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October 24, 2011

Another Neanderthal NeoCon is Outed by his Own Idiocy!

This Obnoxious Video first appeared on the Web site of Saskatchewan Conservative David Anderson. It is typical of the Neo-CON mind. It is insidious, manipulative and even goes so far as to repeat the phrase "You are talking Eskimo" over and over again. That is already being accused of being a racist term and there have been demands to take the video down. See the Huffington Post's article.

At any rate, it goes to great and clumsy lengths to prove to his constituents and all Canadians that the Wheat Board is worthy of Our Contempt. I have other ideas and in this case my contempt is aimed at the Conservative MP and the Ideologues that he bends over backwards to please.

The use of racist words meant to transfer hatred to a third party is an odd and baffling modus operandi. To blame the Canadian Wheat board for this video, or any of the hectic nonsense that it contains, is to fall for this lame attempt at text to voice video.

To make matters worse one must consider that this video was made by or on behalf of one of Harper's hand picked Parliamentary Secretaries, and first appeared on his website.  It may still be there! I am looking for a link! Conservative MP, David Anderson is the parliamentary secretary responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board. 

This video is available on Youtube and should stay there, but I can't seem to make a copy of my own, so it may be unavailable if deleted (I hope it stays on Youtube so we can make fun of it), but it should be removed fron this idiot's taxpayer-funded Website.

If you have a copy let me know! Lol!

NOTE: After a bit of hunting around I was able to overcome the problem and If and When this disappears from that CPC controlled Youtube page, it can still be found for all the World to see, in it's new form here: http://youtu.be/snk8WqwFjPI

It really doesn't seem fair!


  1. I love how your mind works, Kim. I am glad that you are back at the keyboard. I hope you find a copy that you can keep. This will not be around forever. The CPC will have it all taken down. I see that it is not on Anderson's web page now, according to the CBC.ca. Thanks!

    Again, I hope you find a copy!

  2. Thanks Buddy, I did find a permanent copy eventually, after a couple of hours of downloading a lot of new tools (see note at the bottom of post)that did the trick.

    It is my biggest fear that the Cons will leave this on Youtube. The borderline racist language may not bother his base, and they will blame the Canadian Wheat Board for all of the nonsense attributed to them in the video. It is sad when this is overlooked by otherwise sane Canadians as long as it supports Harper's 'Pogrom' against Canadians.

    I realise that it is a harsh word, but I can think of nothing more appropriate in the circumstance.

    If you are not familiar: A pogrom (Russian: погром) is a form of violent riot, a mob attack directed against a particular group, whether ethnic, religious, or other, and usually characterized by killings and destruction of their homes and properties, businesses, and religious centres. The term usually carries connotations of spontaneous hatred within the majority population against certain (usually ethnic) minorities, which they see as dangerous and harming the interests of the majority.

    I quite honestly can think of no motive for most of the Harper Governments actions.


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