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April 28, 2012

Stephen Harper Says the NDP Refused to Support War on Hitler? ~ He Needs to Be Relieved of Duty ~ He is "Clearly" Insane ~

IN the last couple of days has Harper crossed the line. In his insane rant/answer to a question of urgent import on his plans for Afghanistan, He was asked directly if he would be extending the deployment past 2014. Watch the Video. He is losing it.

Yes, he said Hitler.  "We are ^NOT like the NDP we are not going to have an Ideological position .... regardless of circumstances". That was insane enough, as it was. No one is as ideologically driven as Stephen Harper. Then he went on the add, breathless and stammering.....:

"the NDP, ....the NDP, .....the leader the NDP ..  in 1939, did not even want to support War against Hitler! ...... "  

The New Democratic Party of Canada was hardly responsible for anything said in 1939,  being founded in 1961! **********************************************************************
History of the New Democratic Party of Canada

From Wikipedia, the free 
encyclopaedia         (DON'T wonder Off!   ~  OPEN THESE LINKS IN A SEPARATE TAB ! ttSm )
n 1956, after the birth of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) by a merger of two previous labour congresses, negotiations began between the CLC and the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) to bring about an alliance between organized labour and the political left in Canada. In 1958 a joint CCF-CLC committee, the National Committee for the New Party (NCNP), was formed to create a "new" social democratic political party, with ten members from each group. The NCNP spent the next three years laying down the foundations of the New Party. During this process, a large number of New Party Clubs were established to allow like-minded Canadians to join in its founding, and six representatives from New Party Clubs were added to the National Committee. In 1961, at the end of a five-day long Founding Convention which established its principles, policies and structures, the New Democratic Party was born and Tommy Douglas, the long-time CCF Premier of Saskatchewan, was elected its first leader.[1] In 1960, before the NDP was founded, one candidate, Walter Pitman, won a by-election under the New Party banner.      **********************************************************************
Both the PM and John Baird (CON MP ) repeated the absurdity
on Friday the 27 April, 2012.  I am searching for the video.


April 27, 2012

The " Looney Toons" Have Got Nothing on the Harper Government ~ But Canadians Have the Goods on Them!


     "Stupid Stephen Harper Government"

The NEW "loonies and toonies" do ^NOT not work in parking meters, useless in laundromats, nor any paper vending machines. Or for vending machines of the all type and descriptions. Hmmm!

The changes to all these machines, will costs at what exactly? There are Millions a coin operated machines in Harper Land , and they all have to be fixed.

I can see parking tickets. I can see court-time wasted. I can imagine spending your entire break in search of coins that work. I can see a bad moon rising. I see trouble on the way!

I'm still doing the math, but Toronto  alone, has to spend "a cool Million" just to retrofit it's parking meters. Anyone want to offer a guesstimate to what's will cost Canadians?

Have some fun ...... an Educated Guess? 

Or A Conservative Estimate? 

Seems they (the Stupid Stephen Harper Government) changed Nickel for Steel just to save an estimated $16,000,000.oo per year. 

How Stupid is that? That's Dean Del Mastro stupid! That's Tony Clements stupid! That's Vic Toews stupid.... Rinse and Repeat!
Hey, But it's the Harper Government ....  
"It ain't Like They Used to Be Smart!"

April 18, 2012

Ezra Levant's Finest Hour ~ My little Pony ~ Justin Trudeau, Senator Marc Brazeau ~ Charity Fight for Cancer Reseach

Ezra Levant's Finest Hour.
Boy he sure got as excited he played with of that "My Little Pony". He was almost like a kid with a new toy as he dished old in insults to my political opponent. It typical of Conservatives style he would of  treat of opponents as the enemy incarnate.

Then, Enter His Guest Senator Marc Brazeau. 
Oh, he (Ezra) had a momentary problem and was hardly able to hide his excitement while finding himself so close .. to those 'Pipes' and 'Tattoos'. Ezra, You Dog You!

At The Weigh In ~ Amateur Video 
Senator Brazeau ~ Trash Talking
 Brazeau said he resented the National Energy Program 
I would thought he we to to young too remember it.
He was all of 5 years old, a prodigy no doubt.
And I doubt whether of the angry would have reached  

Maniwaki Quebec.   
Senator Brazeau thinks is a about to fight my Father! 
~ Justin Trudeau
Trudeau Just Before the Fight
Marc Brazeau Just Prior T. Fight
The Fight!
The Bard of Cape Breton ~ Roger Cuzner 

Oh Yes, The Hair Cut!

Ezra , we need talk! You should my Pipes!

April 17, 2012

Stephen Harper Hates The Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms

Stephen Harper's Regime has been Fighting the
he Charter of Rights of Freedoms,

since the first days he was elected prime minister.

Youth who get It! 

Harper Would Made Mince Meat Out of the Charter.
Bob Rae on the 30 Anniversary of 
The Charter of Rights of Freedoms
Harper Tells You Exactly What He Thinks About You!

Reached from Chile Stephen Harper a Statement!

"In terms of this as an anniversary, I think it's an interesting and important step, but I would point out that the Charter remains inextricably linked to the patriation of the Constitution and the divisions around that matter, which as you know are still very real in some parts of the country," Harper said.

Harper had also been asked to comment on perceived problems with the application of the Charter in the courts, but he said he didn't want to wade into that issue.

But many Conservatives have criticized the Charter, saying some have taken advantage of the document to drag out court cases. There's also a view that it has allowed judges to make laws rather than parliamentarians."

Harper dismissively labelled it Divisive. He had no proof of it, but he is always pulling this shit (Kent). Reminiscent of the Long Form Census which they vilified with the use of hearsay, and an number unsubstantiated complaints!