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May 18, 2011

Ugly Rumour Says: John Baird ~ Minister of Foreign Affairs ~ What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Canada Will be Very Serious about Foreign Affairs!
So, how is this Playing out half a day before the real announcement and the swearing in of Harperland's first Cabinet? It hit the MSM just before midnight and after they have stopped thinking for the Night. That gives us the morning at least to prepare for it.

Harper never could keep a Secret, unless it was something we really needed to know. Then you couldn't pry it out of him, and of course this is ^NOT something I nedd to or wanted to hear. You see, I have John Baird and his; bluster, nerve and annoyingly corny acting-style front and center in my mind whenever I consider the act of contempt. He was afterall, front and center and was the real face of the Contempt of Parliament. He is not alone there though, as you know already if you are a regular reader. And let's not forget all the good stuff he did as the Minister of the Environment. As if! He was pathetic in Environment.

You read my headline, now what is the Mainstream Media saying. What are their headlines? You may notice that there is Not much editorializing in their headlines, except for the obviously sarcastic use of the word 'stable' by the Globe and Mail.?

The Globe and Mail says:  ~"Baird Vaults into Foreign Affairs in New, 'Stable' Harper Cabinet"~

CTV.ca says: ~ "John Baird to be New Foreign Affairs Minister" ~

CBC.ca says ~ "Baird to Get Foreign Affairs Shuffle" ~


Personally, John has always reminded me of this Guy!  And I definitely don't mean the Fox!

Baird is definitely the Duck! Big, loud and everything just rolls of his back. Kinda like his Boss. He will make the High seas an interesting if not a much more dangerous place. There will be much flotsam in his wake.This is going to be interesting, to say the least.

He will need to be replaced as House Leader though and that leaves us to speculate on who exactly can replace the pitbull that is John. But no eed to worry at all.  I'll bet that it won't take them long to teach a new Dog the Old tricks. They do have a book and it includes a script for the job of Barker of the House. These guys are pros, lol!

Now Let's all think about the ramifications of having this 'bull in a china shop' in charge of Canada's reputation in the world, as we choke down a glass or two of "Baby Duck" in John's honour. Afterall, opening  a bottle of the good stuff would be a bit over the top. The nice thing is you won't even need that corkscrew either. Baby Duck is not a  particularly sophisticated wine. In this case though, it fits like a glove.

This is going, to be interesting. I suspect, for starters, that he will find the International press has ^NOT got that "bought and paid for" attitude that they so strangely seem to have here in Canada.  

We still have a few hours before the swearing in, so I am going to go practice my swearing. I have a feeling that I am going to need those words more often than ever. And I though Cannon was worth watching.  Stick around. Take some notes. This will be a real dog's breakfast. Mark my words!

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