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March 02, 2012

Harper's Little Helpers ~ Responsive Marketing Group ~ Pimp My Riding!

Little Boys Like Big Trucks!

It Turns out that the Famous Conservative call centre company
Responsive Marketing Group in Thunder Bay )
has a checkered legal history in U.S.   
OTTAWA — The company that handles the Conservative Party's computerized voter-identification system and powerful fundraising machine has a checkered legal history in the United States, where it operates call centres that have repeatedly been the subject of lawsuits and complaints over its telemarketing practices.
     Media reports say Elections Canada is broadening its investigation of harassing telephone calls in Guelph to include former employees of Responsive Marketing Group in Thunder Bay, who called the RCMP to report concerns about calls they were making to direct voters to the wrong polling stations.
      RMG issued a statement late Wednesday night asserting that it did not engage in voter suppression calls in the campaign and saying the company would contact Elections Canada to work with the agency.

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Doug Finley praised this company loudly just last week. Hmmm..... Doug Finely, that rings a bell

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