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March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Go Away! ~ Stephen Harper!

So, Which bag is the money in?
You Can't Budge a Fudge-it
If he wants to Fudge a Budget.
You can't fool with Flatteries,
A man who runs on Batteries.

It really doesn't matter he
Will say things odd and scattery
And get all pitter pattery,
Yell his name, and scoot away!

In spite of his Mad hattery,
and the fact that he's quite chattery,
He still can't tell a number
from a Rock!

Hopefully, the Big Poll will be held May 2nd.
That's Perfect! That will keep Mr. Harper home in Canada, (Missing a Royal Wedding, ewww Boner!) for his whateverith? birthday on Saturday the 30th of April while he sweats out a looming Monday election after a very difficult campaign in which he was pitted against a man with a beautiful mind and a better, smarter plan.

What is Contempt? Well, that nice Mr. Harper never even stopped in the Foyer to talk to any of us lowly citizens after the budget. He doesn't care enough about any of us to deign to ever seem like he is one of us, so I have no vested interest in his Birthday.
I just don't want him around to "MC" the Big gig on July the First! That is every Canadian's Birthday!

Click on Pic to see detail!
*If you are a intending to send him a gift in spite of his Contempt for Canadians, please consider making it a 'GO AWAY' present and make it small enough to fit in this Bit of specially designed 'Birthday/GoAway' wrapping paper. Just steal the picture, it's nine by nine and perfect for dollar store items!
Bring it on!
Jim Flaherty, As I type this: (loudly at a podium in the Foyer of the House of Commons) to Peter Mansbridge: "No one has said to me that they want an election" I guess Jim never opens his mail or his inbox. He is spreading the fear very thickly, Insecurity, Fragile, ... He is saying protect, certainty and stability....." I've Heard all of that, before.

 Mr. Flaherty it is too late. If you lose the helm,
we will all get to see the actual Numbers.
And like I said above buddy,
You have a lot to learn about Numbers.

Now, Let's have a look at those books.


  1. excellent doggerel Kim!
    Although if the Libs and the Dippers are smart they'll call contempt vote the PM down then go to the GG and switch the government. "But Stevie, you SAID no one wanted an election."

  2. Beauty!! Just like the last one!, Keep 'er up, and BRING IT ON!!! :D

  3. He's a four foot f**k all.

    Flapperty is vertically and mentally challenged.

    Lying Jim Flarhety is also financially challenged. Wherever Lying Jim goes a huge deficit is sure to follow.

    A Finance Minister who can't add and a Prime Minister who can only divide! Sigh!




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