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October 28, 2011

If Only the Canadian MSM could actually speak. <> Milewski Schools Harper

In a Blog the Other Day, (three blogs down) I mentioned that Stephen Harper's crew did not think much of Terry Milewski's Report on  "Tough on Crime" Agenda being abandoned by Texas. They said in the House on several occasions that it was Mis-information. Would it Not be nice if Milewski fought back?  IT might have gone something like this!

A Man Can Dream, eh?

Not that it never Happens.  My apologies to Robot Chickens everywhere!

October 25, 2011

David Anderson, Conservative MP Dumps Offensive Video, But it is Still on Youtube! and it is still offensive!

It is true that David Anderson, Conservative MP from Saskatchewan has taken his offensive video off of his Official Webpage. It is also true that it remains where he either had it posted or found it on Youtube over 11 months ago. That bit of information seems to be intentionally being overlooked by the CBC and others in the Main Stream Media.

On the one hand that gives it less visibility, but does nothing to address the issue that it is still there and the Moniker that claims it has just now justified it's existance.

It is also true that Anderson admits that it contained offensive and unnecessary language insulting to many of Canada's First Nations citizens. Add to that that he fell short of an apology, and last and certainly much more newsworthy, the fact that it remains on Youtube!

I took these screen shots just an hour ago.

This is from the Youtube account of TheSaskFarmer, where the video can still be seen above, taking credit for composing the video. As I point out this is far from an apology, and it comes 11 months after the initial posting. I suspect that he was in part responsible for getting it on Anderson's website. I also suspect that he was very proud to have done so.

He even had the nerve to call it CWB propaganda, even thoughhe had written it himself
 and completely ignored the insanity of the argument he was making on their behalf.
Sure, it was Propaganda, but come on! He wrote it himself.
 This is a sample of intelligent comments (they were not all so sensitive) that are found there.

At any rate, this behavior is not what we expect from a Parliamentary Secretary in a serious and trustworthy government. But I am guessing that many of us are getting to the point where we take everything that the Harper Government has to say about anything with a grain of salt. And therein lies the sadness.

To see more background on this story, see the blog below.

October 24, 2011

Another Neanderthal NeoCon is Outed by his Own Idiocy!

This Obnoxious Video first appeared on the Web site of Saskatchewan Conservative David Anderson. It is typical of the Neo-CON mind. It is insidious, manipulative and even goes so far as to repeat the phrase "You are talking Eskimo" over and over again. That is already being accused of being a racist term and there have been demands to take the video down. See the Huffington Post's article.

At any rate, it goes to great and clumsy lengths to prove to his constituents and all Canadians that the Wheat Board is worthy of Our Contempt. I have other ideas and in this case my contempt is aimed at the Conservative MP and the Ideologues that he bends over backwards to please.

The use of racist words meant to transfer hatred to a third party is an odd and baffling modus operandi. To blame the Canadian Wheat board for this video, or any of the hectic nonsense that it contains, is to fall for this lame attempt at text to voice video.

To make matters worse one must consider that this video was made by or on behalf of one of Harper's hand picked Parliamentary Secretaries, and first appeared on his website.  It may still be there! I am looking for a link! Conservative MP, David Anderson is the parliamentary secretary responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board. 

This video is available on Youtube and should stay there, but I can't seem to make a copy of my own, so it may be unavailable if deleted (I hope it stays on Youtube so we can make fun of it), but it should be removed fron this idiot's taxpayer-funded Website.

If you have a copy let me know! Lol!

NOTE: After a bit of hunting around I was able to overcome the problem and If and When this disappears from that CPC controlled Youtube page, it can still be found for all the World to see, in it's new form here: http://youtu.be/snk8WqwFjPI

It really doesn't seem fair!

October 23, 2011

Harper's Goons call this video report, "Misinformation" in Question Period

CBC's Terry Milewski, lands a huge blow to the Harper government's Bill C-10, and goes all the way to Texas to have a look at what can go wrong with Minimum Mandatory Sentencing and a jurisdiction Hell bent on making Punishment the important factor in dealing with crime. Texas should know. At one point, one in twenty Texans was behind bars. That has been changing.

This is a thoughtful and intelligent report on the woes of "stupid on crime" legislation and yet John Baird says it is nothing but misinformation. Have a look and let me know if it is Terry Milewski or our very own Harper Government that is spreading mis-information.

Hundreds of other experts have tried to warn them, but so far according to the Conservative Party of Canada, that represents hundreds of instances of mis-information. I will give them this: I have no doubt that they understand the concept of mis-information better than most!

At least he did not do what he and the other Cons have done so often in the past and pretend that they were in the position of  rejecting the very premise of the question. Although even that lie would be more accurate than to call this very insightful report Misinformation. I fear that our government is ^NOT here for us!

Dylan Ratagan ~ MSNBC ~ He Has Levelled the Playing Field!

This should Be Good advice to any and all Occupy groups North or South of the 49th parallel. Please watch this and share it wherever you can. He spells it out for us in no uncertain terms.

I had previously said that this was Jessie Ventura, as the video that I watched the other day was labelled thusly. Sorry for any confusion I may have inadvertently caused.