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February 21, 2012

Hey! MSM! CTV! CBC! Global! SUNTV! ~ Start Reading a Blog Now And Then, Will Ya?

This morning, "Anonymous" released another video and this one directly 'Attacks' Mr. Toews or at least more directly. I am not sure that it constitutes a personal attack as such. It seems to be dealing with his record as a politician. It talks about real facts. It goes over some of his personal triumphs. the weird part is  that contrary to all the stupid hype by the so-called real media, I see nothing like a "threat" at all! The clumsily synthesized voice is simply revealing real information about the insidious Bills, C-30 and C-10 that started all of this mess. If this is considered a threat then whatever it is e attacking must also be considered rather weak. (see blog posts farther down)

Quick Vic! ~ Call the RCMP!
Hullo? 911?..... “This is Vic Toews Again.....” 

"Anonymous is Threatening me with the Facts!"

I mean seriously why would any of the Conservatives be afraid of the truth?

 What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 
It is ^NOT like any law-abiding Canadian would falsely accuse anyone of associating with or even sympathising with Child Predators without serious proof. I mean really? What kind of a creep would do anything as low-life as that? 
Here is a Great *NEW Facebook Group dedicated to Making Canadian Streets Safer!
Shouldn't we insist that these Cons stop using
notes and talking points All the time?
If they can't think for themselves,
why on Earth do we elect them to think for us? 
I'm a Relatively Bad Poet
but at least I know it.
Vic Toews, on the other hand,
is clueless. Lol!

Old Vic Toews 

he calls us knaves
but we’re not slaves
nor spring from graves.

So as he raves
and misbehaves
stand tall young braves
and make some waves.

So what he craves
is wielding staves
but power depraves
while reason saves.

Our rights he waives.
no streets he paves.
Insist he shaves ....
I'll bet he Caves!
   D. Kim Leaman

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