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May 06, 2012

Harper Government "Code of Silence Award" Well Earned Insult

Stephen Harper's Conservative Government
has won this year's
"Code of Silence Award"
Compliments of
Canadian Association of Journalists.
 "  The annual award recognizing Canada's most secretive government or publicly funded agency was handed out in Toronto Saturday evening. 
The federal government was named for keeping information out of public hands on files such as the F-35 program, avoiding questions at media events and for restricting both public and media access to contentious information. 
Association president Hugo Rodrigues said the Harper government was the overwhelming choice of the CAJ's 600 members across the country.
“The death grip on information has long frustrated journalists in this country, but it may now be reaching a point where the public at large is not only empathetic, but shares it,” he said.
The CAJ said federal government departments now deal with media almost exclusively by e-mails. "
I think it a shame that the MSM admit that he is secretive, and turn right back around, and make light of it 
and let him off the hook. WTF!
They (MSM) might as well admit they are complicit
in his behaviour  and admit they're
too Cowardly to do anything about it!
The Dalai Lama
Recently Warned Journalist About This .
He said that journalists work for the people and it is their job to get at the truth and honestly share it with the people!
As much I agreed with the spirit of the award, I am Disgusted by their (MSM) workaday attitudes and apathy! How much longer are they going to promote the lie, "That all's well in Harper Land"?

Enough Talkin' ~ Watch This Video!

~Sierra Club of Canada Spokesman ~
John Campbell ~
Peter Kent is Big Fat Liar"
" In an interview with CBC News on Sunday, executive director for Sierra Club Canada John Bennett said: "What we want is the environmental law changes out of the budget. They have no business being in the budget."
"If the government wants to change environmental law they should put forth an environmental bill, and they should have consultation hearings across the country. But sticking it in the budget is a coward's way of doing it," said Bennett.
While Environment Minister Peter Kent was not immediately available for an interview, Kent has said that the changes are simply about updating decade-old laws."

It's pretty hard to argue with that!

This has not been the only award'Our Dear Leader" Ever Won! 

Look for Updates. 


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2012

    It's about time people started seeing these CONs for what they are! Keep their feet to the fire!

  2. Occasionally the truth slips out “and have that robot robust environmental…”

  3. Yes Wake Up Canadians ~ at some point was we must be considered complicate in the farce!

    2012 is our 1939,
    Years later History will ask you..
    Were you there for Canada in 2012?
    Did Support The War On Harper?


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