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April 28, 2012

Stephen Harper Says the NDP Refused to Support War on Hitler? ~ He Needs to Be Relieved of Duty ~ He is "Clearly" Insane ~

IN the last couple of days has Harper crossed the line. In his insane rant/answer to a question of urgent import on his plans for Afghanistan, He was asked directly if he would be extending the deployment past 2014. Watch the Video. He is losing it.

Yes, he said Hitler.  "We are ^NOT like the NDP we are not going to have an Ideological position .... regardless of circumstances". That was insane enough, as it was. No one is as ideologically driven as Stephen Harper. Then he went on the add, breathless and stammering.....:

"the NDP, ....the NDP, .....the leader the NDP ..  in 1939, did not even want to support War against Hitler! ...... "  

The New Democratic Party of Canada was hardly responsible for anything said in 1939,  being founded in 1961! **********************************************************************
History of the New Democratic Party of Canada

From Wikipedia, the free 
encyclopaedia         (DON'T wonder Off!   ~  OPEN THESE LINKS IN A SEPARATE TAB ! ttSm )
n 1956, after the birth of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) by a merger of two previous labour congresses, negotiations began between the CLC and the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) to bring about an alliance between organized labour and the political left in Canada. In 1958 a joint CCF-CLC committee, the National Committee for the New Party (NCNP), was formed to create a "new" social democratic political party, with ten members from each group. The NCNP spent the next three years laying down the foundations of the New Party. During this process, a large number of New Party Clubs were established to allow like-minded Canadians to join in its founding, and six representatives from New Party Clubs were added to the National Committee. In 1961, at the end of a five-day long Founding Convention which established its principles, policies and structures, the New Democratic Party was born and Tommy Douglas, the long-time CCF Premier of Saskatchewan, was elected its first leader.[1] In 1960, before the NDP was founded, one candidate, Walter Pitman, won a by-election under the New Party banner.      **********************************************************************
Both the PM and John Baird (CON MP ) repeated the absurdity
on Friday the 27 April, 2012.  I am searching for the video.



  1. That is a cool pic kim!

    I stole it, I see that it is signed lol!

  2. I'm trying to find the minutes of the 18th parliament to see the conservitive's stance, and how the beginning of the war at the end of 1939 affected party stances. I'll make sure to send you a shout once I compile the goodies. I'm very sure the CCF weren't alone in thinking Hitler was a lot more benign than he actually was.

    At any rate, now that he's ruled actions in 1939 are fair game, we can start talking about those much-more recent Reform policies, in which he was instrumental.

  3. I love this site 1st time here.


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