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November 18, 2011

Pat Martin Tweets it as He Sees It! ~ And No Effing Apology Is Needed

This post contains some "Industrial Language."

Just as the Conservative Party has done on eight other occasions including their ridiculous Omnibus Crime Bill, since they became a 'Split-Vote Majority', they have stated recently that they would also seek Closure on the Budget. No more discussion,  just push it through as quietly as possible. These guys like their stealth. There is no doubt that this Closure will happen, and that all debate will stop, in spite of the huge flaws in everything this government authors,  the time for sober thought is over. Or so said the government.

"The best laid plans of mice and men
ofttimes go astray"
It all seemed to be going along so well, just as the prime minister had hoped. But any thoughts that the PMO had that the issue of these repeated and so obviously undemocratic forced closures would escape the somewhat myopic Canadian main-stream-media were suddenly dashed on the evening of November 16th 2011. That was when Pat Martin decided to 'tweet' to the world, or at least to his relatively few followers on Twitter,  (at that point he had only about a thousand) and in his usual raw and passionate style, he said exactly what was on his mind.

Upon a quick reading of that tweet it is not so very hard to sense that he was 'somewhat frustrated' with the way that our long and proud democracy is relentlessly being attacked in the frightening new and still unfolding 'Harper Land.'

When asked repeatedly if he intended to apologise he simply said "No."

He stated very succinctly that he had no intention of retracting any of it. Apparently, unlike the prime minister, Pat Martin knows that it is wrong to make apologies that would not be heartfelt expressions of contrition. Good for You, Mr. Martin, good for You!

And what has become of all this in the first 24 hours?

8:00 pm Thursday
  Well, for starters, Pat's Facebook profile has been getting a lot of friend requests, his Facebook page has been collecting a lot of 'likes', both have been getting a lot of traffic as has his Twitter account. It is gaining followers by the hundreds. I took a screen shot at 8 pm. and another a few moments ago, which is only about 6 hours apart. As you can, see the number of his followers has grown by over 1400 in that short time.

2:00 am Friday
 And of course, it was a trending topic on Twitter in Canada, if only for about 18 hours or so. That may make Canadians seem somewhat fickle, but nothing changes quite as fast as Twitter's trending topics.

To see real-time stats on Pat Martin's Twitter feed, to see what the fuss is about, or to Follow him Click HERE

The (twitter) exchange was monitored by Martin's (at time of publishing) 1,600 followers and caused a stir throughout the Twitterverse. Martin told the Free Press (Winnipeg) this morning he was surprised by the uproar and admitted he'd had "hundreds" of calls since the tweet last night. "I can't believe that," he said.

He also said that most of the comments he is getting from his own caucus colleagues are supportive because they too are so frustrated by the repeated closure of debate by this government.

It (closure ~ttsm) has happened numerous times this fall including on the omnibus crime bill and the bill to eliminate the monopoly of the Canadian Wheat Board. (And I will add my compliments here to Pat for being the Opposition's most effective speaker on that subject. ~ ttsm)

"It (the original tweet) happened while I was voting. I was looking across at them and thinking they don't even know the damage that they've done," he said of the Conservative MPs. "It took the Liberals 13 years to get this arrogant." (it has taken the Harper Government only 6 months~ ttsm)
Interim NDP Leader, Nycole Turmel is not asking Martin to apologize though she doesn’t agree with his words. "His language was not appropriate and could have been offensive to some. That said, the Conservatives' actions are not appropriate in a democracy and offensive to all Canadians."
Martin is known to be one of the most colourful MPs in the House of Commons and has come under fire numerous times for his comments. "
He also said that it was "industrial language" and that having come from a background of  construction work, he knew that it was the way many Canadians talk. He also pointed out that the word (fuck) was in fact in the dictionary, which of course it is, and that he felt no apology of any kind was necessary.
Go Pat Go!
I agree Pat, there is no need to apologize, and certainly not to me. I cannot imagine having to work so near the prime minister, or any of his raucous caucus, on a daily basis and not wanting to lash out at the mind-numbing idiocy and ideology that has overtaken this once rather civilized country. The time for passively taking Mr. Harper at face value has long since passed. It is time to stand up to this bully once and for all. It is time to expose his every shortcoming. It is time to see him as he really is, and if one has to be that rude to get the attention of  the press, then so be it. I say: Bring it on.
Personally, I just wish that the Corporate owned Media would finally clue in to the fact that all is ^NOT well in Harper Land. They need to understand that the cumulative effect of such a dismal leader's presence among us ( or rather, above us) is more important than their constantly myopic 24 hour news cycle. They really do not seem to 'get' that history is a continuum, that one thing builds on another and that there is a responsibility on their part to see each day in the context of  those days, weeks and years that came before it.

Hell, I am still fuming over the "Income trust scandal", The "In and Out Scheme" and all those other 1200 or more issues that have arisen since Mr. Stephen Joseph Harper has come onto the Canadian political scene.

The real story in Canada  remains the Harper Government's very well documented contempt and ignorance of our parliamentary process. That is the story that needs to be told.

That may or may not happen. But it certainly begs the same old question:

What does it take to wake up a Country when their own so-called main stream media sleeps so soundly, as their own Democracy is under such a threat?

It reminds me of some sedentary and yet,
    very well-paid Rip Van Winkle.


             ~ With sincere apologies to Pinky. ~
      ~ The Brain, I'm afraid, is entirely on his Own ~


  1. Hi Kim,
    I hear ya. Not sure if you caught it, but even Nycole Turmel can't stand behind her own MP. Go over to my place where I have posted on that very subject for more details. Shows exactly how weak a leader Turmel is. I don't see Brian Topp doing much better.

    But you know, perhaps corporate media types all diving collectively for their fainting couches was a blessing in disguise, otherwise, we may never have found out that ol' Stevie Spiteful was trying to ram through something as important as a budget without debate. It might've even gone under our noses, in fact. It's something to think about. Perhaps we owe Pat Martin more than we think for his F-bomb.

  2. What a pleasure to read this so early in the morning, great blog! Nothing like dropping the F Bomb and getting recognized for it, why didn' tI think of that. lol

    What the fuck is up with out media?


  3. Yes the media is definitely asleep at the wheel these days. Thats why WE all need to become our own media! So hats off to you my friend, I appreciated all your blogs so much. I think the moral of this story is the backwards insanity that an MP (who I was previously unaware of and now I am a fan of) tweets the word fuck and causes a stir (even if it was positive overall) yet..... our government ruling with an iron fist and doing crippling damage to our country seems to hardly get a double take. I guess Harper's strategy is to bombard us so fast with his agenda that we just can't keep up.... and so most give up. Anyhow, power to the people xox

  4. The Media is not asleep at the wheel. The media is doing what the 1% tells them to. Do you think for a nanosecond that Pierre Karl objects to closure on the Omnibus Bill? Or the execs at Bell Canada would question the desire to tighten the belt on middle class Canada? Hah!

  5. The media seems to be a tool for the sole use of the Con's in this country.They seem to indulge themselves in pro-Conservative propaganda while sticking it to anyone who speaks ill of the hand that feeds them.When was the last time the media were heard to bombard any Conservative lacky to make an apology for a misspeak or improper parliametary misconduct?MMmmm? I thought you would be silent.(you=reader's)Not bloody F****** unbiased are they! Pat Martin simply uttered the sentiments of all Canadian's in the know!

  6. I agree Scanner, that they are not actually asleep. But, I guess I could have made it more clear that according to the story of "Rip Van Winkle", he was actually Drunk for 20 years on a bottle of booze given him by strangers!

    It is the public that I wish to awake. The media is owned, did I not say that? I must have said that. I have certainly said it before.

    And again Yes. We both know that PĂ©ladeau is aware of who exactly owns him.

    And we all know that Bell Canada is always in the process of tighteniing middle class belts. If they resented the government doing it would only be that they do not welcome the competition. lol!

    Thanks for the thoughtful input.

  7. Anonymous said...
    "The media seems to be a tool for the sole use of the Con's in this country......"

    Absolutely! xoxox

    Just Drag and drop this URL into your browser, or look for it in the archives (>October) above. It is my video rendition idea of media wide awake. "If Only the Canadian MSM could actually speak."



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