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March 13, 2012

HEY Main Stream Media ~ Stop Comparing Voter Suppression to Public Service Announcements

Releasing These Important Details
About CPC Candidate ~ Marty Burke
it Was in Fact, Practically a

What the MSM has yet to tell us if they even know it, is that prior to the May 02, 2011 Federal Election a right wing lobby group Campaign life Coalition sent out questionnaires to every candidate in the country to see how they all felt about the issues that are near and dear to the Nutters on the Right. Now you can feel free to call me a Nutter on the left. I can live with that, But I can tell you this much, I would have wanted to know about this!
One of the Series of Questionnaires
that was Mailed Out to Conservative Mark Burke
Came Back With This Frightening Result!

VISIT THE SITE and click on Questionnaire to View
I realise that the man who authorised the phone calls to non conservatives that gave them this information and who went on to win the riding, Liberal MP Frank Valeriote should have made damned good and sure that this message went out with his name on it, but he says he overlooked it.

No one in the Main Stream Media seems completely satisfied with that, but it does not apparently occur to any of them that it would obviously be known to the recipient of the calls that it was Not the Cons doing it. As I type this I am listening to a vacuous (name withheld) CBC announcer talking about it as if it is some great and powerful transgression that shows that the Liberals were doing something illegal and that that favours the Cons in there effort to cloud the discussion. That is Nonsense. 

Yet they just keep discussing it as if Dean Del Mastro had a clue about any of the subtleties of this and that he may be right in saying what we have all heard him saying and repeating endlessly and mindlessly for days on end. That Dean Del Mastro was being sincere is not even a possibility. 

Why did it NOT occur to any of them that by not identifying themselves, they left the door wide open for the householder to mistakenly think it may have been the NDP that had called them? Now stay with me here.  There are only two possibilities. 

1.) The householder receiving the call was passionately anti-choice. And you can call it pro-life if you prefer, but to me it is anti-choice, and that is another argument that we can have later ~  In which case they would not be swayed from voting conservative, and may even have switched to the conservatives from another choice that they had already somewhat decided upon After all only the conservatives are anti-choice, and not all of them are of course, but had they been, they would definitely have been CPC.

2.) The householder who received the call was pro-choice. In that case they would want this information, which as you see above was accurate, and actually was provided willingly by Mr. Burke These people would have, especially after hearing this,   voted for anyone but Mark Burke. They may even have been thankful for the information and voted for the party that provided that information. But since they forgot to identify the calling party, that vote could just as easily have gone to any other party, including the flying Spaghetti monsters.

So, in reality it was a disadvantage to Valeriote to have failed to self identify. And certainly Not some cunning scheme to cheat anyone.

But if this robocall affair (which I prefer to call the RoboCon Affair) has raised another concern, it may just be that it is time that we abandoned, or at the very least, demanded much more from the MSM than we have been getting from them lately. The Conservatives are doing their best to muddy the waters and the main stream media is doing nothing to provide the clarity that we all need and deserve.

That brings us to one other little thing. How many times a day do you hear the MSM say that we are not engaged, or that we are in the dark, or that we just do not care, or that this kind of issue tends to leave us not caring? Five? Ten? Twenty?

Don't laugh. I counted 35 times yesterday, and so far three times today, but hey, I spend 12 to 16  hours a day tuned in to MSM politics while on-line being heard and listening to and interacting with Canadians from coast to coast. And I can tell you this much. 

Canadian politics will start to heal only when we the people get off of our asses and help it heal and far from being a reason to disengage, the state of politics in this country, and the sad fact that the conservatives, at least the Big C ones, are no longer progressive and the obvious fact that they are connected to American politics, ideology and scandalous tactics is not a reason to give up on Canada and it's politics. 

If anything, it should help to crystallize in our minds the absolute need to become engaged, if not enraged, more aware and not be caught sitting back while others with far less to lose steal our fragile and vital democracy.

Most of us do not have to answer to an editor, an office manger, and advertiser, a board of directors, or share holders or political bullies, but there are those among us that do. And there is no way that we should ever feel that we have to answer to them.

We need to help change that dynamic and we need to let it be known that it is we citizens to whom the debt is owed. I want  a mainstream media that is either driven into the background or who evolves and  becomes a catalyst  for our re engagement.

They really should know enough and be free enough from interference to inspire us to get involved, but many of them are also on the side of the vote suppressors, whether by choice or by circumstance.

Oh, I gotta go. That odd daytime CBC lady just referred to Harper's "pledge to pass the Omnibus (more at Ominous) Crime Bill" which is IMO more of a threat than a pledge. and so should our awakening be more of a threat to wake up every Canadian than a pledge to support the dismal political atmosphere created by this dismal Harper Government!

I may be one of the few that sees reason for hope in the abject hopelessness that is the Harper Government. 

It Is Definitely A Reason 
And a Clarion Call To Rise.

And while you are at it. Please help us to Pressure Elections Canada to release the name of the despot or despots who thought it would be within the rules to divest anyone of their right to vote. And Please join with other Canadians to get the harper Government to call a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of this an fix it so that Nothing Like this ever happens again!

If  the so called Pierre Poutine did indeed come forward yesterday, as he said he would, and if he did indeed confess to something that everyone in the country knows to be a crime, then charge him immediately and unless he is a minor, Release his Name. We have waited for the answer to his identity long enough as it is.

And Yes this Really is Dean Del Mastro trying to defend
what he does not have the skill to defend.
The longer this farce goes on the longer the sheep that never get angry at, or frustrated with these Cons will be able to nod their heads in agreement as they listen to their hero Dean Del Mastro spouting ridiculous talking Points and whining that he and the Cons are the real victims in this affair. That too is nonsense.

Not that he can not sometimes be the victim, he is not exactly known for his glove hand, nor his stick work, after all, Lol!

This Just In:
Fake Video of fake Michael Sona? Surfaces

It is Definitely a Fake says the Montreal Gazette.  

This Whole Damned Story just Keeps Getting 
Curiouser and Curiouser

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  1. This is Brilliantly laid out as usual. It does seem that there are vast differences in this approach to information, that I would definitely want to know about, before I voted.

    It also seems to that Mr. Burk must have wanted it known as well. It was him who filled out the survey.

    Have you sent this to the PMO, the Opposition members and the people at E.C?



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