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March 31, 2011

Ignatieff ~ To Harper's Character Assasination Attempt!

A Measured Response
From the Canadian
on Whom
Stephen Harper
 Wasted Million$ of Dollars
in a CONtemptable Attempt to Ruin!

I like This!

My Mom will like this!

My Daughter will like this.
My Nieces will like this.
My Nephews will like this.
My Friends will like this!

Dimitri Soudas will ^NOT like this!
Jenni Byrne will hate this.
John Baird will loath this.
Pierre Poilievre will smirk at this.
Jaime Watt will sneer at this.
Evan Solomon will giggle over this.
Vic Toews will feel like a victim!

This will make Harper Shudder!

And All of this!
Absolutely All of it!
Will help make Me like this Even More!

The Time Has Come Canada, The Time Has Come!

Please Comment if You like This!


  1. This is the first time I am seeing this ad. Thank you. Ig was delightful ;)


    His appearance was only to provide talking points for the right-wing noise machine. And our waitress didn't disappoint. Her parting shot to the misguided couple - "I know. And what's he going to do if he doesn't win .... go back to Harvard?"

    What does that mean exactly? The fact that Michael Ignatieff has an opportunity to return to teaching at Harvard, is a bad thing? And why not Oxford or Cambridge, where he also taught?

    And what will Stephen Harper do if he loses, or fails to get a majority? Go back to the corporate sponsored Astro-Turf National Citizens Coalition? If your best argument is that the leader of the official opposition may return to teaching at Ivy League universities, then it's time to rethink your arguments.


  2. This is the best ad yet. I am sick of attack ads, and I believe the rest of Canada is too. Let's raise the bar.Let's insist that our politicians maintain ethical and moral standard that are universally accepted.

  3. Andy BiancoApril 01, 2011

    This is a positive election advertisement and a stark contrast to the negative attack ads produced and endorsed by the Conservative Party of Canada (AKA Cons). Mr Ignatieff makes a valid point by stating that approximately 2,000,000 Canadians work outside Canada and that does NOT make them any less Canadian. I believe that if more voters are exposed to this message, they will re-think any negative impressions of Michael Ignatieff that were created by the Conservative Party's smear campaign and focus more on the issues and facts. That's the way an election campaign should be run!


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