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April 13, 2011

Harper Looks Prime Miserable to Me! ~ He is our Prime Misery!

Debating the Debate         

As Long as the Main Stream Media Believes
That Harper Owns the Economy We are Screwed!

The Debate is still a recent event, and it will be getting a Good going over today and for the rest of the Campaign period. As I watch the hapless and incredibly Conservative Evan Solomon, I am reminded of how much Power is in the hands of the Media here in Canada.

So Far they seem to be Mindlessly Bobbling their way through. Bobble Heads are Not Great media. They are in a very real sense among the elitists in this Country, they have things to defend and they will protect their turf. With the exceptions of the veterans; Robert Fife, and Terry Milewski, for instance, I feel that they come off as much less than sincere.

They are quite easy on the Prime Miserable in My Opinion. Do they ever ask (themselves) why everyone is picking on Harper? No, they just say he is... holding up well. They are also saying over and over, that he looked Directly into the Camera. He looked weird to me, and he was Not actually looking into the camera. He was focused at a point just to his Right of the lens. Very Odd indeed. A more reasonable observation would have been to point out his failure to look his opponents in the eye. That is after-all what got us to this point in time. The MSM's myopia reminds me of Bob Cole, who would benefit from a more careful look at the replays, instead of repeating his original missed call.

Hell, were they expecting him to be nervous, or contrite, or reactive, during all of those well deserved criticisms? By what mechanism? He has No Conscience. He is convinced that Supporting Exxon over Canadian citizens is the right thing to do. He is the Immovable Object. I thought he looked anal, and emasculate. He 'pretends' that he is the Victim here and they in the MSM do NOT tell us the Difference. I am still waiting for an apology from Mr. Harper. Instead what we get is a complete denial of the charges. It is interesting that the defendant, now found guilty is now framing it as him having been framed and that it was atrivial Bickering. Enter the Bobble-heads to nod away and agree that it really was nothing. Apparently Contempt is acceptable to a surprising number of Canadians. I feel very differently on the subject as you already know.

I am Not impressed! I thought Harper was evasive, smarmy, misguided and robotic. I wouldn't trust him to feed my Cat!

At Least He Looked Prime Miserable!

 Take the man-Child Out of a place of authority, and figure out a way to put him back in the tube. The fact that he cannot even look the other guys in the eyes should tell us all that we need to know!

In the entire two hours of the debate Harper stared at a spot on the floor somewhere near Duceppe's feet and never looked into the Camera. The Main Stream Media came out saying that Harper held his own during this debate. I didn't see it that way. But since I consider him a Child, I will tell you how other kids saw it!

Ignatieff Draws Praise while Harper Criticized for Lacklustre Debate Performance
EDMONTON — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff won the televised leaders’ debate after he stopped dumbing down his arguments and started acting like himself, say the three student debaters who participated in the Edmonton Journal’s live chat.

Ignatieff’s impassioned plea for the role of the federal government in supporting equal access to health care across Canada was his strongest point, the three said.

“He had the most consistent message,” Kristen Pue said, adding he also backed up his statements with more examples than the other leaders.

He looked relaxed, and when taking questions from Canadians he answered directly and remembered the questioner’s name, said Sheida Kayat, who judges debates for the University of Alberta Debate Society, the oldest club on campus.

"Nearly 300 participants in the live chat were asked at the beginning who they thought would debate the best, and Harper won out with 38 per cent expecting good things from him.

But by the end of the debate, opinion turned against him. When asked who won the debate, 44 per cent of those on the live
chat voted for Ignatieff. Layton got 41 per cent while 15 per cent thought Harper won the debate. No one voted for Duceppe."
So What Is Real Leadership?

If Any of you 'PMO' Types are looking at this and I somehow doubt you are. I need to know if this is Jenni Byrne. It was sent to me and it is supposed to come from Jenni's facebook Profile.
Apparently She is NOT a very nice human being. If you do NOT know who she is, She is in charge of Harper's re-election Campaign, and is Noted as a problem-child, just like her boss!

For more information on Helping to Un-Seat the Cheat, Read on Down this page, or visit C.R.U.S.H. on Facebook.
Now we need to Figure out How to Get this Mean Genie back in the Bottle, or more accurately this strange Blue Goo back into the tube. A lot of people who are as hated as Harper would just crawl back in and Go away.
Mr. Harper is ^NOT the type to do that. He will need to go down in flames in order to get the point. He does ^NOT seem to understand that he is being held in Contempt by so very many of us.

On May 2nd
^NOT Contempt!
This Just IN:

This is a very odd way to advertise Compassion, and is in very bad taste for the facebook page of a 26 year old running a national Election campaign. Oh, that's Right, Ethics, Compassion, Empathy, public good, the suffering of others, is^NOT on the Conservatives 'Radar'.
Sadly, If you are reading my Blog, YOU probably Are!

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  1. Excellent Blog article. It's so refreshing to hear a quality and informed voice cutting through the garbage of the top-down mainstream media. Eh, I'm definitly proud to be one of those on the Con 'radar'! :D


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