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October 19, 2009

Conservative Estimate

How many Conservatives does it take to change a Doorknob?

Remember these are “Conservative Estimates” and, do not therefore, represent Real numbers.

13 to study the proposal
1 Conservative Senator with connections to local hardware store
3 to help bypass normal tendering process
5 to make the novelty cheque
1 to add the Logo
1 Minister to sign it
1 (anonymous Conservative) to call the Press
6 to organize the Pre-event Cocktail party
6 to organize the Post-event Dinner party
2 to book flights for dignitaries
2 to create the Guest list
3 to send out invitations
6 to serve drinks
4 to serve hor d'oeuvres
28 to keep out Undesirable Canadians (non party members)
1 to change the Doorknob
673 Invited guests
1 Minister to hand out the Cheque
1 Minister to cut the ribbon
1 to Secretly copy the Keys

5 Ministers and 1 Sub-prime Minister to defend the Event in the House of Commons.

Current Estimate: 759

Again, this is only a ‘Conservative Estimate’, so the numbers are only Guesstimates.

I apologize to all those who have been left off of this list and welcome any suggestions that will help bring the number closer to a Number in which All Canadians can have Confidence.


  1. Yep,these people are all doorknobs. Cheaper by the dozen,they say. :)

  2. Invite Monkey suit Duffy to defend his position as a senator and his expenses. He's a joke and resembles and acts like a baboon. He can be the intertaiment and call everyone on the lIberals or NDP's fakers. He should know because he's the biggest faker of them all literally.

  3. Marie, I appreciate your enthusiasm. Je't'aime......., but, I love most everybody.

    I received email from Steve Murphy, in which he weakly defends his part in the controversial "Dion interview". email me @ donaskim@gmail.com and I'll reveal it to ya! any1? I want to take this to a higher level.


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