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December 09, 2010

Canadians Owe Huge Thanks to Wikileaks As Haters 'Out' Themselves!


If there has been one unexpected but Absolutely Delicious Consequence of the Wikileaks Phenomenon, it has been the Over-the-Top and possibly illegal reaction of the Right Wing of Canadian Politics. Although the Government and the PMO have been relatively quiet, Some of their Outriders have been saying some very Hateful things! Some of them have even aligned themselves with outspoken and dubious Americans like Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and the always oddly irregular Sarah Palin, whose nonsense I will spare you here.

As Canadians, we have expectations that certain lines will not be crossed. But since many of us have the ability to watch Fox News, even if they are like me and choose not to, many of us have come to expect Fox 'Actors" who masquerade as Newsmen like O'Reilly to do what  Americans and step over the line. That line does not seem to exist there and their kind of hateful speech is perfectly  legal in the U.S of A. Supposedly it's legality is not the case here. So lets watch Bill O'Reilly in action to see how the real American Right Wing Pros do it!

For years, a man named Tom Flanagan, himself an American, who arrived here in 1968 during the Vietnam War, as a young man has been actively mentoring Stephen Harper, and giving him the benefit of his American style Rovian political tactics. Last week he absolutely 'lost it' on CBC's Power and Politics and in a moment in which he felt as he said 'manly" asked for an Assassination attempt on the Leader of Wikileaks.

He did Bow to Pressure and quietly express regrets, if only regrets, which some have called an apology, but I call it an expression of regret as in: Gee! 'I wish I had not said that on National Television', but I'll let you decide if you think that he was actually being remorseful.

If you still do not know who Tom Flanagan is, even after his call to have Wikileaks CEO " Julian Assange Assassinated, it is high time that you did. Here is a Brief Primer from Wikipedia which should give you a better idea of his career as a Right Wing proselytiser and as an advisor to Stephen Harper and to the  now defunct Reform Party and the no longer Progressive, Conservative Party of Canada, a Coalition of the Right which resulted from what amounts to a Hostile Takeover of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

And, just to establish that this man fully supports Harper's Government, even when they are caught being shady, let's have a look as he Confidently proclaims the " 'In and Out' Scandal " to be 'Technically' Legal, way back in September of 2007, soon after the story of this outrage against Elections Canada rules first broke.
It reamains a bone of contention even today and We are talking about the 2006 election here.


He is still a friend of the Conservatives but they are a nervous and fickle bunch if you cross them and just after 2nd Surprise Prorogation, on Dec. 30, 2009, he got himself in Hot Water and was suddenly on the outs with the Party that his influence helped to form. He is now back in the loving arms of Harper but when this was taped, some of the more nebulous members of the party seemed to not know him.

In a bizarre Twist, it was revealed just Yesterday, that the enigmatic and often controversial Flanagan has aimed a threat at a private Canadian Citizen, who was concerned about his behavior and lack of remorse and who had emailed Flanagan to express her displeasure. Flanagan wrote back to her and according to the Toronto woman she claims that she felt threatened by an e-mail response that she says that she received from the former adviser to Stephen Harper at the centre of a controversy over his comments about WikiLeaks.

As the calls for Flanagan's removal from the CBC Payroll get louder and louder and the list of those, myself included, who would like to see him defend himself in a Court of Law for this outrage, it has been reported that "Calgary Police are Investigating Charges Against Him". His real Employer, the University of Calgary, at which Flanagan is a tenured professor, Is also getting such complaints but so far I at least have not been able to find an official response from them. Or I hadn't until an hour ago when I got this through a friend.

‎"A University of Calgary spokesman said statements made by Mr. Flanagan do not represent the views of the institution and no disciplinary action is being considered."

She suggests that we each write a letter to all the Depts. at the U of C and I think it is a great idea, she even has written one that should do nicely or for more impact, write your own.

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon
University of Calgary

Re: Tom Flanagan's Death Threat

I can hardly believe a Canadian citizen, a university professor no less, would advocate for the death of a news reporter. A sad day for Canada. Isn't uttering death threats considered illegal in Canada?

If people are to believe even somewhat in the "culture" of a political party, then Tom Flanagan's words should be an alert to Canadians that people in and related to our current government do think they are above the law. What arrogance. How immoral.

I call on the University of Calgary to accept Tom Flanagan's resignation.


[  your name here  ]

As if that was not quite helpful enough, she also provided us with this amazing list of email addresses representing All things U of C. It even contains all the commas it needs to be Dragged and Dropped right into your Email Outbox. That should get 'em talking at the Water Coolers all over the campus.

Remember Flanagan responded to the pressure and at least pretended to apologise once so you can see a little pressure can go a long, long way.

president@ucalgary.ca, Cannon@ucalgary.ca, alumni@ucalgary.ca, boyles@ucalgary.ca, J....Perraton@ucalgary.ca, J.Baker@ucalgary.ca, D.Black@ucalgary.ca, J.Cuthbertson@ucalgary.ca, B.DuPont@ucalgary.ca, P.Farion@ucalgary.ca, K.Jivraj@ucalgary.ca, N.Kirton@ucalgary.ca, K.McKinnon@ucalgary.ca, L.Potter@ucalgary.ca, Rithesh.Ram@ucalgary.ca, K.Sendall@ucalgary.ca, W.Tilleman@ucalgary.ca, Harvey.P.Weingarten@ucalgary.ca, R.Cooney@ucalgary.ca, Alan.Harrison@ucalgary.ca, G.Stephens@ucalgary.ca, ben.matchett@ucalgary.ca, penner@ucalgary.ca, k.swartout@ucalgary.ca, neumann@ucalgary.ca, sonja.johnston@ucalgary.ca, searl@ucalgary.ca, bsutter@ucalgary.ca, kldowner@ucalgary.ca, wiley@ucalgary.ca, dvanhoor@ucalgary.ca, harle@ucalgary.ca, lamont@ucalgary.ca, bnill@ucalgary.ca, mehowell@ucalgary.ca, danielle.goyette@ucalgary.ca, schi@ucalgary.ca, soccer@ucalgary.ca, slot@ucalgary.ca, blondal@ucalgary.ca, r.mcniven@shaw.ca, lamont@ucalgary.ca, rdurrant@ucalgary.ca, jrknight@ucalgary.ca, ostberg@ucalgary.ca, mmcgilli@ucalgary.ca, pkubes@ucalgary.ca, hquan@ucalgary.ca, eesmith@ucalgary.ca, fauvel@enme.ucalgary.ca, Yingxu@ucalgary.ca, ullyot@ucalgary.ca, chellas@ucalgary.ca, fewell@ucalgary.ca, schryver@ucalgary.ca, manuel.hulliger@ucalgary.ca, rowse@ucalgary.ca, marina@cpsc.ucalgary.ca, dmjacobs@ucalgary.ca, ereshefs@ucalgary.ca, Yingxu@ucalgary.ca, cannon@geomatics.ucalgary.ca, baseball@ucalgary.ca, jmadding@ucalgary.ca, schryver@ucalgary.ca, tvarma@ucalgary.ca, sedworth@ucalgary.ca, far@enel.ucalgary.ca, braatz@ucalgary.ca, volk@iras.ucalgary.ca, CFischer@ucalgary.ca, J.Baker@ucalgary.ca, D.Black@ucalgary.ca, J.Cuthbertson@ucalgary.ca, JJ.Doolan@ucalgary.ca, B.DuPont@ucalgary.ca, GMacEachern@ucalgary.ca, RRam@ucalgary.ca, ARussell@ucalgary.ca, SStowkowy@ucalgary.ca, t.flanagan@ucalgary.ca, tflanagan@ucalgary.ca, vpr@ucalgary.ca, asmolots@ucalgary.ca

And that reminds me ~ THIS JUST IN: Flanagan has just apologized to the Woman in Toronto that he had threatened through email!

So, as soon as you send off a quick email to the U of C, Politely asking that they consider his retirement, come back and check it out.

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  1. Multitude Project contacted U of Calgary asking to state its official position with respect to Tom Flanagan's case, and what the University is going to do about it. The University was given 7 days to answer these simple questions. Our attempt was totally ignored. Multitude Project is joining this group on Facebook "Investigate Tom Flanagan for inciting murder against Julian Assange"


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