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February 13, 2012

Stephen Joseph Harper ~ A man Who Inspires Both the Carrot and the Stick!

Does This Man Not Inspire You?
Apparently he Provides Inspiration to  Carrots and Sticks Alike 

The followers of the Cons are inspired by him and have a very interesting theory about this odd statement. Watch this slightly longer longer version and that fact should be apparent. They are claiming that it proves that he is human.

Seriously? Five years into his primeministership, and even his followers feel that his being human still requires proof? How very odd that seems. But they have a point in a way, because the jury is still out on that issue. 

I have often said that he was inhuman, not because he is not a human, but because he has so very little empathy for others. I have called him a robot, not because he does not possess a heart, but because he so rarely uses it. He appears for the most part to act as a slave to his programming. I call him a puppet, not because he is inanimate without a ventriloquist, but because he so easily says what it is that is expected from him by his handlers. Even when the names of those puppeteers change from time to time. 

That is no doubt a very dangerous circumstance and we can but hope that a year from now I am not writing of  the very odd direction he gets while on the lap of Mitt Romney.

A Longer Version of the Same Statement.

Art Has Always Imitated Life
It seems that he inspires this carrot and the People who bring us V8 Fusion
That may be the Reason that there is such an 
Uncanny Resemblance:
Am I the only one to notice this eery resemblance?
Does this man Inspire You so far?
It seems that Mr. Harper  inspires the man weilding that big stick above. 
But the best and most recent example of his ability to inspire the use of excessive force 
comes from idiot Minister of Public Safety
Vic Toews.

Neither the Public Safety Department
Nor Minister Would Comment on Monday.
In an emailed statement, the department said the 2010 directive "provides greater clarity to CSIS" and that "all CSIS activities, including sharing information with foreign agencies, comply with Canada's laws and legal obligations." 

Added Mike Patton, a spokesman for Toews: "Our government will always take action that protects the lives of Canadians."

Canadian law enforcement and security agencies should focus on getting rid of information that bears the taint of torture, not on carving out exceptions for when it can be used, said Alex Neve, secretary general of Amnesty International Canada.

"The bottom line is that as long as torturers continue to find a market for the fruit of their crimes, torture will continue," he said. "Firmly rebuffing torturers when they offer up information extracted through pain and suffering is a critical plank in the wider campaign to eradicate torture once and for all."
CSIS's ~Tahera Mufti ~ No Comment
Of Course We Stopped Well Short of Water-Boarding them. 
You Really Need to Draw that Line in the Sand  
to Call Yourself Free and Democratic.

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