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August 27, 2010

Changing the Channel? ~ Does it Work?

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There Are those in Canada who Only Watch



I'm Not One of Them

 For Best Viewing Results ~ Open Each Channel in a  New Tab!

Channel 2 BET Affirmative InAction

Channel 3  PBS Documentary  Stats Can Be Useful

Channel 5 SUNTV Game Show, Running In and Out                           

Channel 6  Too MUCH MUSIC  Harpers Hit List

Join Us Today!
Channel 8  HisToryTV One Neo-Con's View of Canada!

Channel 11 Court TV Tragedy, Welcome Back Khadr

Channel 12 Spike TV  The 6000 Mile Screwdriver

Channel 13 FOXNN  Naught Glenn Beck

Channel 14  PMOTV How I saved Jennifer Whoever Fiction

Channel 16 WN  Canadian Weather News

Channel 18 CMDY  Double Talk with Phoney Clement

Channel 19  SPACE Science Friction Hour

Indoor Living Network Special Presentaton:
"G20~Lifestyles of the Rich and Stupid"
Sunday at 8:00 ET on  ILN
the network for shut-ins
Channel 22 GODTV  Harper is Our Hero

Channel 23 STFU  We'll Party Till You Puke

Channel 24 MTV  Harper Sings the Blues

Channel 26 FOOD  Maple Leaf Forever                                             

Channel 27 TSN   My Imaginary Hockey Book

Channel 28 TSN2  Fall Classic Postponed

Channel 30 TVO  Mental Health News

Channel 31 GLTGTV  Stephen Harper: The Musical

Channel 32 BOOKTV  What Is Our Leader Reading?

Channel 34 BIO:  How I became a Nutter


Channel 36 CITYTV  The World Comes to Toronto

Channel 38 APTN  Vigil for The Kelowna Accord

see  "Big Love"  Fridays at 9:00 ET on BRAVO
Channel 39 GLB-W 100 Harper Street ~ Dr. C. McVety

Channel 40 CBCNN  Powder & Politics ~(in 2 parts)

Channel 41 SLICE  Big Brother

Channel 43 SHOP  Fit to a "Tee"

Channel 44 WBZ  Bailout Canadian Style

Channel 50 CTV-W So You Think You Can Dance All Over Canada?


Coming soon to a Country near you!

ACTN  Law and Order

Channel 51 FAX-TV   Documentary ~ One Hundred Reasons

Channel 52  Future Home of Fox News North?

Channel 53 Future Home of Fox North-West?


The Future Home of Stephen Joseph Harper?

So the next time that Harper
decides to Change the Channel,
let him know that WE  decide what is is
that WE  feel are the
real stories, and that
He does ^NOT get to decide.
We Do!


  1. Denise JulienAugust 27, 2010

    That's really his stratagy isn't it. Just change the channel, hope the people stay tuned out.
    Well the times they are a changing.
    When you offend just about everyone, suddenly you have our undivided attention Mr Harper. Changing the channel is no longer an option.
    That is something you HADN'T counted on.
    Welcome back Canada...Time to show this frightening little man,, the door.

  2. Good one Kim. I love Glen Beck in the diaper.

  3. Nice Work, Kim!! :o)
    Highly entertaining, and fully appropriate.
    I'm So With Denise Julien, it's OVER Harper, will will not take your garbage, we will NOT be fooled.
    And WE decide our own channels to view!


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