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October 07, 2009

Beatlejokes .... Beatlejokes .... Beatlejokes Oops, Now you've done it!

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Harper at the NAC, Getting Positive Play?

I have heard a few rumblings out there that this is being blown out of proportion by the media, and that the attention may have been premature.

As much as I agree that Harper's 'surprise' Performance was blown out of proportion, I also think that given time that it is going to be seen as ridiculous that it somehow justified the PM getting this kind of Praise.

Sometimes these things just take a bit of time and considered thought to digest.

Keep in mind that Harper is not really a very talented singer. Not really NAC material. AHH show busines, eh? What magic. The backup group, who were quite a bit louder than Harper, were Amazing, but Harper's piano was nearly inaudible, and, to me, his voice sounded Weak and Tremulous, and at times he 'Sang out of tune'. (what are ya gonna do?)

And to top it all off, over 90% of Canadians are functionally tone deaf. God, how I wish I was one of majority of us not really able to identify the chromatic scale.

"But at least it was spontaneous and showed Harper is a real human being." I have heard this little gem over and over from his Flock and his caucus.

Anyone who has looked more closely at the "impromptu jam session" knows that it was far from a spur of the moment happening. It is obvious that the 'surprise' was planned, well in advance, and rehearsed at least at home. I repeat, there was nothing spontaneous about it. Harper's wife, as the Organizer of the event, was able to arrange the whole thing, and she was aware that he may have already been defeated in a Non Confidence vote, by the time of the scheduled performance of this small bit of amateur Theater.

Had that happened, it would have become (plan B) a Great opportunity to Kick off his Election Campaign, with a human,'off the cuff', almost 'blue sweater' like event. Not that he ever stops campaigning, or that he wears blue sweaters when the cameras are not rolling.

As I said, these things take time. And it is starting to be not such a purely positive move by the mysterious Man who rules the PMO.

There are already many questions and many jokes and Jabs floating around the office and the Internet. I should know this, as I have made up dozens of jokes about our hapless Leader. I consider him my Fodder, eh?

Here is one of my contributions:

Although Harper seems to believe he is actually a Beatle, He is not. Neither is he a Rolling Stone. It is rumoured that he has been 'gathering Moss' for four years.

Mr. Harper is no Ringo Starr. Actually now that I think of it he is no star at all.


  1. From a purely ‘social interest’ level I thought his staged performance was okay. This isn’t about Harper being spontaneous or being human. He’s creepy with his threatening and secretive attitude. He admires George Bush. That should tell Canadians a lot about this man. If they give Harper a majority government, Canada is finished!!

  2. Ditto Annie but I think Canadains in general are smarter than that. If they thought he deserved a majority, he would have had one by know. He's had enough tries and any more only spells disaster for him like looking for another job in the US perhaps as he's always there promoting himself to the Fox Media.


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