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February 29, 2012

Staying Ahead of the Harper Curve ~ Working 111/7 to Unseat the Cheat!

We are NOT all ANONYMOUS. Add Your Own Voice!
Rick Mercer on Robo Calls and RoboCon 2011

If each and every one of the now over 8,000 members on my favorite on-line Harper Watch Group ~ Canadians Rallying To Unseat Stephen Harper affectionately known as C.R.U.S.H. tunes in for even 20 minutes a week, as a Group we will spend a conservative 111 hours a day fighting the miserable little man and the Shadow he casts.

It may not quite be time travel, but it is running 111/7!
Help Unseat the Cheat. 

Tune in ~ Turn on and help Canadians stay ahead of the Harper Curve!

I told you it wasn't easy ~ROBOCON investigation Moves to interview real live

Call-centre Employees in Thunder Bay!

The Elections Canada investigation prompted by misleading calls to voters during the final days of last May's election is spreading, CBC News has learned.

The growing probe will involve interviews with some employees of a call centre based in Thunder Bay, Ont., operated by Responsive Marketing Group. The company was hired by the Conservatives to reach out to voters.

It was not immediately clear whether the interviews in Thunder Bay are directly connected with the continuing investigation by Elections Canada in Guelph..... 

Sign this Avaaz.org Petition to Help Promote Any and All Investigations into Electoral Fraud in Canada

As a reminder about the rules and how they are not on Harper's radar.
Check out this one last link.
It clearly shows Harper Campaigning Illegally on Election day 2011!

February 27, 2012

Bring on the Tipping Point ~ Declare Harper Land a Failed State ~ The Big Giant head is Top Heavy ~ All Together Now...... Push!

Harper's balanced approach
 Have we Finally Reached 
the Tipping Point?  
Will we finally take Harper by the short and curlies and throw him to the curb? God knows we have had our opportunities. Some of us thought his infamous speech in 1997 would have made him Disappear. Some thought that the fact that he wanted to take us headlong into the quagmire of Iraq to find those Weapons of mass destruction, might have done it. He even plagiarized a Speech made by John Howard, then the Australian Prime Minister which many say was actually written in Washington.

Failing to wake up then, we have continued to ignore countless instances of abuse of privilege, power, bad legislation, constant campaigning and incompetent and backward governance by this so-called leader and his so-called "Harper Government." Here are a few more of those instances, none of which have sufficiently aroused a sense of obligation on the part of Canadians to protect themselves from abuse. 

This is a copy of a comment that I made way back in 2004, it was reposted then by a stranger on another site,  and which still floats around the web these years later. I searched and found it quite easily again today.  

I will put it up here as an example of the current length of that list. Keep in mind that this one is over three years old and that at the time I wrote it right off the Top of My Head. One can only imagine how long such a list must necessarily be today. This is Pre-Colvin, Pre-Toews, Pre-gazebo, ....... And three and  half  years before RackNine, Robocalls, and yet another incidence of Election rigging.

Three and a half years ago this was ONLY a partial list!
And Today, we are really no closer to getting rid of the beast, although some are starting to stir. We must remain vigilant, we must continue to apply pressure to the Harper Government.

Guelph Ontario, May 02, 2011
OTTAWA  Citizen ~ An Elections Canada investigation into black ops "robocalls" was focused on a Conservative party campaign in Guelph, Ont., documents obtained by Postmedia News and the Ottawa Citizen show.
A court order executed on an Edmonton call centre in November specifically refers to records related to the campaign of Conservative candidate Marty Burke in Guelph, where many voters reported receiving pre-recorded messages that falsely claimed their polling stations had moved.

Read more: 

 All too Plausible to think the Conservatives are Involved in the Robocall Scandal
Andrew Coyne.  "We do not know whether the calls were made by members of the Conservative party. We do not know whether any Conservative authorized them, or even knew about them. We do not know whether anyone was prevented from voting, or had their vote changed, as a result, nor do we know whether the results of any riding were affected.
But my God, what we know is disturbing enough. There were not a few calls: there were thousands. They did not occur in one or two ridings: there were at least 18 of them, scattered across the country. In all but one the race was viewed as being between a Conservative and a Liberal, and in every one the calls were made to Liberal supporters. (The NDP now claims to have found nine ridings in which its own supporters received similar calls. These remain to be verified.) In some cases voters were given false information on where to vote by someone pretending to represent Elections Canada. In others, they were annoyed or insulted by calls purporting to come from the Liberal party." Read more

 Opposition leaders vow to maintain pressure on Tories over alleged dirty tricks
TORONTO - "The opposition politicians were out in force Saturday fanning the flames created by the election robocall scandal, while the Conservatives offered up their own victim of dirty tricks, an MP who won his seat in a landslide.
Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro, who is Prime Minister Stephen Harper's parliamentary secretary, issued a statement Saturday saying his supporters were targeted by deceitful callers in the lead-up to the May election." Read more


Rae claims 'robocalls' contributed to Liberal candidates' defeat

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae claims reports of "robocalls" and voter suppression tactics contributed to the defeat of Liberal candidates in at least 27 ridings during the last federal election.

These tactics were the equivalent of "stuffing a ballot box," Rae said at a news conference in the riding of Toronto-Danforth on Saturday.

Rae called on "the prime minister, any Conservative MP, candidate or party official" who has any knowledge of these reports to come forward and turn the information over to the RCMP or Elections Canada for investigation.

According to Rae, these reports are part of a wider misinformation campaign by the Conservatives and he is calling on Parliament to hold an emergency debate on Monday.
       Read more

Bob Rae ~ Terry Milewski ~ Ridings reach 34
Listen to Pierre Poilievre especially closely here. They always dig him up when this sort of Robo- Con message is needed. There is no one in Canada better able to lie stone faced to the camera.  During the Contempt hearings and all through the In and out scheme, Poilievre repeated some hundreds of times that it was an "Administrative dispute" and we all know that it was much much more than that.

So listen here carefully and remember this statement by Pierre Poilievre, it will not be the last time that you hear it.
"It is clear that uh, Voter suppression is completely unacceptable, uh, The Conservative party of Canada ran an Ethical and clean campaign and uh, the reality .... the reality is, uh, that uh, we we are never Condone this kind of activity and frankly if anyone has engaged in it and that is proven they should face the full force of the Law." 
~ Pierre Poilievre ~
~ Robocon Defence Drone ~

Suddenly, Dean Del Mastro ~ Con MP/Car-salesman suddenly wakes up from 9 month snooze and remembers rather vaguely that he too was a victim of dirty tricks.

Liberal MP Frank Valeriote

Anonymous Weighs In

A Statement from RackNine's legal counsel
RackNine "Lawyers-Up" in Response
Shouldn't I be on that list?
Invoices/Payments from Conservative National Campaign 
to RackNine
Payments to RackNine from local Conservative Campaigns
Bored On the Corner ~ Stephen Bryce~ Brilliant as always!

Have We ^NOT Reached a Tipping Point? 
All Together Now...... Push!

OH, This was just Quoted in the HOC

Read More:
Please read on down the page for a more complete story on the Harper regime.

February 24, 2012

2012 Canadian Election Crimes ~ Silly Conservatives ~ Three Strikes ~ You're Out!

Actually polling at 91% Yes ~ 7% NO
Have Conservatives Cheated in a Third Election?
Stay Tuned. 
Once again, the Conservatives have been caught in a scheme that they are going to be calling "Voter Suppression." I will be using harsher words. But it will all come down to the words we use.

OK, two hours into the story and yes, there he is, that familiar Reform riddle and odd artefact, Pierre Poilievre of "Administrative disputes" and Contempt hearing fame. They dug him out of hiding to give us his robotic polemic and tiresome mumbologue. Poilievre repeated today about eight times: "We ran an ethical Campaign and a clean campaign. We do not believe in 'voter suppression'. If we find out who did this they will face the full force of the Law. Bull kent Mr. Polyester.

This was not voter suppression any more than the "In and Out" was an administrative dispute. It spite of Poilievre's pitiful claims to frame that Election crime as such. He in fact said it almost a hundred times in Public and obviously many more in rehearsal.

Sorry Pierre, It was voter fraud, organized in 18, and now they are saying 27 ridings. Only 'known' opposition voters were called by an automatic dialling system. They were told that they were being called by elections Canada and that there was higher than normal turnout and that they had been re assigned to another polling station. That other station did not exist.

The Opposition Weighs In

Harassing or misleading automated campaign phone calls have been linked to a company (RackNine from Edmonton Alberta) that did campaign work for Conservative candidates, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"The NDP is calling for a full-scale investigation into a dirty-tricks campaign apparently aimed at suppressing the Liberal vote during last spring's election campaign.

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae says the whole Conservative approach to politics should be scrutinized.

Interim NDP Leader Nycole Turmel says the tactics are a disgrace and those responsible must be held to account. "Cynical, old-style politics have become a trademark for the Conservatives," she said."

This was an obvious conspiracy of some sort and anyone who suggests that a scheme this big and this tightly focused could be the work of 'a few good men' is mistaken or lying.  and when the perpetrators are found, there will be criminal charges. I've been waiting since it happened on election day to give elections Canada the time it needed to have this issue surface.

Pierre, You were the most contemptuous of any of the posse during the Contempt Issue. Full force of the law, eh? You are not the only one who claims to think so. Let's start with this Pat Martin and John MacCallum reaction, and I'll be back!

Remember this Name!  RackNine! They made the Calls.
Follow on Twitter
Twitter Search
Statement Feb 23rd
Contact them

I'll bet they are busy today!

Join the Leadnow email Campaign to help stop Election Fraud
THE CONS HAVE FIRED SOMEONE! The Cons have run over someone with a BUS! One down and 102 to go! Lol! This will be the end of it from their side of the Story! But we know it took more than one to do this. He would not have had that much info to share. It goes much much farther up. But that will not stop them from saying "there we fixed it."

OTTAWA — "Different Parliament Hill media sources are reporting that a Guelph man has left his job with the Conservative Party of Canada in connection with robo-dialling phone mischief in the last election.
The Globe and Mail reported Friday that Michael Sona, a Conservative parliamentary staffer who worked on the federal election campaign in Guelph, resigned Thursday evening from his position as Conservative MP Eve Adams' assistant. The Huffington Post, an online new service, asserted Sona was fired but offered no confirmation of that from the party.

Sona, 23, was the communications director for Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke during last year’s federal election campaign. Attempts to reach Sona, Adams, or Burke for comment Friday have not led to any comment from them.

News of Sona’s alleged break from his job with Adams comes days after a Tory robocall scandal erupted. There is no public evidence Sona had any link to the matter,which is being investigated by Elections Canada."

It's like saying, We caught that guy.... "Anonymous".
This was not done by a single man it was done by a huge dedicated organization, with a plan and a budget, but if Rack9 Co-operates, any of the little myths that the Cons like to spread, like "calling Election fraud, Voter Suppression, will be laid bare. Stay tuned.
Shit Harper Did!

See all stories on this topic »Tory staffer linked to fraudulent election calls sacked
On Thursday, Harper and 2011 Tory campaign manager Jenni Byrne both maintained they didn't know anything about the calls. "I have absolutely no knowledge on anything about these calls, but obviously, if there is anyone who has done anything wrong, ...
See all stories on this topic »
Harper denies knowledge of 'black ops' phone calls during 2011 election
Globe and Mail
In a statement, the Conservative party's 2011 campaign manager, Jenni Byrne, said “if anyone on a local campaign was involved, they will not play a role in a future campaign.” Mr. Martin shot back that it would be unacceptable for the Conservatives to...
See all stories on this topic »

Globe and Mail
A monstrous electoral scam
Westmount Examiner (blog)
The deniability factor slipped a notch when Conservative campaign manager Jenni Byrne denied any connection with the scam, but added that “if anyone on a local campaign was involved, they will not play a role in a future campaign.” Some punishment.
See all stories on this topic »

Westmount Examiner (blog)
Michael Sona Fired: Conservative Staffer With Ties To Guelph Riding Let Go
Huffington Post Canada
The Conservative Party's national campaign manager Jenni Byrne suggested Thursday that a rogue campaign staffer might be to blame. “The party was not involved with these calls and if anyone on a local campaign was involved they will not play a role in ...
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February 23, 2012

You Either Side with Vic Toews ~ Or You Side with Democracy

One of these days he is gonna slip and tell us everything!

We have three years to get From "Anonymous"
to Nearly Unanimous.

I signed a petition site and got this in my inbox, as did many. A well written and probably expensive list of Reform Talking Points. Pure PMO!

I got one from Vic, signed "Vic", Some got them from their own MPs signed by those MPs. That in itself is OK, but they all pretend to be people and not huge staffs.

By the Way, the name 'Toews' is pronounced 'Taves' and taves are defined as staff members in most dictionarys.

Sorry to ramble, but now that Vic has asked, me directly, I just gotta #TellVicEverything.

FROM: vic.toews.c1@parl.gc.ca
 Talking points

Thank you for contacting my office regarding Bill C-30, the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.

Canada's laws currently do not adequately protect Canadians from online exploitation and we think there is widespread agreement that this is a problem. 

We want to update our laws while striking the right balance between combating crime and protecting privacy. 

Let me be very clear: the police will not be able to read emails or view web activity unless they obtain a warrant issued by a judge and we have constructed safeguards to protect the privacy of Canadians, including audits by privacy commissioners.

What's needed most is an open discussion about how to better protect Canadians from online crime. We will therefore send this legislation directly to Parliamentary Committee for a full examination of the best ways to protect Canadians while respecting their privacy.

For your information, I have included some myths and facts below regarding Bill C-30 in its current state.


Vic Toews
Member of Parliament for Provencher

Myth: Lawful Access legislation infringes on the privacy of Canadians.

Fact: Our Government puts a high priority on protecting the privacy of law-abiding Canadians. Current practices of accessing the actual content of communications with a legal authorization will not change. 

Myth: Having access to basic subscriber information means that authorities can monitor personal communications and activities.

Fact: This has nothing to do with monitoring emails or web browsing.  Basic subscriber information would be limited to a customer’s name, address, telephone number, email address, Internet Protocol (IP) address, and the name of the telecommunications service provider. It absolutely does not include the content of emails, phones calls or online activities.

Myth: This legislation does not benefit average Canadians and only gives authorities more power.

Fact:  As a result of technological innovations, criminals and terrorists have found ways to hide their illegal activities. This legislation will keep Canadians safer by putting police on the same footing as those who seek to harm us.

Myth: Basic subscriber information is way beyond “phone book information”.

Fact: The basic subscriber information described in the proposed legislation is the modern day equivalent of information that is in the phone book. Individuals frequently freely share this information online and in many cases it is searchable and quite public.

Myth: Police and telecommunications service providers will now be required to maintain databases with information collected on Canadians.

Fact: This proposed legislation will not require either police or telecommunications service providers to create databases with information collected on Canadians.

Myth: “Warrantless access” to customer information will give police and government unregulated access to our personal information.

Fact: Federal legislation already allows telecommunications service providers to voluntarily release basic subscriber information to authorities without a warrant. This Bill acts as a counterbalance by adding a number of checks and balances which do not exist today, and clearly lists which basic subscriber identifiers authorities can access.

So now we are to believe that Vic has been hitting the books? Am I or you to believe that Vic wrote, or even read this email? Well, so much for myth number one.  I still have not Really heard from Vic.

I will be responding to it A S A P, but I am conferring with the online community.

Look at the pretty picture I drew.......  I'll be back.

Franchises are Available at This Blog's Facebook Page

In Just got this from a friend that shall be 'C.L.'. 
They made their own Fact/Myth sheet and sent it along to Vic. I'm sure there are many other points people can add.

Fact:   Bill C-30 gives the government permission to follow your internet activity without a warrant.

Myth:  This Bill is needed to apprehend child pornographers.

Fact:   This Bill is created by the same government that was in charge of the G-20 when a thousand people were detained without cause.

Myth:   People who oppose this Bill are Child Pornographers.

Fact:   This Bill is being promoted by the same government that refers to environmentalists as terrorists.

Myth:   You can trust this government with expanded surveillance.

Fact:  This Bill has the potential to hurt free speech and association. The Internet is a powerful tool for organizing political action.

Myth:   You should be very afraid of everyone and everything.

Fact:  Crime in Canada is decreasing.

Myth:   Implementing the Surveillance Bill will cost about $80 million

Fact:   It will undoubtedly cost more. This government spares no expense to maintain control.

Myth:   Vic Toews knows what he’s talking about.

Fact:   This Bill has no place in a democratic society..

February 21, 2012

Hey! MSM! CTV! CBC! Global! SUNTV! ~ Start Reading a Blog Now And Then, Will Ya?

This morning, "Anonymous" released another video and this one directly 'Attacks' Mr. Toews or at least more directly. I am not sure that it constitutes a personal attack as such. It seems to be dealing with his record as a politician. It talks about real facts. It goes over some of his personal triumphs. the weird part is  that contrary to all the stupid hype by the so-called real media, I see nothing like a "threat" at all! The clumsily synthesized voice is simply revealing real information about the insidious Bills, C-30 and C-10 that started all of this mess. If this is considered a threat then whatever it is e attacking must also be considered rather weak. (see blog posts farther down)

Quick Vic! ~ Call the RCMP!
Hullo? 911?..... “This is Vic Toews Again.....” 

"Anonymous is Threatening me with the Facts!"

I mean seriously why would any of the Conservatives be afraid of the truth?

 What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 
It is ^NOT like any law-abiding Canadian would falsely accuse anyone of associating with or even sympathising with Child Predators without serious proof. I mean really? What kind of a creep would do anything as low-life as that? 
Here is a Great *NEW Facebook Group dedicated to Making Canadian Streets Safer!
Shouldn't we insist that these Cons stop using
notes and talking points All the time?
If they can't think for themselves,
why on Earth do we elect them to think for us? 
I'm a Relatively Bad Poet
but at least I know it.
Vic Toews, on the other hand,
is clueless. Lol!

Old Vic Toews 

he calls us knaves
but we’re not slaves
nor spring from graves.

So as he raves
and misbehaves
stand tall young braves
and make some waves.

So what he craves
is wielding staves
but power depraves
while reason saves.

Our rights he waives.
no streets he paves.
Insist he shaves ....
I'll bet he Caves!
   D. Kim Leaman

Sign this Petition

February 19, 2012

Vic Toews' 'Messy Secret' was No Secret at all ~ But he Plays the Victim.

Dim and Dimmer
 Well, this is a Riddle.

There has been a huge debate over the 'recent' leaking of documents concerning Conservative MP and Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews' divorce proceedings and the affair with his family baby-sitter as well the motivation and fallout from said divorce. It was released long ago, but some, including Mr. Toews, say that that leak demands to be investigated, some say it was already public knowledge.

The info of course, was released this past week through an anonymous Twitter account, @VikiLeaks30 (now taken down) set up by a secret non-admirer of Mr. Toews. There is however a mirror site with all the content re-issued verbatim and showing all 91 Tweets. 

I went looking for proof that details of it had in fact already been made public and I found it reasonably easily and actually remember having read it back when it was recent news. At any rate, it is only a small reference to the affair with a family babysitter and the subsequent divorce and is contained in this article about rumours that were flying at the time over what looked to be a very suspicious Judicial Appointment for Vic Toews. It is a story worth reading.

By Don Martin
"......But the 55-year-old Toews' public face of self-righteous morality is now clashing with his troubled private life. An MP dubbed the "minister of family values" by Liberals is embroiled in a messy divorce after fathering a child last fall with a much younger woman.

That's his business, frankly, yet it might explain why Mr. Toews was demoted to the Treasury Board and immediately cloaked by invisibility, stewing in question period silence while his junior parliamentary secretary juggles tough questions on election financing irregularities.

But if a judicial appointment is being used to ease a problem minister out of government, it only increases the galling patronage of the appointment.

And if they brazenly go ahead and hand him the $232,000-plus job and announce it in the dead of summer when nobody's looking, it will underline the optics of this government behaving no differently than any other. Justice Vic Toews would be a huge sign this government, even having become thoroughly Ottawashed, is still dirty.

© (c) CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc."

The riddle is this:
 The site offered me the opportunity to be the first to comment there. Seriously? The First? I seized that opportunity, but used it to point out that it did not seem logical that it would have gone without comment for all of these nearly four years and that given the recent furor over the problem of Bill C-30 and the even bigger problem, namely what is to be done with Vic Toews?

Had no earlier comments been made? Were there comments previously that had been removed?

The only comment there now is this:
To View the comment or to add one Click Here

So, now I guess we have to see why this is so. Why were their no comments? A Tweet or two might shed a bit of light on it.

This was in 2008. As it turns out these 4 years later,
many of us are in fact quite worried

And oh, by the way, in case you had missed it above, the entire text of the @Vikileaks30 Tweets is still available on Twitter at a newly minted Mirror Account.  

Vic Plays at Being the Helpless Victim

An Open Letter
"To My Constituents
          Dear Constituents,
Over the last few weeks I have been subjected to an extensive personal attack by my political opponents as a result of certain legislation that I have introduced in the House of Commons on behalf of the federal government.
These attacks, which have included criminal acts and threats of criminal acts against me and my family, have been referred to the police for investigation. Any further criminal activity or threats of criminal activity against me or my family will also be referred to the police.
As my constituents I would like you to know that the personal attacks, criminal acts and threats of future criminal acts against me will not dissuade me from carrying out my responsibilities as an elected Member of the House of Commons and as the Minister of Public Safety for Canada.
The personal attacks against me are based on allegations contained in affidavits filed in the course of my divorce proceedings a number of years ago. The affidavits are on the public record and filed with the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench. These allegations have been the basis of prior personal attacks against me and I assume they will form the basis of attacks against me for many years to come.
I want you to know that I have never responded publicly to the specific allegations made in these affidavits nor will I ever do so. I will be fully accountable for any responsibility that I bear for the breakdown of my previous marriage but that accountability is not something I owe to the public generally or to my political opponents in particular. It is a personal accountability which I cannot avoid nor do I seek to do so.
However, I do want you to know that I have a spouse and a young son who I love more than life itself.
The other night, while I was reading my favourite poet, William Butler Yeats, I came across these lines:
‘Yet they that know all things but know That all this life can give us is A child’s laughter, a woman’s kiss.”
No words could ever describe my love for my young son and my spouse any better. What a fortunate man I am to have them in my life. 
Vic Toews
MP for Provencher " 
 And just to set the record straight, I responded to a usually sensible blogger who has let Vic Toews off the hook ~ based it appears, solely on this somewhat soulless letter!

WOW! Just when you think it is all over... This Just In!

"A "gag order" written into the government's proposed Internet snooping bill makes it an offence for telecommunication companies to tell customers whether their personal information has been handed over to investigators, police or government, according to one privacy lawyer.

The contentious and dense piece of legislation intends to make it easier for government and law enforcement authorities to get warrantless access to personal information of any Canadian using the Internet, under the pretence of protecting children from online predators."

Last Word:

I am still wondering if Vic Toews is actually getting the message.  I wonder if he knows that Twitter is a public domain open to any with an account?  I wonder if he gets that it is possible to follow all of his Tweets, or address any Tweet to him or use a hash-tag to chat about him endlessly. he actually changed the name arbitrarily on a piece of legislation that he apparently never read, what are the chances that he even knows how twitter works.
So, good old Vic, after taking a full day to lick his wounds and write that letter, or have it written for him, is right back on Twitter today Twittering away all by himself. 
All the while, people from all over the world are still addressing him over and over through his handle: @ToewsVic and using the Hash-Tag #TellVicEverything as he ignores it all and acts as if all is right in his world. It is obviously not.
According to his Account: He follows 72 other accounts. And also according to Twitter, many of them Are Just Like Him, lol! Sadly that is the truth and a search of this blog using the word Amygdala will explain all of that. 
See Who Vic Toews is Following
He is now saying that he is being threatened and the RCMP have been called in. It really never seems to stop.

February 15, 2012

I Am Worried for Vic Toews ~ He Really Needs a Rest!

Just keep on a Readin' Varmit!
There is a Test at the End.
~ A Con-Test
Vic Toews is quickly becoming someone that those of us who are already openly opposed to Stephen Harper's Government look to every day and find for yet another reason to stop the insanity that is Harper Land. Vic, as a leader of men is a failed experiment to say the least. He is ill cast to carry the burden of the role of Sheriff of Harper Land. Like Yosemite Sam here, he lacks the wits or the temperament needed to be successful as our protector.

Things are always odd in Harper Land to say the very least, and it is obvious to those of us who are really paying attention that the Treasury board Chairman is a threat to the Treasury, the Minister of the Environment is a threat to the Environment, the Minister in charge of Immigration is a threat to our Department of Immigration, etc. In fact it is painfully obvious that in Harper Land, any minister currently in Charge of any and all departments is counter productive and this amateurish and indolent government are failing miserably to manage any of them. So, how you holding up, eh?

Let's Start with This: Vic Toews just last week, blithely reported to the members of the House of Commons that he had already advised the Canadian Security and Intelligence Services (CSIS) that it will be OK in the future to use information that has been gathered through the imposition of torture. And this is just a start!

"I paid my two-bits
ta see a high divin' act
and Ima Gonna
see a High Divin' Act"
So what has he done lately that adds to the list of incompetence and drudgery that is the Harper style of governance? Well for one thing he is denying that an internal report is clearly saying that the termination of the long gun registry is a huge mistake, and that it will result in a lot more illegal guns in Canada and on the streets. He has also come out on the side of armed citizens having weapons at the ready to defend life and property. Yeeeee Haaa! Texas Lives! 

Vic Toews, Our Public safety Minister, has just made Canada a hell of a lot less Safe. Like I said above, not only are these guys bad at what they do, they each are thriving while doing actual harm in their own field. Never has such a group of Dullards and amateurs had so much clout anywhere in the world. It is almost hard to imagine the collective lack of talent in the Harper Regime.
               And Today, (Feb 14th) It Got Even Worse.

OTTAWA ~ The government says anyone who opposes federal plans to make electronic surveillance easier for police and spies is siding with child pornographers.

It’s the first salvo in a battle that will resume Tuesday when the government reintroduces legislation that would expand online monitoring powers.

The issue pits the desire of intelligence and law-enforcement officials to have easier access to information about Internet users against the individual’s right to privacy.

Asked Monday in the House of Commons about the coming bill, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews told a Liberal MP he could either "Stand with the Government or Stand with the Child Pornographers" 

What on Earth is your Point?

Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has warned against simply resurrecting a trio of previous federal bills to expand surveillance powers, citing several shortcomings.

Of particular concern to the privacy commissioner are provisions that would allow authorities access to Internet subscriber information without first getting a court’s go-ahead.

Toews’ office has assured  that the government will strike a suitable and  appropriate balance between the necessary investigative powers and the protection of privacy. Personally I am not sure that I imagine that really happening. And certainly not with the outspoken and intellectually over-matched Teows calling the shots. 

Opposition MPs were Alarmed by his Inane Comments.

“Apparently if you care about civil liberties in this country you obviously side with child pornographers, murderers. You’re the worst form of scum if you believe the charter’s an important instrument for the rule of law in this country. I'm horrified by this kind of rhetoric. It demeans us all.” ~ Elizabeth May.
"Stupid" was the word that Bob Rae used to describe the Statement and the Minister. I will provide a link as soon as I inherit a secretary. Lol!

Ahhh, here is something.

Note that Bob Rae is only referring to 'Hitler' because it had come up in the HOC just a day before when one of the the Cons inappropriately and absurdly compared a statement by former Liberal MP, Allan Rock with Adolf Hitler. 

Vic Toews has never taken any responsibility for anything that this government has done. 
This is not new, but it illustrates his 
innate ability to put up a smoke screen. 

Vic Clears the whole thing up!

How Crazy was it? ~ CTV

Rick Mercer Really Appreciates 
Vic Teows' Attitude
It is my real Hope
that if you take a close enough look at
Stephen Harper's Caucus
ou might start to see that he is just
a Head 
with It's Chicken Cut Off!