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October 23, 2011

Harper's Goons call this video report, "Misinformation" in Question Period

CBC's Terry Milewski, lands a huge blow to the Harper government's Bill C-10, and goes all the way to Texas to have a look at what can go wrong with Minimum Mandatory Sentencing and a jurisdiction Hell bent on making Punishment the important factor in dealing with crime. Texas should know. At one point, one in twenty Texans was behind bars. That has been changing.

This is a thoughtful and intelligent report on the woes of "stupid on crime" legislation and yet John Baird says it is nothing but misinformation. Have a look and let me know if it is Terry Milewski or our very own Harper Government that is spreading mis-information.

Hundreds of other experts have tried to warn them, but so far according to the Conservative Party of Canada, that represents hundreds of instances of mis-information. I will give them this: I have no doubt that they understand the concept of mis-information better than most!

At least he did not do what he and the other Cons have done so often in the past and pretend that they were in the position of  rejecting the very premise of the question. Although even that lie would be more accurate than to call this very insightful report Misinformation. I fear that our government is ^NOT here for us!

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