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August 10, 2010


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Tory Times are Tough Times
I've Heard that Mor'n Enough Times
Rough Times, Tough Times
Tory Times are Tough.

Tory Times are Hard times
Fill the barr'l with Lard times
Unreported Crime times
Tory Times are Hard.

Tory Times are Tough times
Tell 'em not to Worry times
We're slow and in no Hurry times
Tory Times are Sorry.

Tory Times are Wasted times
Spit it out when Tasted times
Wrote it then Erased it times
Tory Times are Wasted.

Tory Times are Shameless Times
Frivolous and Aimless times
They all claim they're Blameless times.
Tory times are Shameless.

Tory Times are Tough Times
I've Heard that Mor'n Enough times
Rough times, Tough times
Tory Times are Tough.

My Name is Kim Leaman, and I



  1. They (Conservatives) make their own tough times more often than not then they blame everyone else.

    I'm tired of their attacks on upstanding people, their smear of all who don't agree with their backward knuckledragging ideology, their embarrassing muckraking at international events ... Stephen Harper would rather crawl around in his own slime than rise above and walk with decency.

    It's plain that Harper would rather take down Canada than give it up. Is it his plan to take us down the path where we won't have the choice to give him up? If we give him long enough we will be that ===========> country. The one we never asked to be.

  2. Thanks Yukon, I do like poetry, even if it is the hardest medium for me to write. I am glad you got it. These are indeed Tough Times. We need to get tough to get through it. We need to stop letting Harper dictate the Rules!


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