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December 18, 2010

Quickly! Someone Call Mall Security!

The details of this story are highly technical so I will defer to Michael Geist who has been streaming a steady diet of updates and information regarding the so-called iPod Tax. For those details, click on the caption below the picture. It is not the technical issues here that concern me. It is the story behind the details of the Bill C-32 and the fact that the Government, is openly telling lies about the Opposition's position on such a bill that is troubling me.
Clement and Moore telling lies in the Rideau Center
I confess that my interest in this subject is entirely to do with these lies and these liars.

I can honestly say that I have not contributed more than a handful of change to the music industry since 1985. I do not download music, I do not listen to it on the radio, not even in the car, nor do I go to concerts. Don't get me wrong music is not foreign to me.

I have been singing most of my life and I played the guitar until my hands got so arthritic that I had to quit, but still get up occasionally to belt out Dylan tunes with a band or at Karaoke events. I no longer drink but still go to the bar across the street and it has live music 3 nights a week. I have music in my head and in my soul and yet unless it is coming from my own mouth or is live in the room, it is only a nuisance to me. If it is recorded, my interest in it is unnaturally lacking.

But when a couple of middle aged and anal-retentive so-called leaders of men take the time to set up an elaborate dog and pony show in a Mall at Christmas time with the sole intent of telling scripted lies about men much more capable, and have the nerve to direct those lies at Children, (and if you know Ottawa you know that Rideau Center is a place frequented by huge numbers of teens 7 days a week), I am more than interested, and the hair on the back of my neck stands straight up and I concentrate so as not to shiver. This is very creepy behaviour in my way of thinking. I am glad to see that the opposition has gotten to the point that they actually call it "lies" and no one in Canada bothers to stop them.

Even the too often comatose MSM sometimes knows a lie when it hears one! And even it knows that this is one. I can name a hundred more such orchestrated lies, and each of them is as music in my mind. They have a rhythm and a melody that speaks of eventual redemption.

Maybe when this amateur troupe of fools and scoundrels is made synonymous with liars and kleptocrats, I can put my feet up and listen to some tunes again. At this point in my life there is no rest from this feeling of distance I suffer when I think of the Canada that I had always seen as unassailable. It seems far off at the moment.

This story needs to go viral. It's much more bizarre than Helena's failure to behave in an airport. I do not know why this story couldn't result in at least metaphoric Drowning for this summers self proclaimed hero. One would have thought he had had enough failures for one year.

" @NotTonyClement: I just saved a couple of lives at the mall. I am again a hero. Although business is slow at the HMV. .... #Twit "

Seriously, this is creepy stuff! This is our Government? And these guys are ministers in the cabinet? Should they not know better? I've got lots and lots of questions for these guys. My New Years resolution is to be able to get some rest next year and with a government as odd as these guys, I don't feel that that will be possible. They have been telling this lie in the House f Commons for weeks but this is beyond their realm of immunity.

UPDATE: A day later I found this on FaceBook and Added My two cents worth. Fite Fire with Fire!

I cannot imagine what a year 2011 is going to be! I will not leave any of you CONS to settle in any one place comfortably without Challenging anything that you say. The Opposition lives and it thrives in the Grassroots collection of Canadians brave enough to not put up with your LIES any longer!

The next time you use our kids as props you will be challenged. ou never know who is going to be in the next mall that you try this in!

I want leaders who understand that Children are not Props for Propagandists. Now watch as our Prime Minister lets us know that water is for the Propagandist and not the Props.

These Cons are Bumbling, Creepy, Ideological, Fundamentalist Corporate Rovian Oddballs. And these guys represent our best?
Bull Shit!

I received a link via Comments below and will gladly share it Here: Marc Garneau wades in to counter and to denounce the lies of the Cons regarding liberal intent on this subject!


  1. I wrote letter to Sheila Copps years ago when the liberals put a tax on CDRs and now, what was avoided then has been enacted (the original bill proposed by the Liberals taxed MP3 players, then the tax was removed). These guys are too late, and really have no idea what they're doing. The Music Busiess has moved on, the dinosaur publishers are in the process of going where the Piano Roll publishers went. The kids have won this and the result has been music has become much more intimate and personal.
    My friend Melissa Styliano raised money on kickstarter to record her latest CD ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1154385202/hearing-your-voice-jazz-singer-songwriter-melissa ) and uses social media to let her fans know where she's playing and what's going on in her life. The old days a label would pick up a sionger like Melissa and then release a record, promote it and own the book (have the publishing rights) The singer would get an advance but have to pay that back out of earnings, plus all the costs of recording and distribution including promotion would come out before the musician saw cent one. Much creative accounting was employed to ensure the musician would see little profit. Good riddance to the old ways. The new way is harder, but the rewards are good. And don't hesitated to download - most downloads are stuff you would never listen too or buy anyway so you're expanding your horizons.

  2. Shades of the Rovian Swift Boaters and his Gay Marriage Emergency! Having been studying dutifully at the master's knee for, lo, these many years, the Harper Conservative functionaries have been just dying for their chance to create an entirely fictitious threat and try to make it go viral.

    Too bad nobody told them that a made-up issue requiring a couple of doughy, squinty-eyed, over-age nerds the iPod generation never heard of - sporting square-beyond-belief monkey suits, no less (missing only the pocket protectors) - to pose uncomfortably in front of a store they never frequent in a mall they never visit might not be the stuff of viral online video, except, perhaps, as ironic parody.

    However, it`s perhaps fitting that a name they WILL know (Canadian astronaut, Marc Garneau) has mounted his own Star Wars defence with an online posting saying, in part:

    "I would like to point out that Mr. Devinder Shory (federal Conservative MP for Calgary South and a promoter of the iPod Tax fable)* is not telling your readers the truth when he talks about a supposed iPod tax.

    First point: the Liberal Party of Canada has clearly stated that it will not impose a levy on ipods. See the following extract from a Liberal communiqué:

    The Liberal Party does not support the iPod levy. It is not sustainable in a world of changing technology, and is unpopular with consumers. Canadians are already using multipurpose media devices to listen to music, like Blackberries, iPhones, iPads and computer livestreaming, on which the levy would not apply.” Marc Garneau

    Secondly, the Liberal party is not part of a coalition anymore than Mr. Shory’s Conservative party is part of a coalition even though his party is sometimes supported by the Bloc, the Liberals and the NDP.

    Those are the facts. That’s the truth.

    Just thought your readers should know the difference between a lie and the truth.

    Marc Garneau, MP

    Liberal Party critic for Industry, Science and Technology"

    *added by me for clarification

    But don't just believe me; here's a link to the posting itself:


    I can hardly wait for the Cons' next installment of "Ripping Yarns". I'm kind of hoping it will involve Vic Toews pulling undercover duty at a Winnipeg drag bar. Now THAT could produce some viral video!

  3. Aye Aye Captain! Great information. Nice to see Marc Garneau weighing in on this issue. Lies have become a mainstay of the Harper Government and we must be vigilant and creative in debunking both their lies and their Rovian policies and politics.

    Thanks again, Kim

    p.s. I will turn that link into a clickable one and post it near the bottom of this POST!


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