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December 16, 2010

Does Your Member of Parliament Know Your Name?


I keep hearing Concerned Canadians asking when the 'Opposition' is going to do something about this dismal Government.

First of all, ask yourself this: Have you asked the Opposition what they actually plan? It is obvious that most Canadians who are disillusioned with Harper do not blame his Government's persistence entirely on the opposition. Most of us believe that the opposition can simply pull the plug on this Government and most of us believe it is time to do so. Most of us it seems do not see that it is a difficult process to bring down a Government, especially when they employ Rovian tactics. What many of us also do not get is that we can help.

Get a hold of your local MP or the closest Opposition MP.  

Call, drop in or email them. I prefer to call on their constituency offices personally myself.
Also if you get a chance to drop in there regularly, so much the better.

Don't be shy.
Introduce yourself.
Find out when your Member of Parliament will be in and ask to see him.
Leave them with your email address.
Ask for theirs (The constituency office may have a different one than is listed on official sites.)
Grab a few business cards.
Leave your card.

Feel free to hang around. MPs offices are public Places.
They work for you, or should. 

It is amazing how many Canadians think that all they get to do is vote. You do not need to vote to be heard. You do need to speak up to be Heard!

Be Heard! If you are not a supporter of the Government you are already part of the Opposition.

Take this simple Simple test:

Does your MP know YOUR NAME?


Find Contact Information for All Sitting MPs

Find your MPs Name and Information using your POSTAL CODE

Conctact the Liberal Party of Canada

Contact the  New Democratic Party of Canada

Contact the  Bloc Quebecois

Contact the  Green Party of Canada

Remember, you can also find out who in your riding represents the different parties through their local Riding Associations. Most ridings already have a full slate of candidates in place.

So, Does your MP know YOUR NAME?

I'd love to hear your story!


  1. Why not join the CPC and change from within?

  2. You forgot the Conservative Party of Canada.
    Why not work from within?

  3. Sure why not?

    Do you really think that I would be made to feel Welcome in the Conservative Party of Canada?

    Why, they'd run me out of "Harperland" before I could say "Stephen Harper is a Vacuous Dolt", but thanks for asking. lol!


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