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March 14, 2011

"The Harper Photo Opportunity Dilema" or "Men, Both Dim & Dimmer"

First Things First ~ This Blog is ^NOT  About Science! It is about a Governement so bent on self promtion that they keep getting it wrong. This is but one sad chapter in their story. Let's start with some background.
Stephen Harper speaks at St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School March 11th 2011 in Guelph Ontario.
As usual his handlers have chosen to use human props. You can see some them
 standing quietly in the background as PM Harper delivers a long speech.
As per usual he (the propagandist) has water they (the props) do not.
This set up for a photo opportunity may look familiar to some of you as this is standard procedure for any right wing Government worth it's Rovian label. The little people as they are called can generally be counted on to stand in the glare of television lights for quite a long time without incident. That is not always the case:

This video is from September 2010 and shows how concerned a man Harper can be when youth are at stake.

What a trooper that Harper is. He hesitates, looks back only after being told some several seconds later that a child has fainted and without so much as an ""Are you OK?",  drinks his water and starts right back into his Boring and Somnambulatory monotone.

When this man speaks he just does not seem to be aware of anything around him, and why would he? In his mind, he is the very Center of Canadian Existence. He is, after all Stephen Harper. Besides, he has to concentrate as  he is usually reading his responses, often from a very sophisticated computerized teleprompter.

That not withstanding, he took a lot of heat for this first inciden, mostly in the social media but was not able to spin it successfully in the Main Stream Media and the video was viewed many thousands of times. He made no apology about it at all. He is just too busy a man to be worried about some kid. But that was then and this is now!

Again last week, his handlers rounded up some school kids to serve as human props while he spoke. This time at St. Ignatius of Loyola, a Catholic School in Guelph. And again, no water for the props, just water for the propagandist. (A short mainstream media version)

Here is a much poorer BUT FUNNIER amateur version which goes on a lot longer and seems to have vastly amused the cameraman. He and a friend can be heard roaring with laughter, at first at the fainter, but soon it becomes apparent that his laughter is due to Harper's automatonic continuance of the speech which of course he was droning out in his famous subdued style.

It, I guess, was shot from a monitor, and that is a good thing because I can not seem to find that longer version anywhere, only the shorter edited version. If he had shot it live he would never have managed to get past Harper's highly efficient small army of handlers! Lucky for us he took the time to capture the longer shot or we would not know just how long this man can fail to know what goes on around him.

So, what do you do after such a huge failure to seem quite human in front of the world?  Enter Dimitri Soudas, Harper's PMO twittering spokesperson. Although details of the timing of this are not yet available to me, I am looking for information that would shed some light on what exactly happened in the time between the end of the speech and the taking of picture that he released on Twitter. At any rate Dimitri Tweeted a picture of Mr. Harper and the child who had fainted lying side by side on the floor, Harper looking every bit like a father and mentor. Or at least that is, I think, Dimitri's spin on the story. Frankly I just find it sad that they would go to such lengths to disprove Harper's obvious lack of normal human connectedness.

Dimitri's Tweet: Complete with Right Wing Spin:

The link leads here and you can comment on the picture of our PM laying on a floor next to a student. Oddly Dimitri used the word 'lies'.A fraudian slip? It depends on whether you believe that this was done to sooth the child, or to cover Harper's absolute failure to see past his own nose.

The Photograph: Complete with Left Wing Spin:
Oh, come on, one of the commenter asked when their would be a caption Contest! I thought a short story might be in order!
"Stephen Harper Misreads St.Ignatius Tee-Shirt and Performs Emergency Exorcism"

Still faint from the shock, the Prime minister was lead away repeatedly muttering to himself: "But I was sure it read St. Ignatieff!"

Apparently it had triggered in the overworked mind of Mr. Harper, memories of a recurring nightmare that he has been having since he was a mail room clerk 2nd class, for Imperial Oil in Calgary,the one job that he is still considered adept at. It consisted of delivering weekly huge paychecks to Imperial Oil Executives, an activity that he still considers a hobby.

It is well documented that Mr' Harper has always held chronic delusions about his primary Opponent for years and still insists on telling his distorted views of Mr. Ignatieff. He has even gone so far as to divert Millions upon Millions of taxpayers dollars to purchase advertising on a continental scale to tell repeated lies about Mr. Ignatieff's origin, his experience, and his motives.

The boy, it turns out, was fine, having fainted after having to pretend to listen to a longer than necessary speech by the minority leader, while standing under huge lights, knowing that he was going to be seen all across Canada. That is a lot of pressure on the average teen-aged boy. This is not his fault, he is just a victim of the relentless need for propaganda to drive the Harper Myth. As usual only the prime minister gets water during these speeches, and this is not the first time that this has happened to one of Mr. Harper's young human props. It is time to stop this practice.
No such assurances have been made about the Condition of the Prime Minister. However he is still understandably, under observation.
What bothers me most about the story is that it is supremely superficial. Harper's huge Party Machine spends massive amounts of his flock's huge fortune on these events. I guess they have a contingency plan for the inevitable fainting. They handled the last one so poorly, and they now know that 14 year olds cannot stand long in stage lights lights and listen to dull men talk, so they have a plan which is the real plan, in essence. "The Hero Photo Opportunity". Enter Dimitri Soudas to get the word and the spin, out to the masses.                      

Clockwork Strange and the Wizard of Odd!
I am adding a video that was sent along by a commenter below, Nadine Lumley, who shares a growing distaste for the Current vacuous dolt at the Helm. Here, he disappoints a whole town and leaves a child crying!
Stephen Harper ~ Blowing through a Town Near You!

("Get Over it kid, he is ^NOT such a great man")
It is quoted widely that his security bill is something like $47,000,000.oo a year. We know that because it is our money, although he makes getting this information difficult. Some of his huge entourage are paid by the party. That means that wherever he goes, with this huge entourage, properly trained medics and such are bound to be available. There was no need for Harper to intervene.

The Story of his diving in to comfort this child follows almost exactly the now famous plot-line of last summer's odd political theatre involving Tony Clement. Tony tweeted about the big rescue that he arrived late to, because he stupidly took the long way there, and even though it was not him who saved the mysterious woman, made himself out to be a hero!

Having this picture out over the net, knowing that that huge machine is getting it out to their base means that we have to get it out to ours as well.

We, as private citizens, end up having to compete with these huge amounts of cash that Harper's little gig as minority leader generates. I can imagine the elderly who have seen this 'Oh, so Cute Picture' opening up their chequebooks, even as I type this! That is why we need to work so hard to counter the spin from the most powerful and deceptive Prime Minister's Offices this country has ever seen.                 

Oh well carry on, eh?


  1. This is just another one of Harper's numerous staged photo opportunities, or "photo ops", to convey a positive image of this manipulative, autocratic leader. This scene had to be contrived as he is not "warm and friendly" nor is he approachable. Harper is in fact, a calculating, power driven, narcissistic, self serving, elitist. Harper couldn't care less about the average person as he purports to, but he certainly defends the interests of the elite and special interest groups in our country.
    Don't succumb to his charades, take advice form the wise...voter beware!

  2. I love how Ig lets people ask him questions and then how he answers them without gazing transfized into a teleprompter. If a teleprompter broke while Ig was talking, you wouldn’t see him freeze like some people I won’t mention (hint, it was Harper).

    And the contrast: an example of stunt casting in HarperLand.

    Stephen Harper makes children cry in Welland

    CHCH News 6pm Jan. 7, 2010

  3. The day a child almost made Harper cry

    Everywhere [Stephen] Harper went, the big box went with him. Inside were the two stand-up clear panels that reflected the text of the speech being scrolled on the two back-and-white monitors below. Also in the box was the clear plastic podium that travelled to every event, along with the snap-in plastic side panels for the water glass....

    ...At a late-campaign event in Burlington [the lead-up to the January 2006 election], the crowd of five hundred was kept waiting twenty minutes while campaign workers scrambled to get the box to the front of the room, the podium rushed together, and the cabling in place before Harper was waved in. It was a particularly crucial rally, featuring a feeble but feisty Bill Davis, longtime former PC premier of Ontario, who was there to make Harper look less scary...

    Part of the messaging that night involved the use of children, several of whom sat on the carpeted hotel riser at Harper's feet while he spoke. Directly in front of me, one of them insisted on banging her feet back and forth during the talk, until she succeeded in disconnecting the coaxial cable connecting the two monitors feeding the plastic display panels.

    The TelePrompter went black, unknown to the techies who could not see it from their vantage point. Harper stuttered an imperceptible amount, and continued his stump speech--already delivered countless times--looking down now at the printed text placed in the three-ring binder before him on the podium. Laureen Harper was next to me. I could sense her growing panic, staring over her husband's shoulder into the darkness where the words should have been. She started looking around discretely for help, but none was near...

    [I]t was not going well. Rivulets of sweat has started to appear on the back of the leader's neck, darkening the top of his blue shirt collar. He miscued a joke about Davis, because it was new material and required looking down. Laureen grimaced a little through a smile. The two of them were completely in sync, feeling the stress, aching over the words yet to come, trying to get through an event that should have been routine, unremarkable, forgettable...

    Harper made the decision to dump a bunch of pages, cut his losses, and get out. ..The media took no notice, having tuned out when the speech started. Instead those few reporters who still had to file tonight were trying to find something new in this suburban crowd to report on. That ended up being Davis, former icon of moderation, who found himself in a scrum, while Laureen was handing her husband a tissue. [Sheeple, 38-39]


  4. you have no idea what your talking about!!!!!
    There was a reason why he was St. ignatius.. you weren't there so you have no idea!!!!!!

    get your facts straight!!!!!

  5. It is Always nice to hear from an anonymous commenter with a bone to pick. It might be useful if you were able to edit that and translate it into something that at least makes sense. Where you there? I would love to hear from you if you were.

    Possibly you could explain how Harper's handlers thought that this was what was needed. It is obvious to anyone who has their facts straight that this was just another sleazy photo-op by a Prime Minister without a plan for Canada.

  6. I just received another Anonymous comment from someone claiming that they were there and That I was Not and that Harper was helpful, Blah blah Blah and that they were angry.

    Again, people. Anonymous Comments are useless. I now regret publishing the first one above. Anyone could have copied that style depicting an uneducated, angry ordinary Canadian, clueless about punctuation. I have no intention of publishing it. It contained no details anyway!

    And I have no intention of letting Stephen Harper off the hook for this based on the rantings of an anonymous commenter.

    As I write this, Harper is into Day 5 of the Campaign (although it is Day 1500 or so for him as he Just Never Stops)and so far He has done (IMO)nothing but tell lies. He lied about the 2004 letter that he wrote to the Governor General. He lied about the circumstances of the 2008 Liberal/ NDP agreement. He lies about the Opposition intentions. This pompous Ass Must be stopped. Even the Anonymous person who wrote me should know that.

    Dump Harper! Everything that the left is about him is true and accurate. He is a very dangerous Leader and is leading us in a direction that we simply must not take!

  7. Dude, I wouldn't attach yourself to Nadine Lumley if I were you. She's one fucked up bint.

  8. I can completely vouch for Nadine Lumley, SHE ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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