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March 16, 2011


This it it folks! The Gloves are OFF!

This is a burning Bridge!

No Governement of Canada has ever been Officially designated as in Contempt of parliament. Will the self-proclaimed, "Harper Government" be the First? It is becoming a distict possibility! If the demenor of the Governments' Ministers, so-far Toews and Nicholson who appeared before Committe today does not improve, by this Friday We should know for sure. That is of course only if those on on the Committee do ^NOT lose their patience before then!


Procedure and House Affairs (March 16, 2011)

MPs discuss a question of privilege on the government’s failure to disclose cost estimates for its corporate tax cuts and crime bills. The House of Commons Finance committee had requested the documents last November, but the Conservatives cited cabinet confidence and refused to provide the information.

The Chair Joe Preston

House Speaker Peter Milliken has ruled that the government likely breached parliamentary privilege by refusing to release all the cost details.
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As a self-proclaimed (future) 'Hockey Writer" Stephen Harper understands that sometimes a real man just has to Drop the Gloves.

Even Don Cherry knows that much!

Now for something Completely different! New Liberal ad. Hey they even tell ya who is paying for it. That's cool!

More later! ~ It is going to be a real Ride! ~ Don't be a stranger!


  1. Welcome Back Kim...worth the wait

  2. Thanks Barb. It's Always nice when you drop in. Do you like the new format?

    This looks like the Big one! The MSM is starting to get it! Please share it Barb.

    p.s. Time is short. (Just like Flaherty and Oda, whom I swear are both shrinking!)


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