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December 26, 2010

Don Cherry Enters the Political Circus!


Very recently, Donald Stewart "Grapes" Cherry has, for reasons so far unknown, entered the world of politics. His latest 'gig' was an effort to tell Toronto, which recently was told by it's New Mayor, Rob Ford that from now on "the car is King" that the new mayor is a very serious man, and that all the bicycle riding left winged Blah Blah bablababla.... Yes folks, the Circus is inTown 

As Circuses go, I think it was mildly amusing, but I ride a bike and worry about my neighbours, and their rights which I am guessing makes me a left wing pinko type in Don's World. And as a left winged pinko type, my opinion is that whenever you can get a senile old white guy in an oddly tailored Hot Pink Suit to finish a speech in Toronto City Hall with the words  "Put that in your pipe... You left winged, Kooks", It is a good thing for the left because it demonstrates the worst of the Right.

Vive Le Cirque du So Lame!

Is Don Cherry yet another old Conservative after a Senate seat? Hard to say. But probably not. He sure did not seem Senatorial at City Hall in Toronto and certainly his whole act was inappropriate, to say the least. At least Rob Ford seemed to like it. I suspect that most of Canada would rebel at the thought of this bombastic dandy strolling through the Halls of the Canadian Senate dressed like a harlequin jester and claiming that he knows anything at all about politics or had any experience with "sober second thought."

Is he about to throw an odd hat into the political arena and run as a Conservative MP? God I hope not, the last thing we need is another maudlin old fool in Ottawa. His militarisation of HNIC alone is enough to show us all how he would fit into Harper's attempts to glorify the military and to Americanise our attitudes.  But at any rate, it seems unfathomable that a man would be invited to visit City Hall in a World class city, to introduce a new mayor to the people, and act like a such jerk. He should be unelectable. So, what was the reason?

A Smoke Screen? A Change of Channels?

Again, I'm not quite sure  but I have a few thoughts on the subject:  From what I can see of the right wing approach to vote gathering, it is likely that his sudden appearance on the Canadian political scene has to do with their constant but completely false claim that they represent the common man. They have somehow quite successfully managed to convince some 34% of voting Canadians that they (the Conservatives) are not elites, and that it is incumbent on this base to vote repeatedly for huge tax cuts for the rich and the powerful Corporations, and that doing so is somehow magically going to translate into gains for the middle class. It is amazing how many people they fool really.
 I will give them this though: Don Cherry is common. But to argue that he is not also among the elite or that he represents the middle class, or Canadian values is preposterous.

Mr. Cherry: It is one thing to expect this country to forgive you for dressing up like a harlequin jester and acting like a complete jerk within the context of a trivial TV spot on a Hockey game (and even that took a bit of getting used to). It kinda snuck up on us. ...I mean you didn't always dress that way. We just got used to it, over your long career. 

Dress appropriately next time Don. Dress like a "Star Candidate" and not like Dame Edna.

Now, Dame Edna He/She can pull it off, it's what He/She is paid to do!

Nuff said!

Here is Cherry Telling us how Much he knows and about What.
There is a lot more to good government than just changing the lines. And just because Harper pretends that running a country is somehow about hockey should not make Don Cherry relevant. He is not relevant, nor is this ad that he (the so-called common man ) was paid a purported $2,000,000.oo for.

It would be hard to argue that he knows anything at all about Suits. Almost no one I know dresses like he does or would be caught dead dressing like he does, at least not unless it is Halloween.

Does he Really know Hockey?
~ " Anyone remember this Don Cherry quote?

"Mark my words. Corey Perry will be the best out of the three (sadly he was talking about ~ Crosby, Ovechkin, & Perry)." ~ Don Cherry before Sidney Crosby was drafted.

Funny how he has never followed up on that bold prediction. When he predicts something and it happens, we have to hear for the rest of the calendar year yet he never follows up on his wrong predictions (which is 80% of the time).

Give me break. There is absolutely no chance in Hell that Perry winds up better then Ovechkin and Crosby.

The only reason he predicted that by the way:
Corey Perry (Ontario Hockey League - supported by Cherry)
Sidney Crosby (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League)
Alexander Ovechkin (Russian) "

And Here is my favorite Cherry Fact. Don played one game and one game only in the National Hockey League. And as he demonstrates daily, He Remains POINTLESS!

He does seem to know dogs! He picked Fantino, he admires Ford, he loves Stephen Harper and he thinks Mackay is lovely.

I Believe Cherry also when he says that he knows very little about Mortgages. I'll bet that he has no mortgages that he could not pay off any day of the week. If he did, he would already realise that Canadians will not be able to pay the mortgage on Harper's terms. The government that he so willingly and pompously endorses has Mortgaged Canada's future while buying up votes with slick, subliminal and mind-numbing spending campaigns.  He would know that his trip to Afghanistan on Christmas Day is not a luxury that those with Mortgages can afford to pay.. It is hard to believe that anyone can support this government's wasteful habits and especially so while so many of us are out of work as they Arrogantly give billions more in Tax Cuts to big Oil. He knows nothing about Mortgages. 

No, Cherry knows very little about much of anything but dogs.

<>Not that that or any thing else will stop the Harper Government from using this circus clown to their own ends. The trouble with our little problem child Prime Minister is that even though he has already made Canada less Canadian, he is not done with us yet. The whole damned country seems asleep to any of his machinations, and now he has old weirdos (Fantino, Ford, Cherry) coming out of the woodwork to flood the airwaves and the Internet with circuses and side-shows of distraction and drivel.<>

Oh, this just in, It seems a certin Dominion employee was quite willing to express to doubts about Don Cherry's expertise in the field of Politics:

This may explain why these ads are ^NOT being aired lately.

December 21, 2010

Wikileaks ~ It's a Rap!

The Video that started the War on Wilikleaks: As seen here complete with Commentary. At the time that I embeded tis it has been see 10,266.000 times! This is the complete video and tells the whole story. No one was allowed to even crawl away. The language is disturbing and it sounds like a couple of kids playing video games. No weapons were actually seen. What was taken for weapons were actually cameras and tripods. This is Murder in it's purest form, Primative, Heartless and 
premeditated. At this point no one involved has been charged. Of couse the soldier who leaked this is doing Life in Levonworth.

Collateral Murder: Warning this is not for the weak of Heart. Keep your finger on the Stop function!

Wikileaks' Cablegate: the truth is out there:

Wikileaks' Kill Switch:

So, how's the weather in California?

December 18, 2010

Quickly! Someone Call Mall Security!

The details of this story are highly technical so I will defer to Michael Geist who has been streaming a steady diet of updates and information regarding the so-called iPod Tax. For those details, click on the caption below the picture. It is not the technical issues here that concern me. It is the story behind the details of the Bill C-32 and the fact that the Government, is openly telling lies about the Opposition's position on such a bill that is troubling me.
Clement and Moore telling lies in the Rideau Center
I confess that my interest in this subject is entirely to do with these lies and these liars.

I can honestly say that I have not contributed more than a handful of change to the music industry since 1985. I do not download music, I do not listen to it on the radio, not even in the car, nor do I go to concerts. Don't get me wrong music is not foreign to me.

I have been singing most of my life and I played the guitar until my hands got so arthritic that I had to quit, but still get up occasionally to belt out Dylan tunes with a band or at Karaoke events. I no longer drink but still go to the bar across the street and it has live music 3 nights a week. I have music in my head and in my soul and yet unless it is coming from my own mouth or is live in the room, it is only a nuisance to me. If it is recorded, my interest in it is unnaturally lacking.

But when a couple of middle aged and anal-retentive so-called leaders of men take the time to set up an elaborate dog and pony show in a Mall at Christmas time with the sole intent of telling scripted lies about men much more capable, and have the nerve to direct those lies at Children, (and if you know Ottawa you know that Rideau Center is a place frequented by huge numbers of teens 7 days a week), I am more than interested, and the hair on the back of my neck stands straight up and I concentrate so as not to shiver. This is very creepy behaviour in my way of thinking. I am glad to see that the opposition has gotten to the point that they actually call it "lies" and no one in Canada bothers to stop them.

Even the too often comatose MSM sometimes knows a lie when it hears one! And even it knows that this is one. I can name a hundred more such orchestrated lies, and each of them is as music in my mind. They have a rhythm and a melody that speaks of eventual redemption.

Maybe when this amateur troupe of fools and scoundrels is made synonymous with liars and kleptocrats, I can put my feet up and listen to some tunes again. At this point in my life there is no rest from this feeling of distance I suffer when I think of the Canada that I had always seen as unassailable. It seems far off at the moment.

This story needs to go viral. It's much more bizarre than Helena's failure to behave in an airport. I do not know why this story couldn't result in at least metaphoric Drowning for this summers self proclaimed hero. One would have thought he had had enough failures for one year.

" @NotTonyClement: I just saved a couple of lives at the mall. I am again a hero. Although business is slow at the HMV. .... #Twit "

Seriously, this is creepy stuff! This is our Government? And these guys are ministers in the cabinet? Should they not know better? I've got lots and lots of questions for these guys. My New Years resolution is to be able to get some rest next year and with a government as odd as these guys, I don't feel that that will be possible. They have been telling this lie in the House f Commons for weeks but this is beyond their realm of immunity.

UPDATE: A day later I found this on FaceBook and Added My two cents worth. Fite Fire with Fire!

I cannot imagine what a year 2011 is going to be! I will not leave any of you CONS to settle in any one place comfortably without Challenging anything that you say. The Opposition lives and it thrives in the Grassroots collection of Canadians brave enough to not put up with your LIES any longer!

The next time you use our kids as props you will be challenged. ou never know who is going to be in the next mall that you try this in!

I want leaders who understand that Children are not Props for Propagandists. Now watch as our Prime Minister lets us know that water is for the Propagandist and not the Props.

These Cons are Bumbling, Creepy, Ideological, Fundamentalist Corporate Rovian Oddballs. And these guys represent our best?
Bull Shit!

I received a link via Comments below and will gladly share it Here: Marc Garneau wades in to counter and to denounce the lies of the Cons regarding liberal intent on this subject!

December 16, 2010

Bill S-10 Creates Main Stream Media Silence


M.S.M. ~ " Media Sans Mot "

Even as the so-called pundits of the Main Stream Media (MSM), you know, "the big guys", remind us Social Media types that we are not "real journalists", that we are not "being heard", that we are "inconsequential", that we are "always behind the curve", that we are merely "bit players", they themselves have gone AWOL on perhaps the most important event in the recent history of the Harper Government's war on Reason.

Oddly the Social Media is all over it. What exactly is it that the 'Media Sans Mot' is afraid of? Their Bosses? Possibly. Their Editors? Maybe. Their Shareholders? Probably. Being seen as sympathetic to this "Reefer Madness?" God I hope not or this country is beyond saving!
The black block is metaphoric, but only symbolic ~ the MSM have not spoken.
Four days after Bill S-10 was pushed through the Senate and on it's way back to the House of Commons for it's final leg of the journey from a very bad and ideologically driven idea to becoming 'The Law of the Land", the Main stream Media, including Television (CBC, CTV, Global, CBCNN, CTVNC etc. etc.) and all the Country's Newspapers, (SUN, National Post, Toronto Star, Calgary Herald, The Globe and Mail, Chronicle Herald, etc.etc.etc.) have gone Stoned Cold Dead on the subject.

Since the MSM has gone Mime, what are the social media players saying? Luckily they are saying plenty!

"Cannabis Culture" is saying: " If passed, S-10 will bring mandatory minimum jail sentences for marijuana offences to Canada for the first time - including six months for growing as few as five marijuana plants and 18 months for extracting hash or making pot edibles and sharing them. This means medical marijuana users who make pot cookies would be at risk of arrest, as there is no protection of this activity by current medical marijuana laws.

Some of the mandatory sentences increase to two years for growing or dealing near a school or park, and even more time with other 'aggravating factors' ".

"The bill even includes life sentences for some non-violent marijuana Crimes."

Neither the Opposition Parties nor the Government have yet responded, although it is fair to say that at this point only we social media types have asked any questions whatsoever and we are being ignored because, as they are so fond of saying in the MSM, we are "not really journalists".

Jan 04, 2010: I did just find this news of Michael Ignatieff's reaffermation of intent to decriminalize though. But once again, it comes not from the MSM, but from "Cannibus Culture".

The oddest part is that although you hear hints of this sentiment on "Power and Politics", on "At Issue", and "Power Play" and other casual comments here and there throughout the MSM, no one from the MSM seems to be saying it on line.

Maybe they are just worried that if they do actually say it on Social Media, someone might actually be able to find it and quote it!

This story is not over! I am hoping that the silence is not permanent and I will be attempting to get at least a few comments from the Opposition Parties, not that I do not see their reluctance to tip their hands. They let it slip two years ago that they were about to vote non-confidence and form a loose coalition. I'll bet that they now wish they had kept that under their hats until after the vote. I know I wish that they had.

to: donaskim@gmail.com

Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 11:39 AM
Subject: Bill S-10 / Project de loi S-10

Dear Sir:
          On behalf of Michael Ignatieff, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your recent email regarding Bill S-10, the Penalties for Organized Drug Crime Act.

Significant evidence relating to this legislation has emerged since this bill was introduced, as a result, members of the Liberal Caucus intend to conduct extensive study in the House of Commons. We believe that strong drug laws are part of what is needed to fight gang violence, but equally important are crime prevention initiatives and the proper funding of law enforcement agencies which is where the Harper Conservatives are failing Canadians.

As with his entire agenda, Stephen Harper’s focus is only on sentencing – he does nothing to promote community safety, to address drug addiction in a meaningful way, or to actually reduce crime. While we support taking measures to reduce gang-related violence, we worry that this is an example of the Conservatives emulating the failed drug policies that were unsuccessful in the United States.

Thank you for taking the time to write to the Leader of the Opposition.

The Office of Michael Ignatieff
Leader of the Opposition
This just in: An email I got a while back from Marlene Jennings setting out the Liberal intentions about this Bill.

JenniM8@parl.gc.ca to me

Mar 11 (5 days ago)

Dear Kim Leaman:

Thank you for your recent letter regarding your concerns of Bill S-10 An Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Please excuse my delay in responding.

While the Liberal Party believes that strong drug laws are necessary to fight crime, we agree with you that minimum sentencing for drug offences are not the best way to solve violence. Instead, more effort needs to be directed towards sufficient funding to deal with many types of crimes that affect Canadian families; this is where the current government is failing Canadians. The root cause of many drug-related crimes is addiction, and instead of providing a band-aid solution for drug offences, like locking more people in jail, we need to focus more on crime prevention programs that break the cycle of drug dependence. In the last full year of a Liberal Government, the National Crime Prevention Centre supported 509 projects in 261 communities for a total of $56.9 million, however, the conservatives have slashed funding and programs by more than half.

Bill S-10 is worrisome due to the fact that it emulates the sentencing policies in the United States, which as you know have clearly been a failure. This is why we do not support the idea of mega prisons and instead, focus more on effective prevention and rehabilitation measures. While locking people up with minimum sentences is a quick fix and an attempt to look tough on crime, as many as 70% of current prison inmates are identified as having substance abuse problems and will return to their old ways after they have served their prison sentences. Frankly, minimum sentences do not offer a long-term solution to drug related problems without rehabilitation.

The provisions contained within Bill S-10 are ineffective. The bill targets minor offenders instead of dealing with larger criminal organizations, which are the real problem. In addition, the costs of the implementation of this bill are exorbitant. Liberals are concerned that the that the government has refused to provide accurate information on the costs of this bill’s implementation, the burden of which will fall on the provinces, which has been estimated cost is over $200 million for British Columbia alone!

Moreover, this bill does not only remove judicial discretion, but it has the potential of unevenly criminalizing young and low-income Canadians. For instance, a student who produced six plants would be awarded the same penalty as someone in an organized crime ring who produced 201 plants! An 18 year-old who offers a single Tylenol 3 pill to his 17 year-old cousin would be awarded a two year sentence! Liberal Senators had proposed substantial amendments to this bill to correct such deficiencies, however, these amendments were twice rejected by the Conservative government. It is clear that the government is unwilling to cooperate on the issue, which is why we have decided not to support this legislation.

Many stakeholders have also expressed their dissent to this bill. Their concerns are very similar to yours and they project our opinion of this bill very accurately. Stakeholders have told us that there is no evidence to support the benefits of minimum sentencing and that this bill is taking its focus off criminal organizations and putting it on minor offenders. I wholeheartedly agree with these positions.

As long as the current government fails to cooperate with us we will certainly not support this bill. This bill does nothing to address crime prevention and puts Canada on a path similar to the system in place in the United States, which has clearly failed.

Thank you again for bringing your views to my attention.       


The Honourable Marlene Jennings, P.C., M.P.

Liberal Critic for Justice and the Attorney General of Canada


Yet More Feedback!

Fry.H@parl.gc.ca to me

March, 16th, 2011 ~ 9:41 PM

Dear Kim,

Thank you for your email on Bill S-10, An Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts, which introduces Penalties for Organized Drug Crime Act.

As a physician, and a former member of the House of Commons Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs (SNUD), I see drug use and addiction as a medical problem that requires medical solutions. It concerns me that Bill S-10 treats addiction as a criminal issue. However, those who exploit addicts, such as pushers and organized crime who sell drugs, must be dealt with harshly under the Criminal Code.

Under this Conservative government, the International Transfer of Offenders Act has been made irrelevant. The Act, which Canada was instrumental in organizing in 1978 under Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, allows for the repatriation of Canadian prisoners to the Canadian penal system where they can serve a sentence and be effectively re-integrated into Canadian society.

I am very concerned about the recent escalation of drug-related gang violence in Vancouver, and other major Canadian cities. For this reason I voted in favour of Bill C-14, which made murders connected with organized crime activity automatically first-degree offences. However, I do not believe that Bill S-10 is an appropriate tool to address organized crime; instead, I believe it is likely to lead to the incarceration of low-level producers and dealers. Given the failure of mandatory minimum sentences to reduce drug use in the United States, I fail to see why a punitive approach to drugs would produce more positive results in Canada.Thank you again for your correspondence. Please feel free to contact my office at any time if I can be of further assistance on this issue or any other.Sincerely,

Hon. Hedy Fry, P.C., M.P.

Vancouver Centre
I will let others get opinions from the Government side of the House. I have heard quite enough from them on this subject as it is! 

Does Your Member of Parliament Know Your Name?


I keep hearing Concerned Canadians asking when the 'Opposition' is going to do something about this dismal Government.

First of all, ask yourself this: Have you asked the Opposition what they actually plan? It is obvious that most Canadians who are disillusioned with Harper do not blame his Government's persistence entirely on the opposition. Most of us believe that the opposition can simply pull the plug on this Government and most of us believe it is time to do so. Most of us it seems do not see that it is a difficult process to bring down a Government, especially when they employ Rovian tactics. What many of us also do not get is that we can help.

Get a hold of your local MP or the closest Opposition MP.  

Call, drop in or email them. I prefer to call on their constituency offices personally myself.
Also if you get a chance to drop in there regularly, so much the better.

Don't be shy.
Introduce yourself.
Find out when your Member of Parliament will be in and ask to see him.
Leave them with your email address.
Ask for theirs (The constituency office may have a different one than is listed on official sites.)
Grab a few business cards.
Leave your card.

Feel free to hang around. MPs offices are public Places.
They work for you, or should. 

It is amazing how many Canadians think that all they get to do is vote. You do not need to vote to be heard. You do need to speak up to be Heard!

Be Heard! If you are not a supporter of the Government you are already part of the Opposition.

Take this simple Simple test:

Does your MP know YOUR NAME?


Find Contact Information for All Sitting MPs

Find your MPs Name and Information using your POSTAL CODE

Conctact the Liberal Party of Canada

Contact the  New Democratic Party of Canada

Contact the  Bloc Quebecois

Contact the  Green Party of Canada

Remember, you can also find out who in your riding represents the different parties through their local Riding Associations. Most ridings already have a full slate of candidates in place.

So, Does your MP know YOUR NAME?

I'd love to hear your story!

December 14, 2010


Comparing Vladimir Putin and Steven Harper and all set to music too!

Putin on size of Government:
"We don't need a weakened government but a strong government that would take responsibility for the rights of the individual and care for the society as a whole."

Harper: Sadly, I can not find a single quote that covers this. But this should help!
Putin on Human Rights: "Nobody and nothing will stop Russia on the road to strengthening democracy and ensuring human rights and freedoms."

Harper: "Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society... It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff."
Putin on History and Tradition: "We need to develop respect for our history, despite all of its flaws, and love for the Fatherland. We need to pay the utmost attention to our common moral values and consolidate Russian society on this basis. I think that this is an absolute priority."

Harper: "When I am through with Canada, you won’t recognize it"
Putin: on Patriatism: "Russia is an ancient country with historical, profound traditions and a very powerful moral foundation. And this foundation is a love for the Motherland and patriotism. Patriotism in the best sense of that word. Incidentally, I think that to a certain extent, to a significant extent, this is also attributable to the American people."

Harper: "Whether Canada ends up as one national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement is, quite frankly, secondary in my opinion."
Putin on social Development and the means to achieve it: "We still have a great amount of work to do in social development, including resolving one of the biggest challenges we face in this area, namely, reducing the gap between high-income earners and people, citizens of our country, who are still living on very modest means indeed. But we cannot, of course, adopt the solution used 80 years ago and simply confiscate the riches of some to redistribute among others. We will use completely different means to resolve this problem, namely, we will ensure good economic growth."

Harper: "Some basic facts about Canada that are relevant to my talk... Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it."

"In terms of the unemployed... don't feel particularly bad for many of these people. They don't feel bad about it themselves, as long as they're receiving generous social assistance and unemployment insurance."
Putin on the Iraq War: "Russia does not want confrontation of any kind. And we will not take part in any kind of "holy alliance"."

Harper: "It [referring to calling a Minister "Idiot"] was probably not an appropriate term, but we support the war effort and believe we should be supporting our troops and our allies and be there with them doing everything necessary to win."
Montreal Gazette, April 2003

"We should have been there shoulder to shoulder with our allies. Our concern is the instability of our government as an ally. We are playing again with national and global security matters."*******************************

Putin on Democracy: "Russia has made its choice in favor of democracy. Fourteen years ago, independently, without any pressure from outside, it made that decision in the interests of itself and interests of its people.. of its citizens. This is our final choice, and we have no way back. There can be no return to what we used to have before."

Harper: "I think that I make the rules"
Putin: "On BlueBerry Hill"

Now ~ same song Done Right:

Harper: Sweet Caroline

Now ~ same song Done Right!

So, whether you compare their unbelievable rhetoric, or their incredible willingness to share their musical inability with the world, they both come up a bit short.
Well that was fun but Harper does not need to be compared to anyone to get the short end of the Stick. These Stand-Alone quotes by Harper are among the most revealing:

"I think in Atlantic Canada, because of what happened in the decades following Confederation, there is a culture of defeat that we have to overcome."

"If Ottawa giveth, then Ottawa can taketh away."

"If you want to be a government in a minority Parliament, you have to work with other people."

"On the justification for the war, it wasn't related to finding any particular weapon of mass destruction"

"Fixed election dates prevent governments from calling snap elections for short-term political advantage,” Harper said. “They level the playing field for all parties and the rules are clear for everybody".
-Stephen Harper, May 26, 2006 10:24 PM ET, CBC News

"There is a Canadian culture that is in some ways unique to Canada, but I don't think Canadian culture coincides neatly with borders."

"Universality has been severely reduced: it is virtually dead as a concept in most areas of public policy"

My Absolute Favorite All~Time Harper Quote:

"What Would Ya Do if I Sang Outta Tune?
Would Ya Stand up and Walk out on Me?"

In a heartbeat, Stephen, In a HeartBeat!!

p.s. At the Time of publication, Simon Cowell had yet to Comment!
But I suggest it might go something like this:


December 09, 2010

Canadians Owe Huge Thanks to Wikileaks As Haters 'Out' Themselves!


If there has been one unexpected but Absolutely Delicious Consequence of the Wikileaks Phenomenon, it has been the Over-the-Top and possibly illegal reaction of the Right Wing of Canadian Politics. Although the Government and the PMO have been relatively quiet, Some of their Outriders have been saying some very Hateful things! Some of them have even aligned themselves with outspoken and dubious Americans like Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and the always oddly irregular Sarah Palin, whose nonsense I will spare you here.

As Canadians, we have expectations that certain lines will not be crossed. But since many of us have the ability to watch Fox News, even if they are like me and choose not to, many of us have come to expect Fox 'Actors" who masquerade as Newsmen like O'Reilly to do what  Americans and step over the line. That line does not seem to exist there and their kind of hateful speech is perfectly  legal in the U.S of A. Supposedly it's legality is not the case here. So lets watch Bill O'Reilly in action to see how the real American Right Wing Pros do it!

For years, a man named Tom Flanagan, himself an American, who arrived here in 1968 during the Vietnam War, as a young man has been actively mentoring Stephen Harper, and giving him the benefit of his American style Rovian political tactics. Last week he absolutely 'lost it' on CBC's Power and Politics and in a moment in which he felt as he said 'manly" asked for an Assassination attempt on the Leader of Wikileaks.

He did Bow to Pressure and quietly express regrets, if only regrets, which some have called an apology, but I call it an expression of regret as in: Gee! 'I wish I had not said that on National Television', but I'll let you decide if you think that he was actually being remorseful.

If you still do not know who Tom Flanagan is, even after his call to have Wikileaks CEO " Julian Assange Assassinated, it is high time that you did. Here is a Brief Primer from Wikipedia which should give you a better idea of his career as a Right Wing proselytiser and as an advisor to Stephen Harper and to the  now defunct Reform Party and the no longer Progressive, Conservative Party of Canada, a Coalition of the Right which resulted from what amounts to a Hostile Takeover of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

And, just to establish that this man fully supports Harper's Government, even when they are caught being shady, let's have a look as he Confidently proclaims the " 'In and Out' Scandal " to be 'Technically' Legal, way back in September of 2007, soon after the story of this outrage against Elections Canada rules first broke.
It reamains a bone of contention even today and We are talking about the 2006 election here.


He is still a friend of the Conservatives but they are a nervous and fickle bunch if you cross them and just after 2nd Surprise Prorogation, on Dec. 30, 2009, he got himself in Hot Water and was suddenly on the outs with the Party that his influence helped to form. He is now back in the loving arms of Harper but when this was taped, some of the more nebulous members of the party seemed to not know him.

In a bizarre Twist, it was revealed just Yesterday, that the enigmatic and often controversial Flanagan has aimed a threat at a private Canadian Citizen, who was concerned about his behavior and lack of remorse and who had emailed Flanagan to express her displeasure. Flanagan wrote back to her and according to the Toronto woman she claims that she felt threatened by an e-mail response that she says that she received from the former adviser to Stephen Harper at the centre of a controversy over his comments about WikiLeaks.

As the calls for Flanagan's removal from the CBC Payroll get louder and louder and the list of those, myself included, who would like to see him defend himself in a Court of Law for this outrage, it has been reported that "Calgary Police are Investigating Charges Against Him". His real Employer, the University of Calgary, at which Flanagan is a tenured professor, Is also getting such complaints but so far I at least have not been able to find an official response from them. Or I hadn't until an hour ago when I got this through a friend.

‎"A University of Calgary spokesman said statements made by Mr. Flanagan do not represent the views of the institution and no disciplinary action is being considered."

She suggests that we each write a letter to all the Depts. at the U of C and I think it is a great idea, she even has written one that should do nicely or for more impact, write your own.

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon
University of Calgary

Re: Tom Flanagan's Death Threat

I can hardly believe a Canadian citizen, a university professor no less, would advocate for the death of a news reporter. A sad day for Canada. Isn't uttering death threats considered illegal in Canada?

If people are to believe even somewhat in the "culture" of a political party, then Tom Flanagan's words should be an alert to Canadians that people in and related to our current government do think they are above the law. What arrogance. How immoral.

I call on the University of Calgary to accept Tom Flanagan's resignation.


[  your name here  ]

As if that was not quite helpful enough, she also provided us with this amazing list of email addresses representing All things U of C. It even contains all the commas it needs to be Dragged and Dropped right into your Email Outbox. That should get 'em talking at the Water Coolers all over the campus.

Remember Flanagan responded to the pressure and at least pretended to apologise once so you can see a little pressure can go a long, long way.

president@ucalgary.ca, Cannon@ucalgary.ca, alumni@ucalgary.ca, boyles@ucalgary.ca, J....Perraton@ucalgary.ca, J.Baker@ucalgary.ca, D.Black@ucalgary.ca, J.Cuthbertson@ucalgary.ca, B.DuPont@ucalgary.ca, P.Farion@ucalgary.ca, K.Jivraj@ucalgary.ca, N.Kirton@ucalgary.ca, K.McKinnon@ucalgary.ca, L.Potter@ucalgary.ca, Rithesh.Ram@ucalgary.ca, K.Sendall@ucalgary.ca, W.Tilleman@ucalgary.ca, Harvey.P.Weingarten@ucalgary.ca, R.Cooney@ucalgary.ca, Alan.Harrison@ucalgary.ca, G.Stephens@ucalgary.ca, ben.matchett@ucalgary.ca, penner@ucalgary.ca, k.swartout@ucalgary.ca, neumann@ucalgary.ca, sonja.johnston@ucalgary.ca, searl@ucalgary.ca, bsutter@ucalgary.ca, kldowner@ucalgary.ca, wiley@ucalgary.ca, dvanhoor@ucalgary.ca, harle@ucalgary.ca, lamont@ucalgary.ca, bnill@ucalgary.ca, mehowell@ucalgary.ca, danielle.goyette@ucalgary.ca, schi@ucalgary.ca, soccer@ucalgary.ca, slot@ucalgary.ca, blondal@ucalgary.ca, r.mcniven@shaw.ca, lamont@ucalgary.ca, rdurrant@ucalgary.ca, jrknight@ucalgary.ca, ostberg@ucalgary.ca, mmcgilli@ucalgary.ca, pkubes@ucalgary.ca, hquan@ucalgary.ca, eesmith@ucalgary.ca, fauvel@enme.ucalgary.ca, Yingxu@ucalgary.ca, ullyot@ucalgary.ca, chellas@ucalgary.ca, fewell@ucalgary.ca, schryver@ucalgary.ca, manuel.hulliger@ucalgary.ca, rowse@ucalgary.ca, marina@cpsc.ucalgary.ca, dmjacobs@ucalgary.ca, ereshefs@ucalgary.ca, Yingxu@ucalgary.ca, cannon@geomatics.ucalgary.ca, baseball@ucalgary.ca, jmadding@ucalgary.ca, schryver@ucalgary.ca, tvarma@ucalgary.ca, sedworth@ucalgary.ca, far@enel.ucalgary.ca, braatz@ucalgary.ca, volk@iras.ucalgary.ca, CFischer@ucalgary.ca, J.Baker@ucalgary.ca, D.Black@ucalgary.ca, J.Cuthbertson@ucalgary.ca, JJ.Doolan@ucalgary.ca, B.DuPont@ucalgary.ca, GMacEachern@ucalgary.ca, RRam@ucalgary.ca, ARussell@ucalgary.ca, SStowkowy@ucalgary.ca, t.flanagan@ucalgary.ca, tflanagan@ucalgary.ca, vpr@ucalgary.ca, asmolots@ucalgary.ca

And that reminds me ~ THIS JUST IN: Flanagan has just apologized to the Woman in Toronto that he had threatened through email!

So, as soon as you send off a quick email to the U of C, Politely asking that they consider his retirement, come back and check it out.

Join me anytime a C.R.U.S.H. @ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=292671928599

December 05, 2010

WIKI LINKS in a world gone mad!


Wikileaks is under attack, and it may take all you have to get a look at all of these documents. This is a huge list of links and there are more complicated ones at the bottom of this site. Many of these links will not work, I am sure, as there is a War on Information Sweeping the World!

I urge you to take a screen shot of this blog Now and please share it with your friends! (and not your enemies)

Simple links:

3.  http://www.powned.tv/wikileaks/

4.  http://wikileaks.info/

5.  http://digitalevuilnisman.nl/wikileaks/

6.  http://wikileaks.2600nl.net/

7.  http://mirror.infoboj.eu/

8.  http://wikileaks.piratenpartei.de/

9.  http://wikileaks.piratskapartija.com/

10.  http://wikileaks.teoriza.org/

11.  http://wikileaks.whistleblowerschutz.de/

12.  http://informationsbefreier.de/



15.  http://wikileaks.dhumes.com/

16.  http://wikileaks.dd19.de/

17.  http://wl.04u.nl/

18.  http://www.cu2.nl/W1k1l34Ks

19.  http://wikileaks.indymedia.org/

20.  http://wikileaks.lalistadesinde.net/

21.  http://wikileaks.insertco.in/


23.  http://wikileaks.rickbradley.com/

24.  http://wikileaks.ultramegaman.com/

25.  http://wikileaks.realprogrammer.org/

26.  http://wikileaks.high-color.de/

27.  http://www.wikileaks.nl/

28.  https://www.wuala.com/wikileaks/

29.  http://wikileaks.sebbcn.net/

30.  http://wi.kileaks.com/

31.  http://wikileaks.fonolog.com/

32.  http://leaks.wwwouter.nl/

33.  http://leaks.be/

34.  http://www.afgetapt.nl/

35.  http://wikileaks.rorbuilder.info/

36.  http://www.wikileaks.comiendolimones.com/

37.  http://wikileaks.hermanuscoenradistraat.nl/

38.  http://wikileaks.hermanuscoenradistraat16.nl/

39.  http://wikileaks.zipped.in/

40.  http://wikileaks.lalistadesinde.net/

41.  http://wikileaks.iz.rs/

42.  http://wikileaks.freedomofspee.ch/

43.  http://openstream.nl/


45.  http://www.atariprofibuch.de/

46.  http://wikileaks.sebastianbartsch.eu/

47.  http://mirror.sebastianbartsch.eu/

48.  http://leakmirror.users.anapnea.net/

49.  http://wikileaks.renout.nl/

50.  http://wikileaks.outofsin.com/

51.  http://wikileaks.outofsin.es/

52.  http://wikileaks.servehttp.com/

53.  http://wikileaks.pl/


55.  http://wikileaks.piraten-lsa.de/

56.  http://ljsf.org/

57.  http://120310wl.frezeb.webfactional.com/

58.  http://wikileaks.majcenic.info/

59.  http://mirror.sebastianbartsch.de/ (user/pass: guest)

60.  http://wikileaks.opperschaap.net/

61.  http://wikileaks.juridische.info/

62.  http://wikileaks.lu/

63.  http://wikileaks.bastianhaas.de/

64.  http://wikileaks.virtadpt.net/

65.  http://mirrorleaks.org/


67.  http://www.wikileaks.fi/

68.  http://wikileaks.littledrummerboy.info/

69.  http://wikileaks.countdown4me.com/

70.  http://wikileaks.no-ip.co.uk/

71.  http://www.roborobo.info/

72.  http://likiweaks.com/

73.  http://wikileaks.eu/

74.  http://wikileaks.cx/






Tor Hidden Service


I2P ~  As far as I see it, there are currently no I2P-sites which are mirroring Wikileaks  If you know of any please put them in the comments and I will get to them in due course.  Thanks!

Other Mirror Listings








Also from Pirate-Webside in Germany: Official-Source-IP's

DNS-Mirrors (Hostname Aliase - Namen, die auf eine der Original-IP-Adressen zeigen)(abhängig)

 http://wikileaks.ch/ (A zu

 http://wikileaks.nl/ (A zu

 http://wikileaks.lu/ (A zu

 http://wi.kileaks.com/ (A zu

 http://wikileaks.irc6.org/ (A zu

 http://wikileaks.eu.org/ (RR zu,,,,

 http://wikileaks.jmp.net/ (RR zu,,

 http://wikileaks.dd19.de/ (A zu

 http://wikileaks.fs-cdn.net/ (A zu

 http://wikileaks.piratenpartei.de/ (RR zu,

 http://wikileaks.alios.org/ (RR zu,,

 http://wikileaks.askedo.de/ (A record zu,

 http://wikileaks.dotnul.org/ (A record zu,

 http://wikileaks.no-ip.co.uk/ (A record zu

 http://wikileaks.rfc1149.net/ (A record zu,

 http://wikileaks.pokapok.net/ (A record zu

 http://wikileaks.catsinheat.net/ (A record zu

 http://wikileaks.zboub.net/ (A record zu

 http://wikileaks.1777.fr/ (A record zu,

 http://wikileaks.gudul.net/ (A record zu

 http://wikileaks.gudul.eu/ (A record zu

 http://wikileaks.gudul.fr/ (A record

 http://wikileaks.ππ.eu/ (A record zu

 http://wikileaks.dansmagrotte.net/ (A record zu,

 http://wikileaks.arzur.net/ (A record zu,,,

 http://wikileaks.fs-cdn.net/ (A record zu

 http://justleaks.org/ (A record zu

 http://wikileaks.2600.com/ (A record zu

 http://www.way2wikileaks.org/ (A record

 http://wikileaks.dasdeck.de/ (A record




http://www.wikileaks.arsinventing.com/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://ljsf.org/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://fuerdiefreiheit.de/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://wikileaks.de/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://wikileaks.eu/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://wikileaks.pl/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://wikileeks.org.uk/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://sunshinepress.org/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://wikileaks.anoptique.org/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://wikileaks.showeb.net/ (HTTP 301 Redirec
http://wikileaks.starkstromaggregat.com/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://wikileaks.cretin.us/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://wikileaks.leningratt.at/ (HTTP 301 Redirect)

http://tinyurl.com/wklks (HTTP 301 Redirect [])

http://tinyurl.com/wikleak (zeigt auf IP)

http://tinyurl.com/wl-cablegate (zeigt auf cablegate.html über IP)

Broken DNS Redirects:

* Broken @ 201012040204 GMT+1

http://wikileaks.sm0ke.me/ (nicht auflösbar)

http://wikileaks.bortzmeyer.fr/ (A Record zu,

http://wikileaks.schwengle.net/ (NXDOMAIN)

Mirror (Gespiegelte (kopiert und neu gehostete) Inhalte)(unabhängig) (reverse Proxy, abhängig vom Original) (reverse Proxy, abhängig vom Original) (reverse Proxy, abhängig vom Original)

http://cablegate.failar.nu/ (jetzt sync.)

http://wikileaks.org.nyud.net:8080/ (reverse Proxy, abhängig vom Original)
















http://wikileaks.opperschaap.net/ (Mirror [])

http://wikileaks.juridische.info/ (Mirror [])

http://wikileaks.hermanuscoenradistraat.nl/ (Mirror [])

http://wikileaks.hermanuscoenradistraat16.nl/ (Mirror [])

http://wikileaks.pi2pi.eu/ (Mirror [])

http://wikileaks.insertco.in/ (Mirror)

Bandwidth: 100MBit

* Traffic 200 GB

Broken Mirrors:
* Broken @ 201012040204 GMT+1

http://tos-proxy.appspot.com/www.wikileaks.org (503 - Over quota)

http://happyspancer.appspot.com/www.wikileaks.org/ (503 - Over quota)

https://proxybay2.appspot.com/wikileaks.org (503 - Over quota)

http://keiths-proxy-server.appspot.com/wikileaks.org (503 - Over quota)

http://cablegate.bplaced.net/ (404 - Not found)

http://savewikileaks.dyndns.org/ (Don't resolve) [broken]

http://wikileaks.dk/ (Mirror)



http://www.powned.tv/wikileaks (Mirror)

usr direct Link @


http://wikileaks.kilu.de/wikileaks.tar.gz (14,5 MB, Stand 3.12., 19:06)

http://ul.to/6v4f0d (14,5 MB, Stand 3.12., 19:06)

Dropbox Set


I2P DNS Spiegel - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I2P



Tor (Onion-Routing-) Spiegel - https: / / http://www.torproject.org/


http://gaddbiwdftapglkq.onion/ (doesn't work for me)


Freenet Site-Dump

SSK @ zDu8HawsepqF0ZvcHtP-5s9AdcNbU-aRHO4SSYs0Cpk, RVHNiANBwJ2It3qyknfgXPHNJvw9-hamburgRCRkIPpN83buaM, AQACAAE/wl_03-12-2010.7z

das kann jeder ändern :)

Links zum Thema  (Translatiomn Please TTSM)






















http://demo.ovh.net/fr/78bb769e2d6c8f296b99b1bd395cc7cb/ (Archivdatei mit ~1700 Torrents zum alten Wikileaks)

http://www.mein-parteibuch.com/IWL/wikileaks_iraq_war_logs.gz (nur mit 'Ziel speichern unter' öffnen)

Ältere Leaks ( alternative Leaks?)





http://warlogs.owni.fr/ (404 / hosted in Schweden)

Tricks & Hints

Please look for prebuild-dump's first

* wget -m -k -E -nH easy hack to mirror #wikileaks.

* wget -r auf Dump-Dateien

* Mirror erstellen (40 MB): wget -m -k -E -nH

* Mirror erstellen: um Wikileaks-Server zu schonen, vielleicht am besten vorhandenen Dump runterladen (s.o.)

* Wikileaks "insurance" file  http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/5728614/Wikileaks__insurance__file.5728614.TPB.torrent

How To Information  Things you may want to learn ( TTSM)

http://blog.spyou.org/wordpress-mu/2010/12/03/creer-un-site-miroir/ (ein Spiegel)

Diese Website und Spiegel dieser Website

http://etherpad.mozilla.org:9000/wikileaks (Primär-Website)

http://ietherpad.com/wikileaks (alten Webseite!)







Quelle:   http://piratenpad.de/CBlttttTHT

That's it for now folks, but Remember:

This is an information war and it may pay you to take screen shots of this Blog and PLEASE add comments or links in the Comment section below. I am a blogger and a friend but certainly not an IT guy.