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April 18, 2012

Ezra Levant's Finest Hour ~ My little Pony ~ Justin Trudeau, Senator Marc Brazeau ~ Charity Fight for Cancer Reseach

Ezra Levant's Finest Hour.
Boy he sure got as excited he played with of that "My Little Pony". He was almost like a kid with a new toy as he dished old in insults to my political opponent. It typical of Conservatives style he would of  treat of opponents as the enemy incarnate.

Then, Enter His Guest Senator Marc Brazeau. 
Oh, he (Ezra) had a momentary problem and was hardly able to hide his excitement while finding himself so close .. to those 'Pipes' and 'Tattoos'. Ezra, You Dog You!

At The Weigh In ~ Amateur Video 
Senator Brazeau ~ Trash Talking
 Brazeau said he resented the National Energy Program 
I would thought he we to to young too remember it.
He was all of 5 years old, a prodigy no doubt.
And I doubt whether of the angry would have reached  

Maniwaki Quebec.   
Senator Brazeau thinks is a about to fight my Father! 
~ Justin Trudeau
Trudeau Just Before the Fight
Marc Brazeau Just Prior T. Fight
The Fight!
The Bard of Cape Breton ~ Roger Cuzner 

Oh Yes, The Hair Cut!

Ezra , we need talk! You should my Pipes!

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