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March 28, 2010

What Would It Take?

The simple Question? What would it take to make a man who knows as much as I do about; Stephen Harper, his Cabinet, his Agenda, his Caucus, his Methods, his odd Vision of Canada and his Dismal Record (see earlier stories for details on these) to forget all that CRAP and give him my support?
What Would It Take?

If poor Stephen Harper’s pencil was Sharper,
If Peter MacKay was OK,
If a screaming John Baird didn’t make my Cat Scared,
If I had any faith in Stock Day.

If Good Math from Jim Flaherty wasn’t a Rarity
If Garry Lunn was more Fun,
If Peter Van Loan didn’t make my dog Moan,
If Rob Moore was not an odd pun.

If Jason Kenney had smarts, even any,
If Ms. Raitt was not so irate,
If Gerry Ritz was not still on the fritz
If I thought that Bev Oda could Skate.

If Tony Clement wasn’t made of Cement,
If the Backbenchers weren’t a sorority
If I thought Gerald Keddy would ever be ready
I still wouldn’t grant them Majority.

Kim Leaman, 2010

Update: It has recently become apparent that Bev Oda can indeed ^NOT skate.


  1. Love this poem Kim! Use of humour is a great way to drive a point home and this one is exceptionally well done. I just hope poor Rona and Helena don't feel too left out!

  2. Brilliant Kim. "Tony Clement made of cement" LOL.

    I love it.

  3. Emily, this was funny then it is funnier now after we know what a poor swimmer he turned out to be. lol!


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