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February 10, 2012

Dear Mr. Harper ~ Canadians Speaking to Power.

I could add a thousand more things that Canadians need answers to.

Dear Mr. Harper: A work in Progress. Let's kick it off with a song. Listen to it all, it kinda grows on you. And once she gets going it grows on her.

If you don't like what Mr. Harper is doing, let him know,
 call his office at: 1-(613) 992 4211

use art as a weapon against tyranny.

Yeah, It's All About the Art of Asking Questions.

This from my home town. 
A sad display of Contempt by the Prime Minister

See? People Have Questions and People Deserve Answers.

These Kids got Arrested Pretty Easily.

But hey, they were asking questions.

Raging Grannies!


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  1. Great blog Mr. Leaman. As always you cut to the chase. By the way, that song is awesome.

    I've been looking through the archives here. It is a huge collection of Anti-harper information that deserves to be shared.

    Thanks, John Thonpson


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