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January 25, 2010

Inaction Becomes Government's Central Plank

It is January 25th 2010, and Today it is Official. Harper Government has Placed 'Inaction' as It's Central plank.

No Action on Climate Change, No Action on Employment, No Action on Human Rights, No Action on Women's Issues, No Action on Social Programs. And Today The House of Commons has been Shut Down.

Stephen Harper Insists that Canadians "Do Not Care", and that this Proroguation is Normal. Stephen Harper insists that this Prorogation has been done to Recalibrate the Government, and that Canadians are Not Interested in the Afghan Affair, Are Not Interested in the Environment, Are Not Interested in Women's Issues, Are Not Interested in Human Rights, Are Not Interested in Helping the Unemployed, Are Not Interested in Saving Social Programs, and Are not Interested in Democracy.

Stephen Harper is Not Interested In Any of these Issues. He is Not Interested in Afghan Detainees, He is NOT interested in the Environment, He is Not Interested in Women's Rights, He is Not Interested in Human Rights, He is Not Interested in Helping the Unemployed, He is Not Interested in Saving Canada's Social Programs, He is Not Interested in Democracy.

Stephen Harper IS Interested in Saving His Position of Power, He Is Interested in Gaining Power over the Senate, He is Interested in Big Oil, He is Interested in Privatising Prisons, He is Interested in Mandatory Minimum Sentences, He is Interested in Sending Canadian Teens to Adult Prisons, He is Interested In Stephen Harper.

There are now over 216,000 Canadians (google Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament to Join Them ) who Disagree with His Leadership, Disagree with his Priorities, Disagree with his Methods, Disagree with his Contempt.

Stephen Harper Wants to Keep his Job, But is not in the Least Interested in Actually Doing it!

The Time has Come to Stand up for Canada! The Time Has Come to Stand Up To Stephen Joseph Harper.

The Time has Come to be Taken Seriously!

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  1. Great Blog. I've added a link to mine. I'm trying to network a lot of progressive thinkers. We can do this.

    Stephen Joseph Harper has got to go.


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