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April 27, 2012

The " Looney Toons" Have Got Nothing on the Harper Government ~ But Canadians Have the Goods on Them!


     "Stupid Stephen Harper Government"

The NEW "loonies and toonies" do ^NOT not work in parking meters, useless in laundromats, nor any paper vending machines. Or for vending machines of the all type and descriptions. Hmmm!

The changes to all these machines, will costs at what exactly? There are Millions a coin operated machines in Harper Land , and they all have to be fixed.

I can see parking tickets. I can see court-time wasted. I can imagine spending your entire break in search of coins that work. I can see a bad moon rising. I see trouble on the way!

I'm still doing the math, but Toronto  alone, has to spend "a cool Million" just to retrofit it's parking meters. Anyone want to offer a guesstimate to what's will cost Canadians?

Have some fun ...... an Educated Guess? 

Or A Conservative Estimate? 

Seems they (the Stupid Stephen Harper Government) changed Nickel for Steel just to save an estimated $16,000,000.oo per year. 

How Stupid is that? That's Dean Del Mastro stupid! That's Tony Clements stupid! That's Vic Toews stupid.... Rinse and Repeat!
Hey, But it's the Harper Government ....  
"It ain't Like They Used to Be Smart!"

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  1. Atleast it is still counted as cash...a tool that may come extinct to be evolved to the cyber blip credit..where in cyber space there is no limit..so they can play unlimited ponzi games combining loop hole tax for the rich leaving the middle class to poor will be controlled and taxed to all hell with no chance of a tax free cyber credit


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