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November 29, 2011

CBC Under Seige ~ SUNTV and the Attack of the Neo-Clones!

CBC would lose $532-million annually if forced to give up advertising, loss would have devastating impact on Canadian television production industry, says groundbreaking report
The Hill Times just let me in on a bit of tyranny. Are they complicit in it? No, but they did not provide any time for a rebuttal there, either. They have no comment section. Like most of the puppet Media they are a monologue. It reminds me of the style of communication most favoured by 'dear leader'.

Mr. Harper,
have you got a minute?
No! Not really!
So, do they really want our state broadcaster to give up advertising? Not really. Just having some fun at CBC's expense? Not really. But how is this really dumb bit of tangential thinking relevent? It is Not. Not really. Is there a TV network in the world that would be able to survive without advertising? NO, not really. Not without a government that was accountable enough to allow that. Are they offering to make up the shortfall?  Hell NO!

Bob Dylan once said: "You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows" And you do not need a study to know this. Would any man on Earth not die if he stopped breathing? I don't know, let's commission a study. All we need is every man on Earth ........ and a very strong mandate.

homer-choking-bart-funny-animated-gifSo, if this is not a "groundbreaking study" as the possible dullard above suggested, what on Earth could it mean? Is it a threat?  Not really. Is it a chance to broach the subject and get us used to the idea that the CBC is our enemy, and not just the enemy of ever tightening Government control? That may be closer to the truth. I mean seriously, who is even suggesting this? And for what purpose?

Or, like my grandmother would have said: WTF?

The Canadian
Ass. of
Parliamentary Prorogers

The bright side! If that means that the government foots the bill as it is intended to do, and releases CBC from the necessity of advertising, that might just be OK. At least it would mean that we could watch our state TV and would see no more CAPP ads, no more 'Drugs are the road to hell' ads, No more Character assinating attack ads, No more self promoting Stimulus ads, no more 'Give us your young' Military ads, no more Federal government propaganda in bright Canadian Blue. If that were the case I am willing to consider it! That is not what is going on here.

There are already real rumblings that the Harper government is thinking about severely cutting the CBC's funding and now this nonesense? This contrived and stupid mocked up scenario about how they would die if suddenly the government were to stop allowing them to compete for advertising revenues? Is anyone really saying this? And they call themselves a 'government with a mandate' and claim to be protectors of democracy?

These men are idiots. But lately it seems that they are everywhere. Is there nowhere in this Country where a man can get some rest? Sorry, but as I was typing that, history was being re-written in HarperLand. They just now voted down the Canadian Wheat Board! Canada as breadbasket to the world is no more.  I can almost hear Pat Martin uttering the Eff Word!

From the article:
" The study was released Monday after nearly two months of Conservative pressure against the CBC in Parliament, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) Parliamentary Secretary, Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro (Peterborough, Ont.). The CBC has also been under assault from Quebecor Inc., the private-sector media giant in Quebec.

The study warned that without ad revenues, CBC would likely eventually reach a “tipping point” where it would be unable to meet its mandate under the Broadcasting Act. "
Hey? George Stroumboulopoulos? Is there a more modern Chapter being written for "Love Hate and Propaganda"?  It seems that it is also being written as we speak.

This article is pure propaganda in it's worst form. The writer acts as if this is all just business as usual, and that if he writes 'matter of factly' enough, we will mistake it as reality. Some, I suspect will do exactly that. But the fact remains that attacking a state broadcaster, is a very necessary tactic in any fascist state.
See how Harper stacks up!

There is still time before he
prorogues for Christmas
to wish Humpty Harper
a Great Fall
Attempting to limit the scope of, or any attempts to limit the content of the CBC is an overt attempt to control the fifth estate and it must be seen as a precursor to total control. It would also represent the Corporate rape of a government subsidized institution that does seriously good work, especially in the remote rural districts (although the loss of analogue signal has left countless rural dwellers with no access to TV of any kind) by the very government that is supposed to be protecting it.

The Conservatives (and the Republicans in the USA) have long been mis-representing the bias in the media, and although the media is mostly scared to death of them they claim that the press can not be trusted. At least a handful of Canadian journalists occasionally stand up and give us the goods on that conservative spin. It should happen more often.

At the 2:22 mark Harper Clearly says: "I don't think the public cares" and he repeats it!

And like I have mentioned before, Stephen Harper claims to be a human and real studies prove that humans are unsustainable when they have their air supply cut off. And since he breathes propaganda and needs to control all things, he will not overlook the state broadcaster. It would be untrue to even pretend that that is not the case. No folks, he breathes control. And now he has the added bonus of a warm glow from the ever shining SUNTV.

A Plea to Save the CBC
In the real world, Homer would have done Bart in long ago. And that is not a threat, it is another example of the kind of propaganda that we have above. They are subliminally trying to get us all used to the idea that it will all be OK and that the Government would be justified in choking the life out of the State Broadcaster.

And again, history says that Stalin would approve. And according to some, Russian state media has never recovered from his control. The Russian media is still protecting him. But he went well beyond threats. Will Harper?

And one more time, to the Hill Times, who's article has no comment board: This is not a real study. If it were it would not contain the word 'IF' 5 times in only seven paragraphs. It is a study in propaganda. (Notice how I keep repeating that word?) I 'get' Propaganda!

p.s. Dean Del Mastro.... shudddder!
It seems
you just keep
helping me write my blog!

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