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January 17, 2012

Stephen Harper Missing in Action Again ~ Skips First Minister's Conference on Health Care

This is Nothing New!
Harper Has Been Ducking Issue After Issue
For Over 15 Years.

The latest odd incident in the story of his abandonment of Health Care which came to a head  this past weekend. He failed to show up or even send a representative to the first ministers meetings in Victoria, B.C.

Last month, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty enraged premiers from Manitoba east (now only the Alberta Premier is is on board) with what some described as a take-it-or-leave-it plan. The scheme calls for current spending levels of six per cent annually until 2017, followed by increases tied to the rate of economic growth. 

Those increases are expected to be about four per cent annually, but Flaherty said they will never drop below three per cent.

But this is not all about money. The conference has Always been a way to bring the leaders of all 14 governmental levels to the table and Never before has a Prime minister had the nerve to miss one. 

It seems the federal government intends to limit its role to signing blank cheques with no strings attached and no accountability. If rumours on the Hill are true, once the current arrangement expires Harper may replace cash transfers entirely with tax credits. 

The Harper Government has set in motion a strategy that will quite possibly lead to the unravelling of Canada's national health system. All Harper has to do is nothing. By abdicating the essential federal responsibilities in health care, the system will fragment on its own into 14 separate pieces. One also must keep in mind that the Federal Government only supplies 20% of Health care funding (down from 50% over the last 30 years or so) and that means that the 6% represents only a 1.2% increase in overall funding.

Couple that with the yet unknown costs of the omnibus crime bill (most of which are to be passed off to the provinces and territories) and the cost of the Harper Governments eventual purchase of 65 F35 stealth fighters, which some estimate will cost up to $60 Billion and uncertainty abounds.

It is not just the Prime Minister who is in hiding. The Minister of health is silent and all the costs above are basically unknown as well. Harper hides and he hides all the numbers while he does so.  
Google: Stephen Harper No-Show!

$10 Says he is Also ^NOT in Attawapiskat

Harper doesn't fool anyone when he pretends to be an economist.
A Master of Disguise
and  deceit, he's considered more elusive than most other weasels.

See if you can spot him hidden in this candid picture.

Here he is having a little Halloween fun and has disguised himself, in a well rehearsed "I'm a human"  Costume, dressing up as a second rate economist on Halloween.

What a sense of humour, eh? Stephen Harper? An Economist? Seriously?

Who would ever fall for a trick like that?

   Google: Stephen Harper Missing in Action
Harper Makes a Donut Run
Misses Keynote UN Speech
So, where was he again? 

He WAS Under a Lot of Pressure to Do so....

Do You Remember 
Harper's Surprise Proroguation 
to Avoid the Afghan Detainee Questions
He 'said' He "Needed Time" to Re-calibrate 
Where WAS He Really?Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, international torchbearer from India for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, is presented with a prototype of Vancouver 2010 Olympic torch in Mumbai by Prime Minister Stephen Harper 

L-R:  Andrew Clark, CTC VP Market Development; Akshay Kumar; Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Derek Galpin, CTC Managing Director, China and India 

He was at the Vancouver Olympics 
Strutting Around, Posing for Staged Photo Opps 
 Pretending that Everything was OK and 
Hoping that WE Would Forget His Cowardice.

Do You Remember His Contempt for Canada?

And he is Still our Prime Minister?
How in Hell Does He Get Away With Any of It?

This Just In:

Help Unseat this Idiot

The Mayor of London Ontario Agrees!
He Tells Harper to get his Ass down there!

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