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January 14, 2011

What is the Meaning of "Small Dead Animals"?

What is the meaning of "Small Dead Animals"?

Is it a cruel joke? It is cruel but no joke! 
Is it written by sadists? Possibly!
Animal Lovers? Not bloody likely!
By tiny lifeless rodents? That may be close.

If this screen shot below is an indication of the content, it is more or less a Sheep fest. It is also a very popular right wing Blog. It is normally a chance for spewing their drivel unchallenged. Apparently that is not the case tonight! I have had enough of them and their small 'L' leader!

It is important to brave those cold waters once in a while and take the C.R.A.P. that will inevitably be flung in order to see just exactly how they go about doing what it is that they do best. And What is that?

Apparently it is Blindly following the rantings of a leader who would like to be the leader of the only political party left standing in Canadian Politics! It is strange and eerily Stalinesque but it is certainly not the first time there has been evidence of such a cult among his followers. I mean just try and engage any of them in a discussion that is about the facts or the figures involved in any given topic.

"Small Dead Animals" is also a place where one can quote; Ezra Levant, Karl Rove, Tom Flanagan, Ann Coulter, Charles McVety, Glenn Beck, Kory Teneycke, Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly, George Dubya Bush, Ronald Reagan, and a host of other equally delusional Mental Midgets with impunity and apparently without feeling an overwhelming need to Spit, as I feel a sudden urge to do now! .  .  .  .  .  Pttuuie!

Stephen Harper has finally decided that it is time to push our buttons. He says he does not want an election. He is Lying! He says he believes in Democracy. He is Lying! He says he believes in Parliament. He is Lying!

He does not think that the Government of Canada has any moral obligation to set aside a measly $1.98 per vote for the party receiving that vote. Remember the last time this happened? It was after the breaking of the Fixed election law (in Sept. of 2008) that he had used to get himself elected in 2006. Actually there was also the matter of the short lived Coalition with the NDP not that you will find that on Small Dead Animals.

At any rate the threat of dropping the subsidies and forever tilting the playing field in favor of Harper and his silent big business partners in late 2008 ultimately lead to the hasty formation of a proposed coalition between the Liberals under Stephane Dion and the NDP led by Jack Layton, which still needed the co-operation of Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois. If they had not tipped their hand (quite inexplicably in my opinion) they would have defeated The Government in a scheduled vote of Non-Confidence and gone on to implement that Coalition. I have no idea why they showed their hand. I am quite sure they would do it differently if they had it to do over again!

And this time around they will (if he can be believed) get no argument from the NEW Governor General who very recently had this to say: "Nothing Wrong with Coalition Governments ~ Governor General"

So, I give you a peek into the world of the "tiny lifeless creatures" who support this Vacuous Dolt!

If this is too small, open your Status Bar and enlarge to 150%

As you can plainly see, I am not hard to find, but I will not publish Anonymous comments on this Blog as I often do on others. Sorry CONS I am going to have to have some Real Names.

I will update this Blog by replacing the Screen-Shot when I see relevent added comments. Of course If my comment on there is deleted, I will not be doing that!

All's fair in Love and War, and as Far as I am Concerned, Stephen Harper Has Just Declared War on Democracy!

Small Dead Animals discusses Party subsidies complete with comments here, and on this thread you see how they react to media and others calling for less violent rhetoric and the innapropriate use of Guns as political metaphor.


  1. Wow! They are calling my name and leaving posts that refer to me on two different threads. But I am quite sure this is the one to which I have published the link Above. I will publish the other one as well! whemn I get a chance!

    "Some of My favorites so far!

    From "Paul" (and since there is only one Paul on the planet we know exactly who He or she is)!

    "Kim Leaman is a tax payer leeching Money for nothing censoring communist."

    Ya nailed it I think. lol! Although it is not exactly obvious without the commas it would take to turn it into readable English.
    From ET: Who is yet another Anonymous Commenter.

    "Hey - why hasn't Kim come on and justified his/her opinions? Is it the same old thing - where a leftist comes to a blog with a full set of ungrounded opinions and when called to account, disappears?"

    I am not a Leftist (please look that one up) and how in Hell can an anonymous poster say I have disappeared? Do you seriously think that this is the only site on the web?

    If my opinions are "ungrounded", as you intimate, then look them up. It is all just a click away. It is not like you are so open minded that you will do that, but at least I am not the "unknown comic" of the two of us! That would be You.

    I'm a very busy guy, I have not the time to justify all of my opinions to a close minded slave to the doctrine that is being proffered here. Why are you loyal to a man who thinks it is fair to play these games? He has no means whatsoever to change this rule, and can never do so without a Majority, and in spite of all the Right's posturing that is simply not in the cards.

    Besides, if two dollars is so important to you, don't vote!
    And to any of you, and i suspect there are many of you, who thinks all tax is theft, try driving around on unpaved unmaintained roads for a while. And do try to keep it in mind, that unless you are quite well off, the taxes you pay in a lifetime are probably not enough to pave the road between where you live and where you work. Not even once in that lifetime.
    As far as me running back to the safety of my blog goes. There is nothing safe about publishing a blog that is open and searchable. If I wanted to play it safe, I would either call Myself " John Wayne", not give my URL, and post with safety. That is not nearly good enough. Although it meets the requirements of safety for any who are guided by their Amygdala.
    And finally, to Rose, who by any other name would still be anonymous and who worries, as she has been told to do by the Harper Conservative / Reform / Alliance Party (yes it's actually a coalition and the result of a hostile takeover) to hate the long form census to the point of absurdly suggesting that it has been criminalized in any real way. Although I do see that the prosecutors in Saskatchewan have decided to prosecute a political opponent to prove Harper's point it is a flawed position as we all know that the names disappear from and are kept separate from any of the data, other than the information that confirms such Compliance to the law.
    Thanks for your support! And remember, I am not such a mystery as any of the many Anonymous among you!

    Have a great day, eh?

    Posted by: Kim Leaman at January 14, 2011 7:09 PM "

  2. This is last my response to the 'Roudkillers' on the 'Diss CBC site', whichis actually about the reaction of the Left to the rhetoric and use of Guns as a metaphor and the possibility that it is not healthy! To see what else I posted there, click last link in blog. I seemed to have gotten them all upset!

    "Mamba, are you calling me gay? Not that that would matter! Why would I have a C.R.U.S.H. on Stephen Harper, I am a straight guy and even if I were gay, he is not a great specimen and may just be the least sexy man I have ever seen. My wife even thinks he is a Clod. She says that He is clumsy, and plastic.

    Oh, he speaks as if he believes himself to be "all that" but he is not all that much really. I sure as hell would not want him on my hockey team. Although I might like to play against him. It would be great to stuff my puck in his net. (a little bit of humour there for your over-active imagination).

    And how can any adult of voting age go even a day without thinking about Harper. He is changing this country in ways that make life difficult for those at the lower end of the socio-economic scale, and is doing all he can to feed huge profits to the rich. Are you rich?

    And why, given the fact that simply clicking on my name above (unlike yours) opens up my entire life to inspection, would you guess about my gender and make such silly assumptions? Is Kim Brunhuber, the CBC news anchor, not a man?

    As far as Canada needing to be Left biased, that is all on my blog. It has primarily to do with latitude. We are far too far North to take the stance that each must fend for ourselves as a matter of course. Just get up and walk away from your keyboard, your credit cards, that nice warm coat and ll your cash, and spend a week or a winter living on the street.I am not saying that you need to in your circumstance, but do it as an experiment in humility. And rest assured, it will humble you. If it does not actually kill you, that is.

    And a final thought. What makes any of you think that Stephen Harper gives a rodent's posterior about any of you? There is absolutely nothing on record that points to that conclusion. And you people think I am delusional? That is just part of the delusion that accompanies your comfortable self interested lives.

    Sorry that it took me so long to write back. I also posted a comment on another thread in which harper's minions are protesting Way to much about a dollar a head to ensure that the grassroots are given a chance to support a new or a weaker party in the context of a healthy democracy.

    Have a great day, and please don't look too closely at Harper, you may not like what you see. And if you do, think of C.R.U.S.H. and it will go away.

  3. I see you didn't post my comment of earlier today, though I'm sure you read it, and will read this. Why is it that you decline to engage me in debate on SDA? I have asked you a number of cogent questions, giving you the opportunity to present your point of view with underlying facts... facts don't lie and we neanderthal conservatives do understand that. I respect people who at least are willing to do their homework and support their views with some hard evidence. Simple ad hominem, and a reflexive hatred of Harper doesn't cut it in a real debate. Many of us don't have much time for Harper either, but we can give you some cogent reasons why, without resorting to emotion. Want to try? I know you won't post this either, and spare me the homily about anonymity. Anyone afraid of opposing opinions doesn't have much to say for himself, whether the opposing opinion comes from someone with an internet handle or a real name (which of course we can't verify in your case, so it is a moot point)

  4. First of all 'Tanker', I did not get an earlier comment from you, so of course I haven't read it. You are right though that I have read this one and even you can see that I have published it.

    OK, you ask above: "Why is it that you decline to engage me in debate on SDA? I have asked you a number of cogent questions, giving you the opportunity to present your point of view with underlying facts... facts don't lie and we neanderthal conservatives do understand that."

    I decline to engage You in what you claim to be a debate, on "Small Dead Animals" because I find your comments ridiculous and frivolous.

    I see nothing "cogent" about any of your Questions or your comments. For example, "Kim appears to have some serious psychological projection issues... reading her screed on her blog is quite the education in polemics. I do note that having been challenged here to provide substantiation to her assertions, she retreated back to her blog and blasted away. That in itself is clear evidence of the weakness and inanity of her opinions. It is also the modus operandi of progressives. Those folks are so predictable - must be the tendency towards group-think that makes them polemicise like automatons."

    Your use of the term "her blog" alone is proof that you have not bothered to find out who you are talking to, even though it is no real mystery. There are all the links here to get all of the information that you seek. It is quite funny that you, like all the others there assume my gender.

    Anyone who knows me knows that there is nothing whatsoever Automatonic about my style of engagement. And by the way the word polemicise may not mean what you think it means.

    Verb, 1. polemicise - engage in a controversy; "The two historians polemicized for years". polemicize, polemise, polemize ...

    That simply means engaged.

    Facts do not lie, but to say that Conservatives understand that is inane. Trying to get Conservatives to even look at the facts is a full time occupation of many of us on the left, who by the way are not "Leftists". look that up too, since you claim to be a conservative unafraid of facts.

    There is nothing "reflexive" about my hatred of Stephen Harper, either. Neither do I hate him, but I do hate what he is doing to this country and what a belief in him is doing to the minds of his followers. He has managed to convince them somehow, that giving tax breaks to huge American oil companies will benefit them. You do realise that as Tax rates here fall below American levels those companies are required by law to forward All of those savings to the American Tax man, do you not?

    To say that I am afraid to engage in debate is just plain ignorance. You do not follow me around on the web, even though I have obviously made that easy for you to do. You are here are you not?

    I am guessing that you have not yet found the comments that I left at SDA in response to others whom I considered even more worthy of my time. There are links above (to two separate SDA sites)that should get you back to them, in spite of the claims made on both of those sites that there are not!

    Excuse me now 'Tanker' if you will, as I have to get back to other more important tasks.

    Now go and tell your readers if you have any, (your handle links straight back to SDA) that you have have met a very nice MAN from Eastern Canada and that YOU and HE are now 'engaged'.

    I guess, since I am so "predictable" you saw that coming.

  5. Well done Kim! Why you would waste time bashing your head against the closed door of the conservative mind is a mystery to me. I personally have no patience to listen to such drivel. I also note that some of the Harper lovers follow him like a religion. What does that say about the Con mentality? I gave up playing the Con troll game long ago as all that one ever gets in return is 1)personal attacks on self, 2)personal attacks on the political opposition, 3)the party allowed talking points and 4)unsubstantiated arguements riddled with falsehood and misrepresentation. And they wonder why people won't engage in their silly time wasting game. As for putting yourself,personally, out there as a target Kim I don't recommend it. Sure it gives you cred and discredits them but some of these ReformaCon Alliance ideologues can be real whack jobs. As a result I prefer to keep myself and my family sheltered under a pseudonym.
    Kudo's to you for taking them on and by the way you are right to never spend too much time engaging on any site as time is too valuable for that. You Go Man!

  6. Thanks Auquataine, I have lots of time for this sort of thing. Someone has to do it, and as this is TTSM and not SDA, I do it to bring this nonesense out into the open and share it with those who read this blog. It is mportant to peek into the Rovian mind, so as to know that there are those who think that way. As far as being afraid of any whack jobs, I find little time for that. I don't do fear, just common sense!

    Oh, did ya see above that I am now engaged? lol!

  7. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    Hi !!! Good job!

  8. It is not pleasant to you?
    Merry Christmas! :)

  9. It is no big deal. I get a lot of spam from the Cons. I sift through it and throw it away. None of the stuff ever reaches this comment board, but it is no big deal.

    It might do Canada more good if the Trolls would learn to think instead of harassing me, but it only makes them look stupid, so for the third time: It is no Big Deal.

    And since it is January 11th, unless you are a conTroll who does not know what day it is, you Must mean next Christmas, NO?

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