right.  But that is ^NOT your call. Nor is it mine.

"Living with Lions"

Canada's Neo-Cons ~ Defunding Democracy, one Public Broadcaster at a time.

Ezra says he has Flavourful Opinions. You'll have to decide exactly what flavour that is. I couldn't possibly comment.

For information on the effort to support and Defend, instead of attacking and De-funding the CBC, contact:

FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting ~ an independent watchdog for Canadian programming which is not affiliated with any broadcaster or political party.

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  1. AnonymousMay 23, 2011

    Ezra has, of course, never let the truth get in the way of a good frothy rant. The organization he bitterly complains about, FACTOR, is actually funded almost entirely by the private recording industry, not government. Heritage Canada administers the fund as an arms length third party. Putting the HC label on the work is a requirement, not a badge of honour.

    Like many successful neo-cons, Ezra has embraced the Frank Luntz school of rhetoric used so successfully in the Republican Party for the last 15 years. If you don't know the truth, or don't want to tell people the truth, make something up, speak in an angry, self righteous voice, and repeat often. The more it is repeated the sooner it becomes the frame to defend against, thus giving it strength and credence. Tim Hudak is doing that right now with his hydro rant in Ontario.

  2. HEY
    Don't go bashing punkrock


  3. Thanks John, I was not as aware of Frank Luntz as I should have been, obviously. I will do a little research now. Thanks for the shout out. It is nice to be heard, and to hear your input.

  4. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    what's the deal with saying living with lions sucks? if you understand that music is a subjective experience, leave it out of your blog. if you don't like the music, keep your mouth shut. that shit is hurtful

  5. What's the Deal with you saying that I said: " "Living With Lions" suck? "

    I said: " At least you got the part about the band being bad right. But that is ^NOT your call. Nor is it mine."

    I listened to only one song, and I opted not to listen to all of it, and made it quite clear that I am not in a position to make that call. And yes that one song at least was pretty bad, but it like all has an audience, apparently.

    I also made it quite clear that this blog, nor the situation that provoked it was in any way about music. I am guessing that you are 'getting' that and that I am not about to shut up.


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