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November 25, 2011

A Fly-by in the Ointment ~ A Royal Pain in The Assembly

"When I get through with Canada,
you won't recognize it"
~ Stephen Harper ~ April 27, 2006

Updated Content Dec 10, 2011:
"Canada Libya Mission Party Rings Up $850,000 In Parliament Hill Celebration" ~Huffington Post Canada"
Congratulations dear leader: Your sadistic and machiavellian wish has finally come true. I no longer recognize this country. I was born a proud Canadian. I am now, against my will, a not-so-proud Harper Lander.
But enough of our 'dear leader'. If you, 'dear readers'  have read any of this blog in the past, you will already know that I have been warning all who would listen that "Harper's Hidden Agenda", not only exists, but that it was and is right on schedule. It sure as hell is ^NOT hidden now. It stands out in bold relief, like lego hair, or the smirk of a dullard who finds himself finally in charge of the remote control.

Harper Land, the newest (at only 207 days of age) of almost 200 countries on the planet, is already a growingly depressing and repressive place to live, and every day I find it harder to breath, And every day I find it harder to find that national pride that our 'dear leader' so often aims to instill in us.

The Ideologically driven and perfectly contrived and newfound importance of militarism and the way in which he is determined to desensitise us and enure us to absurdity, is in itself absurd. But it seems to be working. For several weeks now, needless rumblings of war with Syria have been growing. They are also chomping at the bit to get on with helping the Americans make a case for war against Iran. And mindblowingly, it is under the guise of their enemy attempting to build nuclear weapons. Yes folks, weapons of mass destruction. These Neo-con types will  try anything twice. 

Harper Land, With rising unemployment, exploding welfare rolls, recently exposed ministerial corruption, repressive crime bills, loss of rights, suppression of dissent, attacks on unions, frivilous court cases, a tightening grip on all government institutions, the leader's obsessive and insatiable need to solidify all of Harper Land's political power into the hands of the Propaganda and Misinformation Office or PMO, and the Harper government's guilty plea (and pathetically small fine) in a scheme that helped them steal the 2006 Federal election. The list is inarguably depressing and getting more so every day!

 I love ..... thinking about that time
when I almost touched the puck
Today, on the 207th day in the history of Harper Land, our dear leader, after making a very hawkish speech in the Senate about "walking the walk", stood on the steps of the House of Commons and arrogently spent Half a million dollars (Terry Milewski CBC) for an American style military fly-by to celebrate the daring and amazing feat of bombing  a foreign government into submission without killing any Canadians. He never mentioned, not even once, Libyan civilians nor seemed to 'get it' that many Canadians could be fed and housed for half a million dollars. And once again the often complimentary and always timid main stream media drones on about the glory that is Harper Land.

And their one complaint about this expensive (again, at least $500,000.oo) day of pomp and ceremony so far has been the MSM's rather milktoast lament that there has been no such recognition of the Afghanistan war? Is it ^NOT obvious that there should ^NOT have been any
such event even for this one?

Seriously?  The main stream media is worried that the Afghan veterans did not get a real pony? Or that the new kid got the icecream? At least Craig Oliver of CTV asked, or rather, suggested, that "some" (he didn't say who, exactly) were asking:

"Just what are we celebrating here? The mission in Libya, or the (Harper) government"?

Go ahead, turn up the sound!
Feel the Raw Power!
Sure, it is loud, but they are not about to drop a bomb here.
NOT that it would hurt anyone if they did.
Canadian bombs only hit real targets, they never hurt civillians.
We have NATO's word on that!

"Conservatives cashing in on the Quick and 'casualty free' mission in Libya" ~ Roger Smith here ~ CTV  That statement went absolutely unchallenged. But I challenge it now.

And, over at CBCNN, no one in the studio so much as blinked when John Ivison, a much too common guest on CBC's "Power and Politics" said of the Libyan campaign, simply that: "Nobody died". He stumbled on like he always does, in near complete agreement of all things Harper.

We all knew that he meant: No 'Canadian' died. But I have a confession to make. I blinked. That was not what he said. In spite of the pathetic fact that it has become acceptable in Harper Land to count only Canadian and NATO casualties. "No one died" is what he said and I blinked.

Sadly, we are not expected to object to this inhumanity, and might even be sanctioned for wondering why it has become normal to act in such a callous, insensitive and frankly, disturbing manner.

Are we to believe that those we kill with bombs are not human, do not amount to anything, are somehow not worthy of counting? Well, actually if we are to believe NATO, there really were no Libyan casualties. In other words, Nobody died. We are to believe that even though Canadians alone, dropped some 700 high tech missiles and bombs that no one not actually targeted, died.

The 'reported' number of bombs dropped in the (official) name of protecting citizens in Libya by Canadians is itself, unlike those bombs, still dropping. According to recent reports and again today by Roger Smith of CTV, the number has now been pegged at 700, with a total of about 1000 sortees and not the 1450 missions and 1500 drops that was reported earlier.

Harper's now 'arch enemy', the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, got  a little closer to the truth, but not much. Terry Milewski, at least said: No 'Canadian' casualities.  He at least seems to get that some of us watch these things closely.

If you think that I am exaggerating NATO's statements that none of the thousands of bombs and missiles killed anyone not targetted, I admit that I have been doing just that. Here is a video which claims the they have stepped up to the plate and admitted that all of those bombs actually killed nine civilians. I kid you not. Nine!

Of course that was reported by Russian Television:

                                                               Russian online TV (RT)

 So there ya have it. The Russians are saying that NATO is admitting to only NINE civilian deaths, but surely this is only the Russians. Harper has warned us about the Russians. Surely I was able to find evidence that they have been very open about these killings and that NATO is being more open than these Russsians (Who want our north, lol) are letting on.

Surely NATO is more open then that.

So, come on, proud Harper Landers, remember the Fifties. Hold your heads high. Celebrate war, and bask in displays of military might. Hang the Queen's portrait in your classrooms, embasies, legislatures, post offices, offices, government buildings, poutine shops, chip trucks, out houses, and barns.
Use the word 'Royal' to describe absolutely anything and every thing that can possibly be called royal.

Learn the language of a military power. Learn the tricks of a happy Harper Lander so you won't stand out in a crowd. Learn to cheerfully deny that we are doing harm in the world.  Learn to deny that the environment is not safe here, and deny that we are losing our rights. Deny that we are no longer awake, deny that we are being taken for a ride.

Remember that a silent Harper Lander is a happy Harper Lander and that a Happy Harper Lander will wait forever for a good hockey book, and then pretend to like it even if they secretly know it is just another lie.

Speak well of our 'dear leader' for he has your best interests in his benevolent big giant head, he holds the future of your children in his very athletic hands, the very value of your existance in his strong arms and just like that kind old gentleman , Santa Claus, he knows where you live. Don't let that scare you. How else could he bring all that joy?

Bottom Line: The MSM stupidly says this is about honouring the Libyan campaign and ^NOT honouring the Afghan War heroes. Again, that is spinning bull shit. This story is about Stephen Joseph Harper strutting pompously onto the front steps of OUR House of Commons and absolutely wasting half a million dollars of OUR money so that OUR airforce could honour him.

Stephen Harper is a Royal Pain in the Assembly.


  1. Richard RingNovember 25, 2011

    It is painful,perhaps more so for many seniors,who lived and remember the days when Canada stood tall in the world and had internationally regarded leaders.Let us not forget the 1800 plus wounded soldiers from Afghanistan,who because they were not killed,are receiving less attention and care than they deserve(Not from the government but Wikipedia..Coalition casualties and ...Canadian forces casualties...provide number of deaths/injured for all 23 countries.
    PS Trivia..Expression Fly in the ointment originates...in the Bible.Article in T. Star yesterday compared Bible with Shakespeare..including origin of well-known expressions. Bible won..some 600 to a mere 350 for Will..

  2. Bravo dear Kim! Sadly, once again you are bang on!

  3. Kim,

    Your insights on the Harper Con, happening in Canada, are a wonderful Resource. Thank you for raising your "Voice" as an alternative to the dribble drone from the MSM.

    Geraldine Chafe

  4. A funny thing happened on the way back from Afghanistan. It was convenient to help overthrow an oil rich nation, in a remote controlled war, while in other parts of Africa, mass murder, starvation, and rape wasn't worthy of our leaders attention.
    CTV's Conservative lapdog puppet, Don Martin gave all credit for the accomplishments of Canadians, to Stephen Harper. I wanna puke!

  5. Mar JefferiesNovember 26, 2011

    Your efforts are obvious Kim, congrats on a well written blog. Isn't it amazing, how stating the facts these days is so deeply disturbing to those of us following the corruption of our once proud institutions.
    How dare this man think that he is a leader in the free world? How dare he squander "our" money? How dare he personally devastate a nation that took a few centuries to build a reputation admired around the globe?
    How can Canadian citizens not be rising up in great numbers from coast to coast to coast demanding he cease firing from his ideologies.
    When and where will the mutiny begin against this 'above the law' criminal?

    OCCUPY CANADA: social justice for all.

  6. @Mar Jefferies - you've read my mind! I wonder too, 'how dare he' on so many nasty, deceitful, arrogant, illegal, and downright despicable things this so-called leader has said and done....

    And like you, I ask myself the same thing, almost daily - every time I read about yet another scandalous thing he's said, done, or is about to do. The best I can do is repeat your questions:

    How can Canadian citizens not be rising up in great numbers from coast to coast to coast demanding he cease firing from his ideologies.
    When and where will the mutiny begin against this 'above the law' criminal?

    These appear to be the million dollar questions .... and dammit, I sure wish I knew the answers! I really find it hard to believe that after all the s*** that has hit the fan since May, that most Canadians are not yet awake - we are too smart to still be sleepwalking through this daily dose of contempt!


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